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I offer free hosting for your blog at one of my domains, as a sub-domain ( / ) or as a domain name that you have bought yourself. There are a some rules and requirements that are listed below, but otherwise, yes this is totally free of charge. Free hosting is ideal for people who want to make the move to self-hosting but are unfamiliar with website hosting or are unable to afford website hosting.


What’s included

  • Unlimited space & bandwidth (within reason)
  • WordPress installation (please note; this is just the installation, upkeep and editing is your responsibility)
  • Up to 5 email accounts via Gmail
  • PHP & Mysql
  • Hosting for your own domain
  • Hosing on a sub-domain at one of the following domains:



1 – To apply for hosting you need to be at least 18 years old.

2 – Your blog needs to be at least 6 months old and have been active during that period.

3 – You need to be able to manage, edit and update your blog after the initial wordpress installation process. This includes exporting your posts from to your new self-hosted blog. There is a tutorial for that right here.

4 – The focus of your blog can be anything, however, I have the right to refuse to host blogs that focus primarily on religion, prejudice, politics or hate.

5 – Likewise, your host (me) is an openly disabled bisexual pagan geek. I’m not going to look too kindly on anyone who has any issues with any of that.

6 – You are required to give me a method to contact you directly at all times in case of any issues. This can be an email account or social media account, whichever is easiest for you. If it is a social media account you must be prepared to add me as a friend so that I can contact you in an emergency. You can always update your contact options, however, loss of contact may mean your hosting will be frozen.

7 – Your blog must be for non-profit purposes (please see rule #11 regarding affiliate schemes and sponsored content). This means I am unable to host anyone wishing to sell their services or wares.



Please note; these are non-negotiable. If you are unable to or unhappy with complying with any of these rules then please do not apply for hosting.

1 – While this is free hosting, you are expected to link back to this blog on your index page/side bar at all times. This is a non-negotiable rule of hosting and this link must be present at all times. You must use one of the banners located here and may not re-size it. Don’t worry; this rule is not going to be exploited for my own gain – you won’t suddenly be expected to promote me or my blog to keep your hosting. One banner, linking back to me, on your site at all times. That is it.

2 – Domain names are not offered with this hosting, if you wish to purchase your own domain name I recommend using Namecheap.

3 – I only offer the initial installation of wordpress, I am unable to offer any other help. This includes help with plugins, setting up your blog, using themes, or anything else related to your blog. I am not a help guru or an expert, everything I’ve learned has been as I go and I’m still learning.

4 – The only customer service provided is for problems related directly to hosting, that require my assistance or action as host.

5 – Hot-linking, copying/stealing ideas or graphics, prejudice of any kind, illegal activities etc. is not allowed on any blog hosted. I also take drama, bullying and harassment claims very seriously and this behaviour will not be tolerated.

6 – Adult content is acceptable provided it is clearly labeled.

7 – Although hostees have unlimited space and bandwidth, it is expected that all hostees do not abuse this by hosting large audio or video files.

8 – You are required to active and use the wordpress software automatic update feature. This is for security and helps protect everyone.

9 – In addition to this, you are responsible to keep all plugins and themes updated.

10 – All hostees are responsible for keeping their blog active. Regular activity checks will be held and any blog that has not been updated in 3 months will be subject to removal – if you are unable to update your blog for any reason you must let me know.

11 – You may join affiliate schemes, such as Amazon Affiliates and affiliate window, however, you should not be offering paid advertising spots to other bloggers or being paid for content. Receiving free products to review, or posting sponsored posts is fine provided you’re not receiving payment for it. I’m offering free hosting to you, and while I understand the need to get your blog off the ground and make some income, I’m not willing for you to free load off of me entirely. If you’re not sure if something is allowed please discuss it with me first.

12 – Hosting by me does not come with an automatic membership into my life. We may become friends, and that is great, however, I ask that you respect my privacy and do not expect any special treatment. This includes expecting me to help promote your blog or your content. Likewise, I do not expect anything from you other than following these rules. If you choose to comment on my blog, or promote my content then that is your choice but do not expect it to reflect an way on your hosting. This is a business arrangement only.


My promise to You

As your host I promise the following to you:

  • I will abide by my own rules, and provide what is offered.
  • I will always have an open dialogue with you if there are any issues or problems with your hosting.
  • I will attempt to contact you multiple times to remedy any issues that may occur, and will not blindly delete your blog.
  • If your hosting account violates any of the rules and is not remedied within the time agreed, your blog will be frozen. I will keep a copy of your files for 3 months before permanently deleting them.
  • Any changes to hosting rules will be communicated to you, and will not be for any self gain. They will be for legitimate problems, such as security issues.
  • I will not have any access to your blog control panel, nor will I attempt to access it.
  • I will have no control over anything you post, and everything you post belongs to you.


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