Halloween Fashion on the UK High Street!

It’s been a little while since the last Geek on the High Street due to holidays and getting back on track, and this month I’m doing something a little bit different! While most months I’ll be sticking to a particular fandom/franchise I am going to be doing some themes as well because I’m going to run out of fandoms and also because being a geek is more than just being a fangirl. I think this quote from Simon Pegg sums it up quite nicely:

“Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating.”

To me being a geek also means that when it comes to our fashion choices we get to go where others don’t and I first realised this when I was browsing someone’s Halloween themed post, I saw an awesome Hocus Pocus T-shirt and knew it would be something I’d quite happily wear all year round. While Halloween is a holiday that most people only celebrate once a year, most geeks spend the whole year counting down to it and would happily wear a lot of the fashion items all year. So I figured a Halloween Geek on the High Street edition was in order!

Unfortunately health, badly behaving internet and house maintenance shenanigans has meant this has been posted later than intended but that does have the benefit of a lot of these items being on sale now! So do check them and the pinterest board out asap to get your Halloween and bewitching fix in before the items disappear for another year.


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There are so many fabulous halloween t-shirts out there right now! It was so hard limiting myself to just six to showcase for you so do check out the pinterest board for more. A lot of stores went with similar themes and slogans with their own twists so if you see something here and aren’t sure about it definitely take a look because I can guarantee there will be an alternative at another store.

First up is this cute and chic skeleton hands heart T-shirt from Ms Selfridges, currently reduced to £9.80 so grab it while you can! This skeleton tank top from Claire’s might not look that great but follow the link to check out the back; it’s completely made of lace spider webs! Again it’s currently reduced to £8.40. For the more fashion conscious ladies there’s the ‘Hallow Queen’ cropped T-Shirt from Topshop, unfortunately it’s only available in medium now and it’s down to £7.00. At the bargain price of £3.00 pumpkin spice lovers can  announce their love for the flavour all year round with this t-shirt from Matalan. Halloween spirit or homage to the Bat Family? You decide with this cheeky Bat T-Shirt by PrettyLittleThing available from Next for £12. My last choice is this adorable Ghouls just wanna have fun T-Shirt from George at Asda, one of several great T-shirts in their Halloween range this year now down to £3.00 and still available in all sizes!



Jumpers & Long-Sleeves

One benefit of British weather at this time of year is that we get some really awesome snuggly Halloween apparel too! Check out these great jumpers and long-sleeved tops that I found. Next are the champions of the Halloween sweater brigade in my opinion and I’m going straight in with what I consider the best of the bunch. This gorgeous Black cat hooded sweater from Next (£24) which even glows in the dark! How amazing is that?! It definitely made it’s way onto my wish list. Next up is neat wool sweater with a bold ‘What up Witches’ slogan for £18. If sequins are your thing you can go all out in this Halloween sweater with sequinned pumpkin and bats for £24. I really like the patterned effect of this Purple Bat Sweater available from next for £24, although personally I would say this is closer to pink than purple. Or if you prefer to go for a more subtle look then this striped top is perfect for you. In traditional Halloween colours it features a small bat logo on the breast pocket with the words ‘Let’s hang’, again from Next for £18. And the final item that made the cut is a Black Bat Jumper from Peacocks, reduced to £11 – but be quick as they’re selling fast!



No Halloween would be right without a Halloween party and if you’re not in the mood for a costume check out some of these fabulous dresses which you can add to your wardrobe all year round! The first dress on my list can actually double as an easy costume as this Black Collar Shift Dress, £22.40, from Dorothy Perkins is giving me all sorts of Wednesday Adams vibes! In a similar vein of style is this Bat Collar Skater Dress Ladies by Jilted Generation available for £24.99 from Sports Direct. Ever the gold mine for some great geeky fashion, Sports Direct have some wonderful alternative dresses that are perfect for Halloween and another great dress I spotted there is this sequinned skeleton party dress which has been reduced by 70% down to £15.99 – unfortunately it’s now only available in sizes 8-12 but that’s still a fantastic price for any ladies in that size. If you prefer a less fancy skeleton dress then there’s this great Lipsy skeleton bodycon dress available from Next for £22 in sizes 8-18. Also from next is this super cute Spider Web Halloween Skater Dress which makes me think of a couple of neighbourhood friendly superheros and could definitely be reused for some causal cosplays. It is flying off the shelves though with only sizes 12 and 14 still available so grab it for £23 asap! My final choice is this absolutely stunning Hell Bunny black rose and cobweb dress from Yours Clothing for plus sized ladies available in sizes 16-32 and while it’s priced at a steep £59.99 it’s a piece that can be used for a range of occasions.



I have to say one of my favourite things has been the amount of Halloween jewellery I’ve found. Some of it has been really unique and the great thing about geeky jewellery is you can sneak a little bit in to accessorize any outfit. Take these black cat earrings from Marks and Spencers, £5.00, for example, although they’re designed for Halloween they’re perfect for all year round! How about these dangling spider earrings £2.00 at Primark if you’re brave enough? If you’re more of a hoops kind of girl get decked out in style with these gold-toned skull hoops from George Asda for £4.00. Chokers are back in trend and there are so many beautiful Halloween chokers on the pinterest board, but my pick is this two pack choker and long necklace from H&M, £9.99, which lets you also play with the current layering trend. This adorable silver toned boo pendant is only £5.00 from Next.Last. but not least, this bumper back of Halloween motif earrings is a must for any fan of this holiday and will keep you going as you countdown to next year’s Halloween. It’s a fabulous £9.00 right now for 20 earrings from Claire’s.





I didn’t want to go too far into costumes, however, in my search for geek fashion there were some accessories and items that bordered on costumes that were just too damn gorgeous not to show you. I also recognised a few pieces that I knew some people would probably include in their daily outfits so I wanted to throw a few bits in. Like this sequin feather headband from Accessorize, £5.00, which screams 20s flapper style to me. Accessorize also has some great beauty items that only pop up at this time of year but are really useful for the geek community for cosplay or conventions, such as these gold butterfly face stickers, £5.00. They have a whole range of stickers which I’ve added to the pinterest board for you guys. They have a few nail art items too, and I particularly like these chic spider nail art stickers. These black tinted bat sunglasses will definitely help you stand out from the crowd, and they were just too quirky not to include. They’re £3,99 from New Look. The last two items are more costume than accessories, and I hope you’ll agree with me that they’re just too beautiful not to include. Unicorn horns are all the rage this year, but for me it was this one from George at Asda, £3.00, that won best in show. And then there was this stunning dragon mask from George at Asda which is just amazingly detailed for £10.00!



Hair Accessories

There were that many incredible hair accessories that they got their own category. Like jewellery I love the diversity of hair accessories for being able to add that little touch of geekiness, and the perfect example is these sweet glitter cat ear hair clips, £3.00, from Claire’s which you can just slip in to add a little bit of fun to an outfit. Be the belle of a very creepy ball with this Spider Web Fascinator Headband £4.20 from Claire’s. Halloween hair clips are really popular this year and Claire’s has a great collection. My favourites from them are this 2 pack of skeleton bow hair clips, £2.70, and this 6 pack of assorted glitter Halloween designs for £4.00. You could go for the full colour experience with these Halloween extensions with bat and pumpkin clips from Accessorize for £5,50, or if you prefer a more monochrome look there’s these black Halloween slide clips from New Look for £3.99.



Over to You

I hope that you enjoyed this slightly different Geek on the High Street! As always I do appreciate your feedback so please do let me know what you think of the idea of seasonal and/or themed editions. I’m not sure yet if I will be doing a Christmas one because at the moment the only Christmas items I’ve seen so far have been Disney related. If I see some more geeky Christmas fashion for women I’ll gladly put one together (I’m really hoping for some ugly Christmas jumpers at least!). As for theme ideas I’m thinking of things like fantasy, magic, mythology, science/space, bands/music and so on. Basically any type of ‘geek’ that I can think of and find fashion for in UK stores. Any suggestions are welcome!

What are/were your plans for Halloween this year?

Do you buy Halloween fashion or items each year?

What is your favourite thing on this list or the Pinterest board?

For those of you in the UK; do you feel that Halloween has now become a big holiday over here or is it still more of an American thing?

Let me know in the comments! <3

To me being a geek also means that when it comes to our fashion choices we get to go where others don't and I first realised this when I was browsing someone's Halloween themed post, I saw an awesome Hocus Pocus T-shirt and knew it would be something I'd quite happily wear all year round. While Halloween is a holiday that most people only celebrate once a year, most geeks spend the whole year counting down to it and would happily wear a lot of the fashion items all year. So I figured a Halloween Geek on the High Street edition was in order!

Harry Potter fashion on the UK High Street!

Geek on the High Street - Harry Potter Fashion

As my instagram followers know I’ve been obsessed with the new Hogwarts Mystery game so when I started seeing Harry Potter bits while searching for Disney last month I knew I’d found this month’s Geek on the High Street theme! Unsurprisingly since it’s a British based Fandom it’s pretty much everywhere these days and as we get closer to the next Fantastic Beast film more and more things are popping up in the shops. So here’s some of my favourite picks!

Don’t forget to check out the pinterest board below to see the rest of the goodies I found 🙂


George at Asda

George at Asda has a few bits and bobs including this Harry Potter Glitter Slogan T-Shirt which features one of the most famous quotes from the franchise. This cute Pyjama Shirt and Shorts set has a very classy look about it, and is much more subtle in it’s design. Finally something a wee bit cheeky, but I had to include them as they’re just awesome; a pair of Gryffindor Knickers.



House of Fraser


House of Fraser is newcomer to Geek on the High Street, and while it’s not quite gotten to fashion items yet I’ll accept accessories and be happy at the progress! They have some great Harry Potter bags, and I’m a total sucker for tote bags so I’m in love with this Hogwarts Crest tote bag and Voldemort tote bag. There’s a few more bags on the pinterest board, however, this Hogwarts Crest Print Backpack really stood out as it’s a different style from what you normally see. These are probably official merchandise, however, it’s still great to be able to pop into a store in your local area and check them out instead of having to hunt down a stockist or order online.


Sports Direct

Despite Fantastic Beasts being the lastest addition to the franchise, Sports Direct was the only place where I found anything dedicated to it. They had the official Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film logo t-shirt and then this quirky Witches Live Among Us! t-shirt which I think is great. They also had two other official t-shirts available; a Hogwarts t-shirt and a Gryffindor t-shirt.



Wait, Argos does clothes? No, you’ve not missed anything. They don’t sell clothes, but what they do sell is jewellery and they have an abundance of Harry Potter jewellery! As with the Sports Direct t-shirts it is the official merchandise, however, being able to pop into your local Argos (FYI for you non-Brits out there Argos stores are really common) and actually hold the product in your hand before buying is a luxury most geeks don’t usually get. There are loads and loads of bits available. I didn’t even pin every single item on the pinterest board as I would have been there all afternoon 😛 So what I did do was pin one of each design and from what I could see there’s at least two types of necklaces, a charm, a set of earrings and possibly a keyring for each design available.

These are my favourites from the bunch! 1. Ravenclaw Pendant, 2. Hedwig Necklace, 3. Love Potion Slider Charm, 4. Sorting Hat Earrings. 5. Sterling Silver Lightning Bolt Crystal Pendant (this bad boy is much more extravagant than the others and costs a mighty £59.99 compared to £9.99 for other pendants) and 6. Something a little different; Deathly Hallows Watch.



You know how the saying goes; saving the best for last and I have. When Primark launched their Harry Potter range everyone heard about it, geeks and all. It hit the papers, the national news, everything. I’d heard of it – as I said, it was difficult to miss – but due to illness I’d never actually seen it. Well now that Primark have updated their website I’ve seen it and woah, mumma. I can see why people went crazy. It is a thing of beauty. Now I just wish they would do it for every franchise! It was incredibly hard to just pick a handful of items for this post so I limited myself to six. Pretty much half the pinterest board is Primark stuff so head over there and check it out now!

They’ve got some nifty pyjama sets including this Hufflepuff Pyjama Set, Hufflepuff’s rejoice there’s a set dedicated just to you. It’s often the most overlooked house so it was nice to see them getting recognition! These Navy Harry Potter Pumps were among a few pairs of shoes I saw on Primark and they were the only store to have anything in the footwear category. They have a wide range of jewellery and accessories, including house sets like this Slytherin Jewellery Set and other themed ones like this Blue Potion Jewellery Set. And then there’s this super adorable Gryphon Keyring which I’m totally in love with! There’s a whole set of keyrings and badges of magical creatures/fantastic beasts in this style and they’re all so cute!


Over to You

Have you checked out Primark’s Harry Potter products in store? Do you own any?

What’s the best Harry Potter fashion item you’ve seen in a store? (UK high street store or otherwise!)

Do you look for Harry Potter items on the high street or only online?


Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to tell me what your favourite items are from this months Geek on the High Street!

Calling all Potterheads! Delve into the world of Hogwarts and find out what Harry Potter fashion is available on the UK high street right now.

Disney Fashion on the High Street!

Being a fan of Disney might not be something that most people consider to be necessarily geeky, however, in my experience being a fan of Disney fashion tends to be quite a geeky trait. I love Disney and would quite happily show off my Disney pride in any way I can. Unlike other franchises, Disney is pretty popular in UK high street stores as it’s consider to be something that most (if not all) women like so there was plenty to choose from. A lot of the time though it was sleepwear or underwear though; a not so subtle suggestion that women don’t want to wear these sorts of things? 😛 You’ll also notice a reoccurring theme or lack of theme, namely what retailers think are the most popular Disney characters so lots of the Mouses and Princes. I did managed to dig out a few other items and they are here in this post, so enjoy!

Check out the rest of the board below for more items!





As I said, sleepwear was a common theme and despite the connotation that women only want to be seen in Disney clothes in their bedroom, some of them are downright cute. Primark have finally updated their website (hurray!) to actually show products which means I can bring you these goodies. There’s the beautiful Aladdin Nightdress in a deep burgundy, followed by some pure cattitude from the Aristocats Marie Nightshirt, and finally this fantastic ‘I speak fluent Disney’ nightdress (it’s listed as a pajama top, it looks way too long to be a top to me) which I would LOVE as t-shirt.




Primark also have some really cute Pyjama sets in right now, and I loved the fact that they had a variety of characters as well! First up are a personal favourite of mine; Chip ‘n’ Dale. I used to love Rescue Rangers when I was a kid so every time I see anything with these guys on I’m super happy.  Next is an awesome set of Aladdin PJs featuring the genie, and then there’s a cute pair set of Thumper Pyjamas.




We’re finally getting to something you can show off in the day time 😉 Primark have some fabulous Disney socks right now including the ones featured here: Little Mermaid, Mrs Potts & Chip, Stitch and Disney Team.



Here are a few more ‘outgoing’ *wink* Disney items I found while exploring the Primark website. They have a nice range of caps, including these two; a Minnie Mouse cap complete with ears and a bow and a plainer Mickey Mouse one. This Mickey Mouse hoodie was one of the few non-sleepwear items I could find. And yes, I am aware that a cushion is not a fashion item – but this Lion King Hakuna Matata cushion is just so awesome! I had to include it and I want one so badly!



Sports Direct


Sports Direct still has some good stuff on offer, including some great Disney swimwear which considering the weather in the UK right now is right on point! Their Disney range includes these two great items which aren’t your usual run of the mill Disney. The Disney Princess swimwear set is dark and gothic, and the Swimming Costume features the often overlooked villains. There aren’t many t-shirts listed and this Disney Princess Rose T-Shirt (also available in pink) and Minnie and Mickey arguing T-Shirt were the only ones available.





Personally I’m not a big fan of Uniqlo as I find that their women’s t-shirts tend to be terribly unisex, however, they are the only UK high street store that goes out of it’s way to collaborate with geeky franchises. They did so with Disney and you view the whole collaboration here. I’ve chosen a few of my favourite pieces to show you here; Jasmine t-Shirt, The Little Mermaid t-shirt, Minnie and Daisy BFFs t-shirt,   Minnie and the sun t-shirt,   Mickey and the Sun shorts, and Mickey sweat long sleeve dress.



TK Maxx


I found some great T-Shirts over at TK Maxx including these Snow White and Cinderella ones which appear to be part of a series so check out the pinterest board for the others. It was great to see a Tinkerbell and Bambi t-shirt too instead of sleepwear for a change 😉



George at Asda



Last of all I bring you my best finds. George at Asda had some great Disney stuff and here are my favourites. I am absolutely in love with this Beauty and the Beast Squad Goals T-shirt! The colours and design of this Aladdin pyjama set is gorgeous, and then there’s two unique mouse designs; a red Minnie top and an ice cream Mickey t-shirt.

Over to You

I hope you enjoyed this months Geek on the High Street!

Have you seen something you need to add to your wardrobe asap?

Do you think that something’s overdone (princesses, mouses) or do you not mind, you just love Disney in any form?

What characters/movies do you wish designers featured more?

How do you feel about Disney usually being relegated to sleepwear?

Let me know in the comments, I always love to hear from you <3

Do you speak fluent Disney? Get your Disney Geek on with these awesome fashion items availble in UK high street stores! Includng Aladdin, Tinkerbell & more!

Star Wars Fashion on the High Street!

Geek on the High Street - Star Wars Day Edition!

May the 4th be with you! Happy Star Wars day to all my fellow Star Wars geeks! It seemed fitting that the first in the new Geek of the High Street series was dedicated to this day. Sadly though, I don’t have much to bring you. There is a distinct lack of anything Star Wars in most British high street stores directed at women. At best we get a few smatterings as seen in this post and the pinterest board, or unisex items. While menswear and kidswear (again primarily boys) are filled to the brim! Even my go to Sports Direct let me down this time. Maybe I’ve just timed it badly and it’s in between stock changes (I hope!) and not a sign of things to come.

I’m going to highlight a few of my favourite things, and then there is the pinterest board for you to browse at your leisure. The Star Wars board featured below is just one section of the bigger Geek of the High Street board so don’t forget to check out the whole board and follow it for your geeky fix!


Star Wars Icon denim jacket


First up is this gorgeous denim jacket from Gap. The Star Wars™ Icon denim jacket is originally priced at £69.95 but is currently down to £44.99 and is perfect for the coming summer months!


star wars rebel graphic joggers


Another item that caught my eye in Gap’s fab Star Wars Icon series is these quirky jogging bottoms that allow you to show your rebel pride while you work out or relax at home. There’s a matching top and even better? It’s also on sale, down from £44.95 to £21.99!



This Stormstrooper t-shirt has been given a bohemian make-over and would look great under your new denim jacket 😉 Find it in the sale at Sports Direct for £7.50.


star wars Rey force of nature boots

This may look like just an ordinary boot, however, it’s actually part of an awesome collaboration between Clarks and Star Wars. The Rey, women’s Nature Collection comes in three colours; Grey, Black and Sand (featured here). Each comes in a different colours that reflect the character and her outfits, and feature an exclusive Rey heel detail. They’re priced quite high at £95.00, but Clarks has a good reputation so these are worth the investment.


Star Wars BB-8 iPhone 7 Case


I am a sucker for cute Droid Star Wars phone cases (I’m currently rocking an R2-D2 one myself!) and this BB-8 iPhone 7 case  from TK Maxx is super cute and a bargain at £7.99!


Don't forget to check out the pinterest board for more items!


Pin this! Geek on the High Street - Star Wars Fashion!