Fred’s Box Minifigures Subscription Box Review

Fred's Box, subscription box for kids (and geeks!) Review

I have always wanted to receive a subscription box and so when the lovely team at Fred’s Box contacted me to offer me the chance to review one, I snapped up the chance! I had hoped to use this as a good excuse to begin my foray into the world of videos via an unboxing video, but sadly my body has decided not to comply with that request. I was good though! I sat on the closed box for a while before having to admit defeat and open it. I may still do a video after the fact, for now I hope you enjoy my review!


About Fred’s Box

So, a little introduction first to the product. Fred’s Box is a kid’s monthly subscription box, but as you can tell from me – aka an adult with no children (cats don’t count for this one!) – this is a box that is just as appealing to geeky adults because it is a box filled with minifigures! Yep, those little guys that fit on building blocks like Lego. I love these and have several keyring versions. There are 9 different versions of Fred’s Box so you can easily get one that works best for you! Small Fred’s Box contains 2 minifigures; Standard Fred’s Box contains 4 minifigures; Medium Fred’s Box contains 6 minifigures; Large Fred’s Box contains 10 minifigures; Party Fred’s Box contains 15 minifigures. There are also boxes available in genders; Fred’s box for boys, Lily’s for girls and Mojo for twins – I really like the fact that there’s a twins version. You also don’t have to pick a gendered one; you can go unisex, so if gendered toys is an issue for you this is one company that puts the option in your hands, as the parent, or your child’s.

Their customisation options go even further; they openly offer you the chance to discuss your box with them and ask for a theme. I was offered this chance and went with the first things that came to mind; Star Wars and comic book characters.


Every month we choose a different theme: from TV characters, to Superheroes and even Santa or the Easter Bunny. It’s not only the theme that changes each month, either – each month is unique, filled with a fresh batch of awesomeness!”


They offer you the chance to browse their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to see the full range of figures. Personally I’m holding back as I’d prefer to have it be a surprise if I get another box in the future. The prices are also very reasonable, starting £4.85 for 2 figures for a one off box. You can save a few pennies by going with a subscription for 3 months (for 2 figures) which is £14.50. Six months is £27.50 and a year is £54.00, bringing the price down each time with a yearly subscription coming in at £4.50 a month.


My Box

I was very happy to open my box and find out that Star Wars had been selected as my theme! The pre-mentioned keyrings are also Star Wars (and cat woman), and these are all brand new additions to my collection. The box was small enough to fit through my letter box, and the figures were snuggly wrapped in paper confetti – which is a good thing because my postman was not at all careful about slinging it through the post box! The paper confetti doesn’t look like much protection, however, because of the nature of the minifigures with their nooks and crannies, they actually catch in the paper and hold in place. I was able to tip the box up for photo #2 and the only thing that moved were the additional weapons.

Speaking of which; they were a nice additional touch! I didn’t expect to get little props with them, and was so excited to see that there was one that matched each figure – including a bow caster for Chewie! I also was really happy to see that there was such a mix; I’ve got two big characters (Chewie and Vader) from the original trilogy, and prequels, and then K-2SO from Rogue One (which I’ve still not seen, I know, total failure as a Star Wars geek!). The stormtrooper I’m not sure if he’s the newer edition from The Force Awakens or resembles the older ones from the OT – I’d have to hunt down some photos from the movies to actually check for sure. But the fact is, they have that much detail that I actually have to ask the question. From their helmets to the details on their chests, each figure is a wonderful miniature of much loved characters. K-2SO is a bit different from the others as he’s much thinner and his body doesn’t move as much, or come apart like the others (I may have accidentally pulled a few arms out and beheaded the stormie while trying to fit the weapons….).


Overall Opinion

I was really happy with the box! I had so much fun taking the photos of the individual figures, to the point where I have a distinct feeling you may see a photo shoot set around the house or outside with them in the future 😉 They are fantastic quality and the thought and effort that goes into putting each box together makes it really feel like someone cares about the box you receive – something that makes it even more magical, especially if you’re giving it to a child. The packaging was simple and effective, and I like that it fitted through the mailbox with ease (and survived my not-so-gentle postie bouncing it off the floor..). Sometimes you’re not able to make it to the door, or even be home, when a delivery is due so that is really useful. One thing is for sure; Fred’s box is addictive. These super cute minifigures make you want to have more! I’m thrilled to bits with my Star Wars ones, but now I want to know what else there is! It’s a little bit of magic sailing through your door every month, and whether you’re a kid or an adult, the wonder of what could be hiding in your box this time is huge.


Pinterest Competition

Fred’s Box currently have a competition going on over on their Pinterest account until the end of May. So go check it out, get pinning and good luck! If you win or decide to get a box let me know what you get!


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about something I’ve not covered let me know in the comments!

February Movie Roundup

February Movies Roundup

This month I watched a hell of a lot more movies than I normally do which was a combination of several factors; DVDs from Christmas, DVDs from my fiancé’s birthday, feeling awful due to a lovely chest infection and finally, drowning out the noise from our neighbours. The later not only gives me migraines, but also makes me really irritable. I think I now know why I’m so sensitive to it, so that’s a plus and a future blog post in itself, however, the movie thing is working. So here’s a run down on what I’ve watched this month and my thoughts on them. (Please note – This post contains affiliate links.)


Total Recall

I’m a big Arnie fan so I’ve seen the original a few times, and like with any reboot I wasn’t sure how this would turn out. I actually really enjoyed it. I’m a bit Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel fan so having those two as the leading ladies was great. Plus watching Kate Beckinsale switch accents and go pretty damn psycho was fantastic to watch.


Star Trek Beyond

I had mixed feelings about this one, and I think Chris summed it up when we got to the end of the film; “It felt like a TV episode”. It was good, don’t get me wrong, it just felt like an extended episode rather than a movie. Enjoyable, and interesting to see other characters have a bigger role, but ultimately felt a bit off. It was also very bittersweet watching Anton Yelchin 🙁


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

A random movie to keep my mind off the noise, this turned out to be very clever and well written. It had a great amount of British actors in it, which is a plus to me. However, it was a little bit predictable. Normally with spy/thriller movies I’m in the dark until the reveal happens, and this time I knew who it was. It was still very enjoyable to watch and I recommend it.



I’m pretty sure this movie got trashed by the critics, however, since it came out I’ve wanted to see it. I’ve liked Taylor Kitsch as an actor since seeing him in The Covenant so I was curious to see him in this. I can’t explain what attracted me to it, just various elements that seemed intriguing and I did enjoy it. Is it the best film ever? No, but I tend to like films on whether I enjoy them. I was honestly surprised to see that Rihanna can actually act, and wasn’t just there as a token character. The film includes other actors such as Alexander Skarsgård, Liam Neeson and Brooklyn Decker and has some touching moments regarding Pearl Harbour and Veterans. Over all it’s a fun sci fi romp.


Edge of Tomorrow

I’ll start by saying that I am not a huge Tom Cruise fan, never have been, and after the whole Scientology thing my interest him declined further. I tend to avoid his movies unless something else interests me about them, in this case it was his co-star Emily Blunt who I always enjoy in films. This is a very complex and emotional sci fi film, and it does hit right to the heart at several points. I like the ideas behind the aliens and the concepts, it’s very clever and for that alone worth a watch. Plus, there is something highly amusing with watching Tom Cruise get killed over and over again. Emily Blunt is on top form as a tough takes-no-prisoners female soldier.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

I LOVE these remakes. The first film was amazing and the second was great too. I grew up with TMNT and I can’t put into words how spot on these films have got it. I like Megan Fox as April, and as an Arrow fan it was fantastic to see Stephen Amell as Casey Jones. These films are a great homage to part of my childhood and can’t wait for more.



As part of my 2017 geeky goals I’m trying to watch films by certain actors and Harrison Ford is one of those. I’m a big fan of him but there’s some gaps in my watch list. Liam Hemsworth plays the lead character alongside Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman as big corporate enemies, with Amber Heard as a sassy love interest. All give fantastic performances, but the older cast outshines the younger one massively. Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford are on top form and are damn right scary at times.



Don’t watch this film if you’re wanting something as background noise. It’s a mind bender and a half! The premise of the film is to ask the question of what would happen if a human could use 100% of their brain. Insert a lot of philosophy, science and special effects. It was an enjoyable watch which left me with many questions.


Deja Vu

An older film that I’ve had my eye on since it’s release, we picked it up in a charity shop last summer. Like Lucy there are some head hurting moments, and a whole lot of heart wrenching ones too. It’s an action thriller with Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer and the delightful Paula Patton.


Suicide Squad

I’ll start off by saying that I’ve not read any of the comics, and so my knowledge of many of these characters were limited. I know Deadshot from Arrow, and Harley from well… who doesn’t know Harley Quinn?! The Joker was probably the only character I’d say I know relatively well. I really enjoyed it. Yes, it got totally trashed by fans and critics alike but I liked it. I wasn’t sure about Will Smith as Deadshot, but as the story unfolded I found that he was a good fit for the role. I totally did NOT recognise Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, was pleasantly surprised by Cara Delevingne and may be just a little bit in love with Margot Robbie 😛 I liked the introduction to the bad guys using the DC heroes, and the tiny snapshot of The Flash made me wonder if Ezra Miller might not be so bad.


Ghostbusters (2016)

I was ready to love this, ready to have the feminist in me applaud it… and it failed miserably. It tried too hard to be wacky, and there were just so many stupid moments. I don’t do stupid funny. I do witty funny. It was hilarious at points, don’t get me wrong, but when you’re watching an all female led movie and you think the male co-star was the best? Yeah something went very wrong there. Chris Hemsworth stole the show, not because he was a guy, just because he was the better actor. I loved the cameos from the original actors more than anything. Sorry, originals 1, reboot 0.


Jungle Book

I’m not a Jungle Book fan, never have been. I love Disney and I can’t even remember the Jungle Book movie apart from 1-2 songs (the second I remembered during this film). After watching this I’m still not a big fan, however, this film isn’t about the Jungle Book story. It’s about the acting of the super talented 13 year old kid, Neel Sethi, who plays Mowgli. I had to check out how it was made after watching it, and the whole thing is CGI. Award winning actors voiced the animal characters, but they didn’t crawl around on all fours for the kid to act alongside. He had props and people in the CGI get up to bounce off, but still, that is amazing for a guy his age. I can’t wait to see him grow into an even more amazing actor. And oh my, the CGI. It is incredible. Really beautiful and so detailed.


Central Intelligence

If you love buddy cop movies like Beverly Hills Cop, Lethal Weapon and Rush Hour you will LOVE this. I have not laughed so hard at a movie in so long. It was brilliant, and Dwayne Johnson wearing a unicorn t-shirt and a fanny pack? Oh my. It is not to be missed. The movie is based on a former bully victim (Dwayne Johnson) who grows up to be a kickass CIA agent, and ropes in someone from his old high school in a thrilling espionage mess. Yes, mess. Kevin Hart plays the other part of this duo and the chemistry is hilarious. Seriously, go watch it.


The Legends of Tarzan

After watching Suicide Squad and Battleship this moved up my list as I wanted to see more Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgård. Unlike most Tarzan films, this picks up AFTER meeting Jane and leaving the Jungle – which I was very glad about because the whole Tarzan meets Jane thing has been so overdone. Tarzan, now Lord John, heads back to the Jungle with Jane and gets into a load of trouble. The plot is predictable, however, it has some great acting and the animal scenes are amazing and poignant. Samuel L Jackson is in there as a gun-totting American who provides some comic relief, and overall it is a very beautiful and fun film. As an animal lover though it is the scenes watching Tarzan meeting his animal friends again and rekindling those relationships that stole my heart.


Have you seen any of these? What did you think? I’m taking movie recommendations, especially any available on UK Netflix and Amazon Prime so let me know you’re suggestions <3


Rose Gold Heart Bracelet Review

rose gold bracelet

After my post showing you the treasures of my Jewellery box I was offered a chance by The Lifestyle Blogger UK to receive and review one of their products. They are a UK based beauty and lifestyle blogger fashion boutique and I have to say guys, choosing from the selection I saw was not easy! They have some beautiful pieces of jewellery and lovely coloured scarves – and I’m not a scarf kinda girl yet I wanted them all! Like many I’ve been really attracted to rose gold and so I went for this lovely heart rose gold bracelet.




As you can see from the close up photo each heart has a texture design. It looks really rough and at first glance it looks as though it could irritate your skin. I’m a fan of chip-stone bracelets, bracelets literally made of unrefined and non-shaped chips of crystal so it’s something I am used to. However, when I put this bracelet on I couldn’t feel any textures. The grooves are very subtle and don’t press into your skin at all.



Holding it in my hand, the bracelet has a little bit of weight to it. However, once I put it on the weight wasn’t noticeable. It doesn’t feel any heavier or different from other bracelets I wear. One aspect of the design I particularly like is that it’s on elastic, it doesn’t have a clasp. As someone with a disability that effects my joints clasps can be particularly tricky for me and most of my items with clasps I have to get my fiancé to fasten for me. Plus, being stretchy means that you can style this item differently;



Here you can see the bracelet nestled amongst a few of my beloved chip stone bracelets, adding a bit of extra sparkle! I chose complimentary colours in pink (rose quarts) and yellow (yellow calcite and citrine), however, you could jazz things up a bit with some bolder colours or contrasting colours such as purples and blues. Stretchy bracelets are also awesome duplicates for hair ties! I have very thick hair so I am always breaking hair ties at the most inconvenient of times and usually don’t have a spare with me. I’ve often swapped a bracelet in for a hair tie, and I can totally see this one being used to add a touch of sparkle or elegance to a ponytail or bun.












The lovely thing about rose gold is that it goes with many different colours. As you can see from these photos it looks stunning as an addition to a dark ensemble, such as a little black dress, and also with bright colours ready for spring and summer!







I hope you enjoyed this review! I am looking forward to taking this beautiful bracelet with me to the Sci Fi & Fantasy Weekender at the end of March and teaming it up with other accessories for the masquerade ball.





Scrub Love Mint Temptation Review

Scrub Love Mint Temptation Review



The lovely Scrub Love UK team sent me one of their products to review. If you’ve read some of my other beauty posts you’ll know I’m a massive fan of scrubs (face or body) so I snapped up the chance to try out this one. I’ve never tried a coffee scrub before, or a dry scrub, so it was a new experience for me.


The Products

Scrub Love comes in 3 different flavours; Original Lovin’, Coconut Affair and Mint Temptation. My sample was Mint Temptation which I was really happy about as mint is always super refreshing and it has tea tree in it, which is again one of my favourite products as it’s a natural soother. So, their website describes the scrubs as; “Body scrubs made from 100% natural ingredients that will banish blemishes then target acne, stretch marks, cellulite and anything else you throw at them – to give you a gorgeous glow.” The Mint Temptation one contains peppermint oil, tea tree oil, dead sea salt (awesome for scrubs!), argon oil and aloe vera as well. So yes, I was a happy girlie after reading these (they’re described on the back of the pack so you know exactly what you’re getting) and couldn’t wait to try it.


scrub2   scrub2b



Smell & Texture

I’ll be honest; I was a little bit nervous about trying it because as I said, this was something new to me. As I was in the middle of my resit exams and assignment I decided to do a wee skin test first so I could see what it looked like and also make sure I didn’t react to it. This was more my own paranoia than anything, I don’t react to most things but then again I’ve never smothered coffee all over my body either! I’m also very short sighted so I wanted to get a look at it before I took my glasses off, had my shower and freaked out at what came out the packet because I couldn’t see it properly 😉


scrub3 scrub4


It reminded me more of dirt than coffee (apart from the smell, there’s definitely no hiding that!). It is a bit weird putting it all over your body when you’re supposed to be making yourself look cleaner. However, it’s a bit like charcoal if you’ve seen/used that before. You make yourself look kind of muddy and then wash it off, ta da!


Despite looking like it would irritate your skin, or make you itchy (I get very itchy at the slightest thing on my skin), it doesn’t feel that bad. It is a very fine texture, not at all lumpy and doesn’t really stick until you add a bit of water to the mix in a shower/bath. It smells very strongly of coffee in this form, however, afterwards all I could smell was peppermint and tea tree. I suffer from rhinitus and was having terrible sinus pressure at the time, and this really did clear that up! So not only are you doing something great for your skin, you’re also helping your body with the aromatherapy aspect of all those wonderful oils.



The feeling of the soft glowy skin that they promise was pretty much instantaneous. After I washed off the scrub I felt so so clean and fresh. I did use a shower gel afterwards just to help clean off any lingering bits of the scrub lurking, but I probably didn’t need to. I felt as fresh as a daisy, and the vapours from the scrub are really energising too! The website suggests using it several times a week, so it doesn’t surprise me that after about 24 hours my skin felt less moisturised. However, a few days later it still felt pretty damn good. I suffer from Dermatillomania, compulsive skin picking, and acne and my skin looks much better than it did on my arms. The scrub has helped clean out some of the icky stuff and refreshed the skin, with the aloe vera and tea tree helping to soothe it. It will be interesting to see how it goes with more frequent use.


Would I use it again?

Yes! I am already drooling over the thought of the Coconut Affair flavour! There was nothing about this product that didn’t do what it claimed to do, and as I said, the effect was pretty quick to see. Before I’d even stepped out the shower I felt so much better. I wasn’t sure it I could use it on my face, so I didn’t, yet my face felt great too. The steam and vapours did their magic, so I’m really curious to see how it works on my face.


A few extra notes

I do want to mention a few downsides to this product, which are relatively small in my opinion. Firstly, it is messy! I’m very messy and clumsy anyway, and have a habit of throwing things every where in a shower 😛 It’s a dry scrub, and if you’re familar with those you probably knew this already. I know from my experience with wet scrubs that they can be a tad messy, so again, not really a shocker. As long as you’re prepared to clean your shower/bath out, it’s not an issue. If you share the bathroom with other people it might be a problem, which brings me on to number 2…

It smells very very strongly. I have quite a sensitive nose, and the combination of peppermint, tea tree and coffee was strong but bearable. I know people who would have had to avoid the bathroom because their nose is so sensitive. So again, if you share the bathroom with other people be aware of this because it could cause some issues.

From a disabled point of view the pouch looks difficult to open; I have problems with my fingers and hands, and sometimes resealable pouches, like grated cheese, are a monster to open. I was very pleased to find that I didn’t have to struggle at all and it came open easily. One thing I will suggest though if you’re clumsy or have mobility issues with your hands is watch out for where you place it. The pouch is great to getting in there and scooping it out with your fingers, and controlling how much you use – the downside is that it isn’t always that sturdy. I had mine flop over a few times and had to desperately dash for it to save it from the incoming water. It might very well be worth investing in a seal-able air tight container if you have a lot of trouble with issues like this.





Garnier Ultimate Blends Body Lotion & Balm Review

Garnier ultimate blends review


I received these two Garnier Ultimate Blends products as part of a campaign on Bzz Agent and have been using them constantly over the last few months – and not solely because I wanted to give them an honest review. I fell in love with this product because it managed to do something that many products have failed. So read on about my experiences and feel free to ask any questions in the comments 🙂

The Products

I was given two products from the Delicate Oat line of Garnier Ultimate Blends which is designed for dry and sensitive skin. One was a Soothing Hydrating Lotion for the whole family and the other was Face & Body Multi-Purpose Soothing Balm for fragile and sensitive areas. The body lotion comes with a pump action that at first I found to be a bit of a pest; if you pushed the pump down fully it gave a massive amount of lotion, which was great for covering a massive area but if you just wanted some for your hands it was way too much. However, I got into the habit of just pumping it half way down and voilà perfect amount for hands. Unfortunately our family consists of just me and my fiancé, so I was unable to test it on various different generations. My skin is quite dry and it can be sensitive, and I had no bad reactions to the product at all.

The soothing balm comes in a smaller round tub and honestly, I expected it to run out pretty quick. I still have loads of it left. You really don’t need to use a lot even if you’re covering a big area.



Smell & Texture

I love the small of oats, and almonds, which is why I chose this one over the other products and it didn’t disappoint. However, if you hate that sort of smell this isn’t for you. It has a smell that lingers, which isn’t overpowering in my opinion and I personally liked it. Texture wise I felt that both products were of equal consistency for what they aim to do. The Body lotion is a lot lighter and spreads really easily, while the soothing balm is a much thicker consistency as you’d expect from a product aimed at targeting specific areas/problems. Both are very soft and smooth and it absorbs nicely.



Now the important question; did it actually make a difference? Yes! I have some patches of persistent very dry skin that just would not get better. I’d tried my normal staple products from Body Shop’s Cocoa Butter line and Vaseline Intensive Care range and nada. Didn’t even scratch the surface. Then I started trying this and oh wow, after one day the difference was amazing. The rough patch of skin was gone, it was now silky smooth and I couldn’t tell there had been any dryness there at all. Even better; it lasted. I’ve been using it every week now after my showers and it’s really made a difference.

Overall, my skin has been more rejuvenated and much softer. The only time these products let me down was using the Soothing Balm on my face. It is very thick, and I just felt that it didn’t make any difference to my face at all. I will say that this is more a particular of my own facial skin rather than a negative mark against the product as my face seems to react better to light weight moisturiser and the Soothing Balm is the total opposite of light weight. So for some people it might work brilliantly, for me it didn’t work on my face at all.


Would I use it again?

Most definitely yes and I am going to mourn my two wonderful review products when they run out. This is just one of the whole range, so if this doesn’t sound your cup of tea I’d suggest trying some of the others. There’s Honey Treasures which is for ‘very dry skin’ which I’m curious to see in comparison to the one I reviewed. I mean, if this made my dry skin turn into super duper lovely skin, what magical powers does the one for dry skin have? Likewise there’s Mythic Olive which is for dry skin and includes a moisturising oil. I’m not sure how much I’d like that as to me oil equates to slimy. Then for normal skin there is the Marvellous Oil range which uses camellia and argan oil.