Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Thoughts

My Thoughts on The Last Jedi Trailer

This post is going to be laden with spoilers from The Last Jedi Trailer which just aired at the Star Wars Celebration Weekend. So before you read on I would suggest viewing it if you haven’t yet 😉




One Truth

The trailer shows us a lot of action, but what really caught my attention was Luke’s final words: “I only know one truth, and that is that the Jedi must end.”

Holy crap, right?!

I’m going to start by addressing the first part of the line; “I only know one truth”. To me this says that Luke has seen something in the force, he has had specific visions or the force has told him something. From the events of the Prequels we know that it is possible for the force to be manipulated, for a Jedi Master to see things that they believe are real and are not at all what they seem. This one truth that Luke believes he knows might actually be a load of utter rubbish. There’s also a possibility that everything that has happened, including losing his students to his nephew’s fall to the dark side, could have sent Luke over the edge. He’s been alone in isolation, for how many years? Maybe Artoo has kept him sane, maybe not. We really don’t know at this point.



End or Beginning?

Now onto point two; “… the Jedi must end”. This sounds extremely worrying and scary considering the whole Star Wars universe hinges on the ongoing battle between the Jedi and the Sith, Light vs. Dark. But as Luke informs Rey in the trailer; it’s so much bigger than that. Long time Star Wars fans of the expanded universe and the video games will be familar with the concept of other force users, as well as the term ‘Grey Jedi’. It’s quite possible that Luke isn’t talking about the complete end of a force for good, of force users, maybe he’s just realised that the concept of Jedi and Sith have become outdated. In the Expanded Universe Luke’s Jedi Academy followed most of the fundamentals of his predecessors, but have some big differences as well. Emotional ties, for example, were not consider a weakness or distraction. So it is quite possible that Luke is about to pioneer something entirely new, as guided by the Force and Rey, as a new character without any formal training or experience in any discipline is the perfect blank slate for such an idea.


Of course, the writers could have gone entirely off the wall and Luke really isn’t Luke and is some crazy clone… wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened 😉


  1. I had actually just finished watching this trailer when you posted. The trailer is interesting. I share the opinion Luke’s final words is more about evolution than extinction, though Star Wars movies have thrown me curve balls before. I am keen to see how Kylo Ren develops, as that is one of the few things in this current series that I am interested in (I didn’t like Force Awakens for various reasons, chief among them my interest in Star Wars was kept alive through the nineties and the prequels by Star Wars books by the likes of Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpole). I will reserve judgement until I see this film, as I believe it has potential (and I can separate the books and the films the way I do with Marvel Movies)

  2. The final line sounds worrying but I don’t think Disney is gonna let a franchise like this one go away. Although it does seem that maybe the Jedi have to finally change now, maybe that what Luke really means.

    I’m excited to see how the character of Rose plays out.

    What if Luke is not really Luke! Now there is a twist!

  3. Great review! The teaser was so much fun. It makes Christmas feel extra special. I’m not familiar with the grey Jedi but that’s a pretty cool concept. It’d be interesting if the new movie went that route.

  4. IKR!???? The Jedi must end is a big statement 😮 It could be positive (re-making the whole thing in a positive light) or negative (Hulk-smashing the system). Depending on it we might see a different Star Wars. And this is spooky!

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