Green Photo Challenge [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Fandom Friday - Green Photo challenge

Happy St Patrick’s day everyone! Unsurprisingly this weeks prompt is a little green 😉 For my green photo challenge I decided to stick to geeky/fandom related items so here’s 5 photos of geeky stuff I own.


Green Photo Challenge - Books


I’ve read all of these but one (can you guess which? 😉 ) and recommend them all. Have you read any of these?



Green Photo Challenge - Plushies


My Naughty Nessie plushie alongside my 1980s Good Luck Bear Care Bear plushie and finally my Tatty Teddy frog costume plushie.


Green Photo Challenge - Movies


A selection of green movie DVDs (and one bluray) from our movie collection featuring some comic book films (Suicide Squad, Green Lantern and Hulk), and some animated and childhood loves (Space Jam, Shrek Forever After, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, and the Princess the Frog).


Green Photo Challenge - TV Box Sets


I then raided our TV Boxset collection to serve up this mish-mash of genres featuring Red Dward, House, Lost and Buffy.




Green Photo Challenge - PC Games


Despite having video games for PC and three different consoles, there were only these two that fit the green criteria. Have you played them?


I hope you enjoyed this quick peek into my geeky and fandom items 🙂



Disney Songs that Rock My Socks

Geek Blogs Unite: Disney Theme - Favourite Disney Songs

I’m taking part in Geek Blogs Unite themed topic about the Happiest Place on Earth, Disney! The plan was to spread two posts out across the theme period, and now with two days to go I’m just getting the first one done. Stomach bugs are evil 🙁 I’m still not feeling great so instead of going as in depth as I wanted to, I’m just going to share my favourite disney songs rather than try to explain why I love them so much. I decided to choose one per movie, otherwise we’d be here all night. So these aren’t even a full list. You can check out what I listen to regularly over at my Disney spotify list!

The music of Disney is one of the biggest parts of why I love Disney movies so much, and if you love Disney too then you probably don’t need me to tell you why these songs rock my socks.Enjoy!



The Little Mermaid

The Lion King

The Lion King 2

Beauty and the Beast







Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Robin Hood




The Princess and the Frog




Disney TV Show Theme Songs

I grew up in the 80s/90s and there are several catchy Disney theme songs from shows that I still get stuck in my head years later. These themes are unique and still rock many years later. And yes, I still know all the words to them 😉





And something special for you to save for Christmas:

 I will say a word about this one 😉 I still have this on VHS at my parents house. I loved this and still do, and last Christmas I looked it up and youtube and low and behold, it’s there! This brings back so many memories for me as I used to watch it every Christmas as a kid.

Wow that was hard! Could you narrow it down to one song per movie? I had to change a few around, and had to force myself to stick to my own rule. It’s not easy!

Favourite Geeky Coffee Mugs

5 Fandom Friday - geeky coffee mugs

This weeks prompt is a special one to celebrate the birthday of one of the 5 Fandom Friday creators, Megan at The Nerdy Girlie. Happy birthday Megan! Unfortunately, I had to tweak the prompt a bit as I don’t visit coffee shops much. I wanted to keep with the coffee theme to honour Megan so I’m sharing my favourite geeky coffee mugs!

Please note – this post contains affiliate links.


Trolls dress up mug

Troll Dress Up Mug

I spotted this in a store last year and geeked out about it; Chris was not impressed. I loved trolls when I was a kid and the idea of being able to play dress up on my mug? Awesome. ((Image Credits –






R2-D2 Mug

There are loads of Star Wars themed mugs around, including some cute Funko Pop ones, so I had a hunt and my personal choice is this R2-D2 mug. I love that it is the shape of the droid and that his domed top covers the mug. I’m really accident prone so having a top on my mug is probably a good safety feature 😉 ((Image Credit – Pricerighthome))








Marauders map mug

Marauder’s Map Mug

Colour changing mugs are becoming a thing, and Morphing Mugs has a whole range of them. It’s this Marauder’s Map mug though that remains my favourite because of how the map itself works. The map appears blank until it’s activated and the mug mimics that feature with the temperature change. ((Image Credits –






naughty nessies mug


Naughty Nessies Mug

I have been in love with the Naughty Nessies range since I found it, and this is my daily go to mug. I love how quirky and cute it is, and reading the ‘Nessies’ always makes me smile. ((Image Credits –





Little Miss Blogger mug


 Little Miss Blogger

Truffle Shuffle have so many awesome geeky, retro and 80s mugs that it was becoming seriously impossible to pick just one – and then I spotted this Little Miss Blogger mug! Of course it had to go in this list! ((Image Credits – Truffle





Do you have any geeky mugs to share? Let me know in the comments!


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