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5 Geeky Goals for 2017 [5 Fandom Friday]

I’m still playing catch up after the holidays so this is a few days late! As I’m going to be doing two other goal related posts, one for the new year and one for January, I decided to use this prompt to look at specifically fandom and nerdy related things I want to do in […]

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5 Holiday Traditions [5 Fandom Friday]

New Bauble Each Year After hearing others talking about this one I decided I wanted to start it from next year; then we realised we got a new one last year in our stockings and Chris’ mum got us one this year too! So that tradition is officially started!   One Present on Christmas Eve […]

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5 Fandoms I’m Thankful For [5 Fandom Friday]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy is easily the fandom I am most thankful for because it saved my life. Many times over. That isn’t me being dramatic. My teenage years were difficult, I was bullied a lot, and started suffering from depression without even realising. It was a dark time, and the many lessons of […]

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5 Apps I can't live without

5 Apps I Can’t Live Without [5 Fandom Friday]

I use apps on all my devices, including my PC so this list is going to cover computers, iphone and android.  Trying to pick just 5 is difficult because I use anything that is fun and useful, anything that makes my life easier especially on the go. I use different apps to keep me entertained […]

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