Sharing Saturday - Geeky Girl Bloggers

Geek Girl Bloggers you need to check out!

In honour of International Women’s day this week I wanted to bring attention to a group of women who deserve recognition; geek girl bloggers! The celebration of women comes with messages of inequality, a reminder of why feminism is needed and the gender gap between men and women. One I am keenly aware of is that in the geek world. As seen by my regular feature Geek on the High Street, geek fashion is often limited to just the mens and kids sections. Women aren’t geeky, they don’t like Star Wars, comics or superheroes…. yeah, right! In the last year I have had the fortune to get to know the ladies of Geek Girls x Bloggers on Facebook and Female Geek Bloggers on Google +. Even though the names of these groups and the information states clearly that they’re for girls, guys still try to join. They want access for whatever reason – we’re not quite sure what they think they’ll get – and that just highlights the issue of why we need a women’s day, why we need feminism. This isn’t all male geeks, some are great and appreciate geek girls. But the fact is some believe they have the right to have access to our safe space, and brands believe that geekyness is only for boys and children.

With this in mind I want to introduce you to 6 Geek Girl Bloggers (I had to limit myself so if you’re not included please don’t feel left out!).


The Geek Girl Bloggers

The Nerdy Girly

Hi my name is Megan and I am The Nerdy Girlie! I LOVE all things NERDY and GIRLIE! Here at The Nerdy Girlie blog I want to build a community with ALL nerds and to encourage and support other nerdy women!



A Geek Girl's Guide

I’m Michelle Anneliese.  I am a Ravenclaw from District 13 who enjoys playing games and geek culture. My favorites are Harry Potter, Tabletop Games, and watching Twitch and YouTube.
I am a creator. I take the tools around me and make things. These things include stories and articles, graphics and designs, photography, and anything that captures my imagination.

I am multi-passionate. I work on many different projects that inspire me. I don’t fit into one box of creation; I want to do all of it. I don’t want my work to only be in one field or medium. I want to be able to express myself, tell stories, and educate through multiple medias.




Her GeekeryI’m Ashlee, the gal behind Her Geekery. I live with my husband and our fur-baby in sunny Southern California, freelancing by day and fighting for the Horde by night. Join me for blogging advice, geek culture news, book and game reviews, & whatever else catches my fancy.


My name is Pepi and I’m a Social Media Consultant. I write books and create mixed media art paintings. I love technology, Superheroes, fantasy & sci-fi books too.

I studied Law in the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and International Studies (specialization Asia) in the same University. In 2003 I obtained a scholarship of the Japanese Government to study Compared Constitutional Law in the University of Tokyo. In 2008 I graduated from my Masters degree in the same University (x2). One of my passions is learning and speaking languages. I speak Spanish, Catalan, English, Japanese, Italian and French. Nowadays I live in the shinny UK.

I love reading, specially cultural anthropology books (Edward T. Hall, Conrad Phillip Kottak, etc), fantasy, sci fi and classic books. My favorite authors are Tolkien, Arthur Conan Doyle, Edward T. Hall, Marvin Minsky, George Orwell, Adous Huxley, Herman Hesse, Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Amélie Nothomb, Lewis Carrol, etc. I also love reading comics. My favorites are Loki Agent of Asgard, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Captain Marvel, Spider Gwen, Star Lord… and many others!




I’m Kayla. Epicfied is my gamer tag and main identity throughout the internet. It all started with silly thirteen year old me saying “I need to go Epicfy my hair”… Epic to Epicfy to Epicfied! So I figured, what better URL for my personal/life blog?
I think I’ll be writing mainly about my life experiences (good and bad), my love for the geek life, and later along the road, I’ll be branching out to different blogs and possibly YouTube.
I hope you enjoy and please let me know if there’s any content that you’d like to see more of!



My Open Sketchbook

I’m Kay, a freelance artist living in New Hampshire. I specialize in portrait art, varying from semi-realism to more stylized portrayals. I’ve long been fascinated by human expression and body language (life long people-watcher here). Evoking that sense of life and emotion through my art is my biggest creative goal.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into the world of geek girls that blog and that you enjoy their blogs as much as I do!