Sponsored Posts

I do  accept offers for sponsored posts; posts that are sponsored by a company and provide a link back to their website. Any sponsored content found on this blogged is tagged as sponsored and is written by me, in my own words. While I am happy to include agreed upon keywords, I won’t be posting anything that has been dictated to me. I will not accept offers to post content or articles written by others, and please be aware that a sponsored post is not the same as a guest post. I do require compensation in return for sponsored posts, and accept offers on this. I reserve the right to accept the compensation of my choice, and please be aware that this may vary from post to post.

Please note; I am a disabled blogger which means my health conditions do play a big part in when I can get posts out. I work best with a month or more to get things together, so short term deadlines like one week are quite difficult for me. Again, this is something that can be discussed so if you have an idea for a sponsored post that you think really suits my blog and audience please talk to me about it.



Here are examples of previously completed sponsored posts: