5 Fandom Friday - If I lived in the Harry Potter universe

As the new US houses were announced right before I wrote these prompts I thought it would be fun to write one based on me, if I lived in the Harry Potter universe. Enjoy!


My Hogwarts House would be….



Originally when Pottermore first came out I created an account and was sorted into Slytherin, however, after signing up again recently (I’d lost my account details) I found myself sorted into Ravenclaw. So obviously I’ve changed in the years between! So if I lived in the HP universe the sorting hat would probably umm and ahh between the two.


My IIvermorny house would be…


I found it amusing that I was sorted straight into Ilvermorny considering I was previously sorted into Slytherin!


My pet at Hogwarts would be….



A cat, or a kneazle (or part kneazle) like Crookshanks. I love cats, have had them all my life and while I think owls are gorgeous and have a fondess for many other animals, cats remain my close companions.


My favourite classes would be….




I love animals and always wanted to be a vet, or work with animals in some form. In the HP universe there isn’t a need for certain grades, i.e. maths, to stop me working with them. So Caring for Magical Creatures would be top of my list! I also think I’d really enjoy potions classes because it requires mixing specific ingredients together, which is why I enjoy baking rather than cooking. I’m terrible at just throwing random things together and have to have a recipe to follow step by step.


My job would be….


Hip_lesson library


As mentioned, working with animals was my dream so working with magical creatures would be amazing. I’m not sure if I’d be interested in finding new ones and documenting them, breeding or teaching Care for Magical Creatures. As a library student, naturally being a librarian in the Harry Potter world would be a fun job for me! All that magical information and lore needs to be managed some how 🙂