5 Fandom Friday - Netflix & chill

5 Favorite Ways to Netflix and Chill [5 Fandom Friday]


I am notorious for not being able to sit still. I have to be doing something, especially if I’m watching something. I very rarely can just sit still or lay in bed watching stuff, and hate doing it when I’m ill. So here’s what I get up to while I’m watching netflix etc.

1. Blogging!

I’m currently catching up on the last CSI episode, Immortality, (very overdue!) as I write this. I find it easy to write blog posts or other online material while watching things, however, when it comes to creative writing or uni work I have to switch it off.

2. Gaming

If I’m playing an MMO or an easy game, like a puzzle game or facebook game, I like to have something on in the background. Most of the stuff I do in MMO’s like WoW is easy repetition that me and my fiancΓ© joking refer to as ‘mind-numbing’ (it isn’t actually that bad, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to keep doing it). You need to pay attention to stuff but you don’t need to be give it your full attention. It makes grinding activities such as farming, leveling and, omg, fishing in WoW, so so much easier to do.

3. Website Design

I run a variety of websites and quite often will redesign a site while watching stuff. Yesterday while working my way through series 2 of Chicago P.D. I designed and updated Project Clique, my website clique promotion site which includes a directory for cliques.

4. Scanning and editing scans.

I love to scan things to use for graphics and I like to share them with others. I’m currently working my way through a large amount of craft materials from my mum. There’s also random papers, calendars and cards. You can find some already uploaded at my scan and screenshot gallery.

5. Various other online activities

I’m always online, browsing, looking at things, posting on social media and so forth. I spend a lot of time on deviant art browsing art and collecting resources, for example. Basically I am always doing something πŸ˜›



  1. Great list! I find that I can’t do anything at all on my blog if something interesting is on to watch. I’ll either forget about the show or forget about my blog post! Or I get off track and accidentally start writing about what I’m watching. I did that with Supernatural once!

  2. Author

    Supernatural is the one show that I have to sit down and watch without distractions. If I try to do anything while watching it then I fail miserably πŸ˜€

  3. Yes!~ I can’t sit still either, and I have to be doing something during Netflix. It drives my husband crazy. Oh well, that’s just me. I sort of do what you do, but yeah XD

  4. Author

    I drive my fiance nuts with it as well Michelle πŸ™‚ He’s the opposite, has to sit and watch something on its own, and actually enjoys doing it that way.

  5. I tend to knit or colour or just play around on the internet while watching stuff – unless I’ve got coursework to do, then I just have the TV on as background noise. Right now, I’m watching Star Wars and updating my blog and commenting around. And playing Bakery Story on my phone.
    Multi-tasking FTW!

    1. Author

      I’d love to be doing something crafty while watching stuff but sadly my hands hurt too much to be able to do much nowadays. And yey for Star Wars πŸ˜€

  6. I have two monitors, and most of the time I have either Netflix or youtube videos on the right one and uni work on the left. Occasionally I’ll pause a video if I have to concentrate on something tricky, but I find I do much better with uni work when I’m not sitting trying to put 100% of my concentration into it. I know that’s odd, but I think it’s because my mind wanders whether I like it or not and so trying to put all my focus into one thing just frustrates me because it doesn’t work.

    Second semester is not proving to be especially fun so far (one of my least favourite lecturers is now taking a class I was previously looking forward to), hope your new semester is better than mine! I’m doing an integrated masters, so a five year course…seven semesters down, three to go πŸ˜€

    1. Author

      I’m not sure about a two monitor set up. My fiance uses it and I can defintely see the positives, but I think it would be too much in front of me. When I use my laptop to stream stuff it sits on top of the printer so there is a distance between me and it. My eyesight is so screwy I think two monitors might give me a headache.

      I finally got back to uni today (I’ve been ill for months, still am, then sprained my ankle last week) and it was great so far. But I totally know what you mean about least favourite lecturers; I’ve come across some bad apples myself. I’m studying a 1 year Masters, I have two undergrads, so just this semester for me πŸ™‚

  7. Ohhh I’m that same. I always find myself blogging or doing my nails while watching the TV! πŸ™‚ xx

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