Facebook Discussion Groups – General


#TheGirlGang is a community based on spreading joy and kindness in day to day life! It’s made up of a lot of bloggers, but isn’t only for bloggers! Anyone can join!


Blogger Tribe

It’s a blog eat blog world. Finding your tribe is important.

There are no “rules” and we’d like to keep it that way. We just ask that you be kind and respectful of each other.

Please feel free to ask questions or share any blogging tips you might have. This is a drama fee space. We’d like to keep it as such.

There will be a weekly sharing thread for your posts, so we’d like to keep individual posts there. This isn’t a space for marketing your blog (although being in a group of like-minded people will help that anyway) so we don’t want to spam the wall. Once in a while is fine, just don’t make a habit of it.

PLEASE join us every week for “Sunday Lately”, which follows the the popular currently-style format. Posts go live at 9am EST, where we encourage you to link up along with us!


Blogging Network

BLOGGING NETWORK is created to connect bloggers of different genres with each other. A platform for cosmopolitans, for interested and curious people who like to communicate and share topics, opinions and trends in a stylish and open-minded manner. We are happy to welcome a bunch of new faces and blogs in our group!


Blogging Newbs

This is meant to be a place of support. Our blogs and experience is all at different stages so please be kind and helpful. In this group we want you to feel a sense of community, friendship and learning. Let’s all help each other out!