5 Fandom Friday - Green Photo challenge

Green Photo Challenge [5 Fandom Friday]

Happy St Patrick’s day everyone! Unsurprisingly this weeks prompt is a little green 😉 For my green photo challenge I decided to stick to geeky/fandom related items so here’s 5 photos of geeky stuff I own.


Green Photo Challenge - Books


I’ve read all of these but one (can you guess which? 😉 ) and recommend them all. Have you read any of these?



Green Photo Challenge - Plushies


My Naughty Nessie plushie alongside my 1980s Good Luck Bear Care Bear plushie and finally my Tatty Teddy frog costume plushie.


Green Photo Challenge - Movies


A selection of green movie DVDs (and one bluray) from our movie collection featuring some comic book films (Suicide Squad, Green Lantern and Hulk), and some animated and childhood loves (Space Jam, Shrek Forever After, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, and the Princess the Frog).


Green Photo Challenge - TV Box Sets


I then raided our TV Boxset collection to serve up this mish-mash of genres featuring Red Dward, House, Lost and Buffy.




Green Photo Challenge - PC Games


Despite having video games for PC and three different consoles, there were only these two that fit the green criteria. Have you played them?


I hope you enjoyed this quick peek into my geeky and fandom items 🙂




  1. Ohh, this is a clever approach. You have some pretty appropriate greens in there, like Green Lantern, the Teenage Ninja Turtles and Shrek. Brilliant! 😀

    (For the record, I haven’t seen Green Lantern and was curious, but my boyfriend – who is the comic expert in my household – tells me to keep away from it. So I guess that’s not happening anytime soon.)

    I hope you had a lovely St. Patrick’s Day (if you celebrated). 🙂

  2. Aw, this is a brilliant take on the challenge that keeps the geekery in! Well done. I just gave up and went with green photos and didn’t even think about how to work fandoms in. I wish I’d thought of this. 🙂

  3. LKH and Tamora Pierce are amazing! Pierce pretty much defined my teen years. I loved all of her work.

  4. This is a super clever point of view 😀 I love it!!!!

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