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So you’ve made it to my blog, either on purpose or by accident, and you now wish to know more about the blogger herself. You’ve already got my name; Heather. I’m a 25 year old woman originally from South East London and now residing near Glasgow, Scotland. Quite a big jump, eh? That would be due to my lovely fiance, Chris, who I met in the MMORPG World of Warcraft. He is originally from Glasgow, you see, and after he spent some time living with me in London we made the decision to move to Scotland. Both of us have settled in nicely up here and are both studying our respective courses at University.

That brings  me onto the whole point of this blog; University and my career plans. I have been keeping an online journey for more years than I can remember now, and I wanted a public blog to document my time at University. I have already been to University and successfully obtained a degree in History of Art from the University of Leeds. So why am I going back? At the age of 18 I wasn’t fully aware of what career would be best for me, nor was I prepared for certain health problems raising their ugly heads and making some types of jobs very difficult for me. After much contemplation I realised what I did want to do; I wanted to become a teacher, an English Literature teacher. I’ve always been a bookworm, I love writing and could talk for hours about books, so it seemed like a natural fit. I’ve never been a big fan of children though and my lack of patience has had many people tell me that I can’t handle it. So yep, this is me doing what I do best; doing what I want to do regardless of other people’s opinions.

If you’re expecting this blog to be full of party antics and other alcohol fuelled crazy Uni stuff, sorry to disappoint you but that’s not what you’ll find here. Likewise, if you’re looking for anything personal about me or drama, you’re in the wrong place. My previous Uni experience was… well lacking. I had health and personal issues that kept me from properly enjoying it and becoming involved. This time I plan to be different. So this blog will be taking you, the viewers of this blog, along with me as I partake in the whole University experience starting with Freshers Fair and leading up to me completing my degree (hopefully!).

Other than running this blog I can be found in numerous places around the worldwide web. Most notably Ruby-Wings.net which is my personal site, Distant-Fantasies.net an online RPG advertising resource and at my RPG site Mind-Blast.net – yes I like .net names 😛 My former personal domain was artisticchardon.com, and currently lists all my websites until I find something else to do with it. I am also a long time World of Warcraft player, and have played since the game first came out. I currently raid 3 nights a week with my awesome guild Excited State. Other games I have played include Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Dragon Age.

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