Look Book; Eye shadow palettes

Eye Shadow Palette Challenge


I love eyeshadow palettes and as you can see mine are pretty well used. You also may notice that there are some colours I’ve not even touched. So to make up for the lack of Look Book posts (posts about makeup looks and tutorials) I’m issuing myself a challenge and I need your help. I want you guys to pick one of these palettes and I’m going to make not one, but five looks from it and post tutorials up for them.

So check out the pictures below to get a closer look at each palette and then comment with your choice! The one with the most votes wins 🙂




Collection Cosmetics – Smokey Eyes




Collection Cosmetics – Poptastic



coldazzle  Collection Cosmetics – Dazzle



muaundressMUA – Undress Me Too




MUA – Poptastic





  1. I would love to see a make up tutorial with the MUA palette

  2. I’m not big on wild colors with eye shadow, but I have to say the Dazzle set really seems to stand out.

  3. I wanna see one with Dazzle!

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