5 Fandom Friday - Comfort foods

5 Comfort Foods That Always Make Me Feel Better [5 Fandom Friday]

This is probably not the best topic to do when starting a new diet, but hey, that’s the prompt so lets go with it! Here’s my list of comfort foods which always make me feel better.



I am a chocoholic., anyone who has known me for 5 minutes will tell you that 😛 It is my go to for comfort every time, however, it can be in any form – brownies (like above), cakes, biscuits, cookies, cereal, and so on. I prefer milk and dark, but do occasionally dabble in white too!



Hearty Food

I love hearty food like casseroles and stews, so when we went to Prague last year I was in heaven. This photo is of a casserole in a big yorkshire pudding which made it even more amazing 😀




Again, chocolate is always awesome, but I do just generally love puddings and desserts (especially cheese cake!). I’ll always look at the desserts menu at a restaurant first 😀 On previous cruise holidays I loved the hot puddings they served at the buffet. They had different ones every night with custard or ice cream and they tasted amazing! My quick comfort food is often cake/pudding in a mug in a microwave.



Ice Cream

Being a Brit and living in wonky, often colder weather, I can eat ice cream at any time of year and happily do so! I absolutely adore Italian ice cream, gelato, and the many different flavours you can get in European countries. Some of the flavours are so crazy. Chocolate of course is high up on the list, but I also love hazelnut, caramel and stracciatella.




I could probably eat pasta every day, and when I’ve had a bad spoonie day this is my go to comfort meal for dinner time. Throw it in a pan, then top it with cheese and yummy goodness has been created.


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  1. Ice Cream! I love anything with Frozen Yogurt, Custard or Gelato!

    1. Author

      We don’t really get frozen yogurt or custard over here, so never really tried them!

  2. Hm…comfort foods for me would be pasta, any breakfast foods, and macaroni -n- cheese. Of course, lately I’ve been having trouble with milk and milk products…so this might change in the future. 🙁

    1. Author

      Some cereals are definitely on the list for me too! It’s just too easy to throw some things in a bowl and add some milk when you feel crappy. I’m fortunate not to have any food issues, my IBS isn’t based on types of food but rather how much I eat or the richness of said food. Good thing is that there’s a lot of alternative recipes out there so many you can find a mac n cheese one that works for you? <3

  3. Yay for Pasta and Chocolate! 😀 😀 😀 But I guess my number one comfort food (drink in this case) is Coffee. I can’t live without it!

    1. Author

      I’ve become a coffee addict over the last few years, but I can (and currently am) live without it. I love it, but doesn’t quite make the comfort food list for me.

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