5 Fandom Friday - In my bag

5 Things in My Purse at All Times [5 Fandom Friday]

Lipbalm & Lipgloss


I hate dry lips and so I always keep some lipbalm and lipgloss in my bag. I love nivea’s lip care range and use several different ones regularly. The current lipglosses I’m using are from Collection 2000.




IMG_1626I love having a notebook with me so I can write down anything I need to know, or remember. To do lists keep me sane and stop me from over stressing, and I keep a diary for noting down date specific. Notebooks are also great to have handy if you’re a writer or student; ideas for writing or assignments can come at any time and I often write things down at random times.





I should probably write an entry about coping/making life easier with chronic illnesses and pain. Keeping a book or my kindle in my bag at all times is just one way that I keep my mind off the pain. If I’m struggling on a journey or have to wait for a while I can get lost in a book and relax.




IMG_1627I drink a LOT of water, and I always have water with me. It helps keep me hydrated (duh…), means I can take my medication when I need and helps if I get overexerted. I always have a drink nearby wherever I am.



IMG_1625Like my book/kindle, my phone is an excellent way for me to keep my mind off a crappy day. As I suffer from IBS I often use my phone to help keep me calm, and keep me busy so I don’t skin pick. I play games, or just check out twitter or facebook. I usually have headphones handy as well so if I’m in a situation that’s really noisy, such as a train ride or at uni when I’m trying to work, I can block it out. Also, I keep a phone on me for safety reasons. As a disabled girl with mobility issues it is too much of a risk not to have some way to get help if I fall and hurt myself.





  1. I love your phone case! I too suffer from chronic illness, but I use my diary and writing as a means of escaping my chronic pain and crazy thoughts, as I can’t focus long enough to read most of the time, and I also use my phone as a distraction a lot too. 🙂 *HUGE LOVING HUGS*

    1. Author

      Aww thanks Mandy, those hugs mean a lot right now as I’m having a pretty tough time health wise. Sorry to hear you have difficulty concentrating on reading 🙁 I’m a massive bookworm so not being able to do that would drive me barmy.

  2. Now that is a fantastic phone case, I love it! 😀 And I love tht series of books <3

    I use my phone and book in a very similar way to you *hugs*

    1. Author

      Thanks 😀 I am very happy with it, I got it at Christmas and was needing a new one quite badly. I’m very clumsy and drop my phone ALL the time. It has learned to bounce quite well. As for the book, I keep always forgetting about the series, so it’s taken me ages to get to book 3. I’m now determined to get them more frequently from the library when possible because I’m absolutely loving the series itself.

  3. I always love seeing posts like this, but I’ve yet to actually take part in one of the Five Fandom Friday posts – maybe I should start!

    I LOVE your phone case, it’s so cool! Phone cases are such a fun way to add a bit of fandom into every day while also being functional – I have a Marauders map one and I can’t imagine how many times it’s saved my phone, I drop it all the time. Looking at the things you always have with you, you’re much more organised than I am – I count myself lucky if I remember to pack house keys, my purse, my book and my lunch. I’m lazy, so I always end up trying to end up with as little as possible in my bag, since I walk to and from work and just want to minimise the effort involved, but I have started trying to remember to take lipbalm with me because the winter has not been kind!

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