4 Beauty Products I loved in 2016 [Sharing Saturday]

Sharing Saturday: 2016 beauty products


I’m still playing catch up and working on end of the year/beginning of new year things, so this week I’m taking a look back at the beauty products I tried last year. Here are my top 4 recommendations!



Hide it! Concealer Palette

by Technic


Thanks to my dermatillomania spot out breaks for me are an even bigger nightmare. It has taken me years to finally find products that work for my skin and work to help hide the signs and scars. This product is not a BIG part of that routine (as you can see from the very used palette!). I find that I have two problems using just normal concealer; it doesn’t hide anything and makes it look even more big and obvious. By using the colour correcting concealers together I can merge and blend the perfect cover. And at £1.54 on Amazon, it’s an amazing price too! They also do a bigger 8 shade version as well which I might try in the future.



Lots of Bubbles Tantalising Gift Set

by I Love…Cosmetics


I tend to use a shower more than a bath and I prefer to have a variety of shower gels to use, not the same one every time. So I’m always on the look out for sets of small bottles of shower gels. This gift set by I Love… Cosmetics comes with 6 different flavours; coconut & cream, strawberries & cream, vanilla & ice cream (all pictured above), mango & papaya, lemons & limes, and raspberry & blackberry. I loved them! As you can see, there are only 3 left so they last quite a while and I also had the coconut & cream exfoliating shower smoothie (hence why the shower gel version is untouched so far) and that is also fantastic. These also double as bubble bath, so if you’re like me and use both or prefer one over the other you can still enjoy the gorgeous scents.

Their gift sets tend to come out more during the holiday season, but you can grab this one on Amazon for £9.99 and some of their others as well. Sadly it seems that some are only in holiday sets or have been retired, as their website only has certain flavours listed, as does Superdrug.



Hydro Boost

by Neutrogena

I was fortunate enough to get this to test from Bzz Agent and I was really happy with the product. As I’ve mentioned in previous product reviews, my skin does much better with light weight creams that hydrate. So this is perfect and it does exactly what it says it did. It hydrated and helped clean up my skin. There is one down side though; at £12.99 for 50ml it just isn’t worth it for the price. It’s good, and it does last a while, yet that is just a bit too pricey for my current budget. Especially if you use it every day, morning and night.



Flipbalm: Creamy Coconut

by Palmer’s

I am completely in love with this and have been addictively using it since I got it. It has done my lips a world of good and has a lovely sweet, but not sickening taste. The flip lid is easy to use, although it doesn’t travel very well and can open up in your bag if you’re not careful (yep, it happened). There’s plenty in it, so it’s a lip balm that will last a while no matter how often you use it! You can grab it for £4.99 from Amazon and other stockists. There are two other flavours; Juicy Watermelon and Ripe Mango.

Have you tried any of these? What did you think? What beauty products did you fall in love with in 2016?






30 Beauty Advent Calendars for 2016

Sharing Saturday: Alternate Advent Calendars - Beauty


I love advent calendars, however, opening little doors just for a tiny bit of chocolate isn’t as appealing as it once was. I’ve been doing online advent calendars (I’ll introduce you to some at the beginning of December when they open!) for several years now, and last year I came across beauty advent calendars! This year I kept an eye out, found several different beauty ones as well as some other alternative advent calendars. So over the next few weeks I’m going to be posting the best ones I can find, starting last week with food and drink calendars. This week it’s time to show you the best beauty advent calendars for 2016!

Beauty advent calendars are a fantastic way to try some new products, as well as get travel sized goodies for travelling. I’ve split this one up into categories depending on what the advent calendars contain so that you can pick one that’s right for your needs!


Make Up


1 – House of Fraser Advent Calendar from House of Fraser, £20.00.

2 – Makeup Revolution Beauty Advent Calendar from Superdrug, £30.00.

3 – Tanya Burr 12 Day Beauty Calendar from Superdrug, £15.00.

4 – W7 Cosmetics 2016 Advent Calendar from Groupon, £12.98.

5 – Technic Cube Beauty Advent Calendar from Superdrug, £10.00.

6 – MAD Beauty Bright Lights Advent Calendar from Mad Beauty, £19.99.





1 – Accentra Advent Calendar – Nail Polish from Amazon, £23.41.

2 – Boulevard de Beauté Nail Art Advent Calendar from Amazon, £19.99.

3 – Ciaté London Mini Mani Month 2016 Nail Polish Advent Calendar from Look Fantastic, £50.00.

4 -Cheeky Advent Calendar from Cowshed, £50.00.

5 – Nail Polish Advent Calendar from Accessorize, £30.00.

6 – Pretty Professional Make Up Gifts – Christmas Nail Polish Advent Calendar from Amazon, £10.20.


Mixed Products


1 – 24 Happy Days Advent Calendar from The Body Shop (3 varieties available), £60.00, £80.00 and £99.00.

2 – Clarins Advent Calendar 2016 from Boots, £95.00.

3 – Feelunique Magic of Beauty Calendar from Feel Unique, £30.00.

4 – YOU Beauty Advent Calendar 2016 from You.co.uk, £69.95.

5 – Dirty Works Beauty Calendar from Sainsburys, £15.00.

6 – The Beauty Advent Calendar from ASOS, £50.00.



Body, Bath & Shower


1 – 12 Days of Christmas from Lush, £52.95.

2 – Sanctuary The Let Go Days of Christmas Advent Calendar from Boots, £25.00.

3 – Arran Aromatics A Sense Of Christmas Advent Calendar Gift Set from John Lewis, £45.00.

4 – Bomb Cosmetics The Bomb Advent Calendar from Amazon, £15.91.

5 – Molton Brown Scented Luxuries Advent Calendar from Look Fantastic, £150.00.

6 – Nuxe 10 Beauty Treasures from Feel Unique, £49.00.





1 – Accentra Men’s Wellness and Beauty Advent Calendar from Amazon, £17.82.

2 – Beard Oil Christmas Advent Calendars from Not on the High Street, £30.00.

3 – ClarinsMen 12 Days of Christmas set from Selfridges, £65.00.

4 – Ghost 12 Days of Christmas Eau de Toilette Advent Calendar from Superdrug, £25.00.

5 – The Vintage Cosmetic Company 12 Days to a Beautiful Christmas Gift Calendar from Feel Unique, £58.50.

6 – Star Wars Fragrances Advent Calendar  from Amazon, £12.01.



Any of these tickle your fancy? Have you had a beauty advent calendar before, if so which one? Do you prefer one that has specific things (i.e. make up or skin care) or one that has a mixture? Let me know in the comments! 🙂







Scrub Love Mint Temptation Review

Scrub Love Mint Temptation Review



The lovely Scrub Love UK team sent me one of their products to review. If you’ve read some of my other beauty posts you’ll know I’m a massive fan of scrubs (face or body) so I snapped up the chance to try out this one. I’ve never tried a coffee scrub before, or a dry scrub, so it was a new experience for me.


The Products

Scrub Love comes in 3 different flavours; Original Lovin’, Coconut Affair and Mint Temptation. My sample was Mint Temptation which I was really happy about as mint is always super refreshing and it has tea tree in it, which is again one of my favourite products as it’s a natural soother. So, their website describes the scrubs as; “Body scrubs made from 100% natural ingredients that will banish blemishes then target acne, stretch marks, cellulite and anything else you throw at them – to give you a gorgeous glow.” The Mint Temptation one contains peppermint oil, tea tree oil, dead sea salt (awesome for scrubs!), argon oil and aloe vera as well. So yes, I was a happy girlie after reading these (they’re described on the back of the pack so you know exactly what you’re getting) and couldn’t wait to try it.


scrub2   scrub2b



Smell & Texture

I’ll be honest; I was a little bit nervous about trying it because as I said, this was something new to me. As I was in the middle of my resit exams and assignment I decided to do a wee skin test first so I could see what it looked like and also make sure I didn’t react to it. This was more my own paranoia than anything, I don’t react to most things but then again I’ve never smothered coffee all over my body either! I’m also very short sighted so I wanted to get a look at it before I took my glasses off, had my shower and freaked out at what came out the packet because I couldn’t see it properly 😉


scrub3 scrub4


It reminded me more of dirt than coffee (apart from the smell, there’s definitely no hiding that!). It is a bit weird putting it all over your body when you’re supposed to be making yourself look cleaner. However, it’s a bit like charcoal if you’ve seen/used that before. You make yourself look kind of muddy and then wash it off, ta da!


Despite looking like it would irritate your skin, or make you itchy (I get very itchy at the slightest thing on my skin), it doesn’t feel that bad. It is a very fine texture, not at all lumpy and doesn’t really stick until you add a bit of water to the mix in a shower/bath. It smells very strongly of coffee in this form, however, afterwards all I could smell was peppermint and tea tree. I suffer from rhinitus and was having terrible sinus pressure at the time, and this really did clear that up! So not only are you doing something great for your skin, you’re also helping your body with the aromatherapy aspect of all those wonderful oils.



The feeling of the soft glowy skin that they promise was pretty much instantaneous. After I washed off the scrub I felt so so clean and fresh. I did use a shower gel afterwards just to help clean off any lingering bits of the scrub lurking, but I probably didn’t need to. I felt as fresh as a daisy, and the vapours from the scrub are really energising too! The website suggests using it several times a week, so it doesn’t surprise me that after about 24 hours my skin felt less moisturised. However, a few days later it still felt pretty damn good. I suffer from Dermatillomania, compulsive skin picking, and acne and my skin looks much better than it did on my arms. The scrub has helped clean out some of the icky stuff and refreshed the skin, with the aloe vera and tea tree helping to soothe it. It will be interesting to see how it goes with more frequent use.


Would I use it again?

Yes! I am already drooling over the thought of the Coconut Affair flavour! There was nothing about this product that didn’t do what it claimed to do, and as I said, the effect was pretty quick to see. Before I’d even stepped out the shower I felt so much better. I wasn’t sure it I could use it on my face, so I didn’t, yet my face felt great too. The steam and vapours did their magic, so I’m really curious to see how it works on my face.


A few extra notes

I do want to mention a few downsides to this product, which are relatively small in my opinion. Firstly, it is messy! I’m very messy and clumsy anyway, and have a habit of throwing things every where in a shower 😛 It’s a dry scrub, and if you’re familar with those you probably knew this already. I know from my experience with wet scrubs that they can be a tad messy, so again, not really a shocker. As long as you’re prepared to clean your shower/bath out, it’s not an issue. If you share the bathroom with other people it might be a problem, which brings me on to number 2…

It smells very very strongly. I have quite a sensitive nose, and the combination of peppermint, tea tree and coffee was strong but bearable. I know people who would have had to avoid the bathroom because their nose is so sensitive. So again, if you share the bathroom with other people be aware of this because it could cause some issues.

From a disabled point of view the pouch looks difficult to open; I have problems with my fingers and hands, and sometimes resealable pouches, like grated cheese, are a monster to open. I was very pleased to find that I didn’t have to struggle at all and it came open easily. One thing I will suggest though if you’re clumsy or have mobility issues with your hands is watch out for where you place it. The pouch is great to getting in there and scooping it out with your fingers, and controlling how much you use – the downside is that it isn’t always that sturdy. I had mine flop over a few times and had to desperately dash for it to save it from the incoming water. It might very well be worth investing in a seal-able air tight container if you have a lot of trouble with issues like this.





Eye Shadow Palette Challenge

Look Book; Eye shadow palettes


I love eyeshadow palettes and as you can see mine are pretty well used. You also may notice that there are some colours I’ve not even touched. So to make up for the lack of Look Book posts (posts about makeup looks and tutorials) I’m issuing myself a challenge and I need your help. I want you guys to pick one of these palettes and I’m going to make not one, but five looks from it and post tutorials up for them.

So check out the pictures below to get a closer look at each palette and then comment with your choice! The one with the most votes wins 🙂




Collection Cosmetics – Smokey Eyes




Collection Cosmetics – Poptastic



coldazzle  Collection Cosmetics – Dazzle



muaundressMUA – Undress Me Too




MUA – Poptastic




My top 10 beauty products

Sharing Saturday: my top 10 beauty products

Pretend that says Saturday and I’m not a day late, ok? 😉 Here are my top 10 beauty products.


  1. Barry M Nail Polish, Aquarium Collection.
  2. Boots Coconut and Almond Intensive Hair Mask.
  3. Collection 2000 eye shadow palettes.
  4. Garnier Pure Active Toner.
  5. Nivea Milk and Honey lip balm.
  6. Lush Lip Scrub.
  7. The Body Shop Honey and Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask.
  8. The Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue.
  9. Radox Shower Smoothies.
  10. Herbal Essence Tousle me Softly hair conditioner.