Womances Redux [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Fandom Friday - Womances Redux

5fandomfridaySo, it turns out that I screwed up this Fandom 5 and as this weeks is a make-up one (aka do one you missed previously) I decided to redo this one. I didn’t realise womance was the equivalent of bromance and therefore pertained to friendship not actual romance. So here are my top 5 female friendships.


jaimeeveJaime: “It keeps me toned.”

Eve: “So does kickboxing. And it’s a damned sight more practical too. Some guy jumps you in an alley, what are you going to do? Assume the lotus position?”

I absolutely love this series of novels by Kelley Armstrong, but the one womance that stands out is Eve and Jaime. I don’t want to give any spoilers, so all I’m going to say is that these two are forced together through a set of circumstances and aren’t anything alike. There’s no way they’d have become friends otherwise. But their friendship? It is so strong and it is hilarious at so many points.





Tamsin: What’s so great about Kenzi, anyway?
Bo: She’s, uh… She’s Kenzi. She’s smart and honest and kind. And she makes me feel normal. And special- all at the same time.
Tamsin: Oh.
Bo: She is my heart, Tamsin.

Kenzi is with Bo from the start of the show, throughout the whole omg-I’m-not-human-I-can-kill-people-with-a-kiss revelation. They’d only just met and Kenzi could have quite easily ran a mile. Instead they formed a bond, a true friendship that transcended the human-fae boundary. Most of the fae considered Kenzi to be Bo’s pet, something that annoyed both of them, but Kenzi continued to excel in her sidekick duties and went beyond the call of duty (I’ve yet to watch Season 5, so no spoilers please!). The best thing about their friendship is how down to earth and utterly ridiculously hilarious it is at times. They banter, they mock one another, they gossip and share the same thoughts – just like real best friends do.




Willow: The other night, y’know being captured and all, facing off with Faith… Things just – kinda got clear. I mean, you’ve been fighting evil here for three years and I’ve helped some. And now we’re supposed to decide what we want to do with our lives. And I just realized that’s what I want to do. Fight evil, help people. I mean, I-I think it’s worth doing. And I don’t think you do it because you have to. It’s a good fight, Buffy, and I want in.

Picking a quote for this one was super hard (and made me want to watch Buffy for the millionth time!) but I chose this one in the end because super smart Willow chose to stay in Sunnydale and help her best friend fight. Knowing that Buffy, as a slayer, would be fighting until the day she died, not to mention that slayers have a very short life span. There are people out there that would have fun a mile at the prospect of their friend dying, or them dying as a result of being involved in the life of a slayer. Not Willow, instead she signs up for full time scooby gang membership. In the show Buffy’s long reign as a slayer is attributed to her having friends and family to support her. Willow is a big part of that, and it’s one of the things that makes Willow’s turn to the dark side even more tragic for me; she knows Buffy will fight her because that is what she does, she makes the hard decisions. But her agony over Tara’s death is just too much to bear, too much for anyone to bear, including her best friends. Willow is just one aspect of the scooby gang, but she’s Buffy’s closest female friend and when they head off to college you especially notice just how important having that girl pal is for young women as they grow into adulthood.

These guys are strong, been through hell several times, saved the world more times than you can count and are still goofy with one another. I learned so much from this show and so many Buffy/Willow quotes live with me as I go through life, none more so than Willow’s “love makes you do the whacky” – which honestly, I think every young woman needs to be told by their best friend at least once.




Chloe Sullivan: Look, and Lois even made her world famous rum cake for you.
Lois Lane: From scratch.
Clark Kent: (looks at the slanted cake) Oh. I never would’ve guessed.
Chloe Sullivan: You should’ve seen the first two.

It has been a while since I watched Smallville but straight away these two cousins popped up. They had to go on this list. However, it has been so long and with 10 seasons of it, finding a quote took me ages. There’s probably better ones out there but I ran out of time to find one. Anyway, to this day Smallville’s Lois Lane is my favourite version, and her relationship with Chloe is so great. They’re more like sisters than cousins and that means they’re not afraid to tell the other one when they’re being an idiot. They know each other inside out and have an incredibly strong bond.





Nell: I analyzed him the best that I could, but… yeah, I was wrong.
Hetty: Well, Intelligence only takes us so far.
Nell: Why is that?
Hetty: We’re human. We’re too mercurial to ever really be known.
Nell: Hm. Hettie, as an intelligence analyst, not exactly encouraging.
Hetty: Well, I’m not suggesting that it is. It’s a reminder. Our work is never done.

If you’ve never watched NCIS: Los Angeles then the first thing I need to tell you is Hetty is described by one of the other characters as probably being “the master of the universe”. She has her fingers in every pie, even the ones no one knows exists and nothing gets past her. She frequently takes people under her wing, and Nell is no exception. But unlike the other characters, such as Callen and Kensi, Nell is shaping up as Hetty’s protege and at times it is scary how much they think alike. Nell has a relationship with Hetty unlike anyone else and she has her respect despite being so much younger and less experienced.


Honorable Mentions

Bones – Angela/Brennan

Castle – Kate/Lanie

Crossing Jordan – Jordan/Lily

World of Warcraft – Tyrande/Shandris


5 Womances I Ship [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Fandom Friday - Womances

Womances is a new one on me; it means as you can probably work out a woman and woman romance. [EDIT – Turns out I had that one wrong; womance is the equivalent of bromance, so it doesn’t need to be romantic at all. In the future I might do my favourite womances, which will take much much longer to narrow down to five. For now though enjoy!]  As a libra I’m a hopeless romantic and I believe love is love. So here are my favourite womances!


botamsinBo/Tamsin from Lost Girl

Tamsin: Your heart is both strong and gentle. You’re virtuous. Yet you’re a Succubus. You shouldn’t be.

Bo: Be what?

Tamsin: Be real. Be here.

Lost girl is the treasure chest of female/female relationships, but it is Bo and Tamsin that is my favourite of all. Despite being a Valkyrie, a deadly ancient warrior fey, she is so vulnerable. The exchange I quoted above was so raw, so real and their relationship is as healing as it is passionate.

[Spoilers – I’ve yet to watch season 5 so no spoilers please!]




Sara/Nyssa from DC Universe

Laurel Lance: Can you remember the sound of Sara’s laugh?

Nyssa al Ghul: When Sara was first brought to my father, the moment he weighed her apprenticeship or her execution, she bore witness to a demonstration of his power, one that inspired her and all that come before, but Sara… laughed. It was so innocent, so genuine. That was the moment I fell in love with her, I think. All I knew, all I craved was to her laugh once more.

I love this relationship but only know it from Arrow, and would love to learn more about it from the comics. There is something just so special and tender about this couple.

[spoiler title=’Arrow Spoiler’ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]When Sara dies, Nyssa’s pain was absolutely heartbreaking. Sara showed Nyssa a part of life that she had never ever experienced. Was she Nyssa’s salvation? I honestly don’t know because Nyssa’s still an assassin, but life isn’t that black and white and I don’t think being saved necessarily means becoming a good girl. Emotionally, I think Sara and Nyssa helped each other.[/spoiler]

[Spoilers – I’ve yet to watch season 4 of Arrow or Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow so no spoilers please!]



tara-and-willowWillow/Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Willow Those guys are checking you out.
:  What?  W-what are they looking at?
:  The hotness that is you, doofus.
Those boys really thought I was hot?
:  Oh my god.  I’m cured!  I want the boys!
*She starts to go after the guys, but Willow pulls her back*.

Do I have to fight to keep you.  ‘Cause I’m not large with the butch.
:  I’m just not used to that.  They – they were really looking at me?
:  And you can’t imagine what they see in you?
:  I know exactly what they see in me.  You.

These guys were probably my first introduction to same-sex relationships when I was growing up. Their relationship was beautiful and pure, with both girls growing because of the other. When Tara was murdered (no spoiler tag because this is very old news) Willow literally tore the world apart because the pain was too much to bear. Tara was her one true love, and even though she had other relationships Tara was never forgotten.


Myka/H.G Wells from Warehouse 13

Helena: “How do you say goodbye to the one person who knows you better than anyone else?”

Myka: “I wish I knew.”

This relationship isn’t canon but it kinda is and the actresses that play Myka and HG have played it up and supported it on numerous occasions (see here for more info). From the first moment these two got together it was clear there was chemistry. They’re two very intelligent sassy women who kick ass, together they’re even more dangerous. Myka is the only one who is able to talk Helena down from doing something really really bad. She understands her pain and never gives up believing that Helena is a good person underneath some bad decisions.


Phèdre and Melisande Shahrizai from the Kushiel Legacy series

by Jacqueline Carey

“The Night Court taught me to serve, and Delaunay taught me to think; but from Melisande Shahrizai, I learned how to hate.”

This is most definitely the most complicated and non-conservative relationship on the list. Melisande contracts the time of the lovely courtesan Phèdre several times, most notable at a ball for the Longest Night celebration. As the quote above shows, the relationship between these two women was one that highlights the small line between love and hate. It is one of passion, of desire, secrecy and betrayal. There is so much more to their relationship, and I seriously cannot recommend this series highly enough. Even just writing this little commentary I find myself wanting to re-read the series for the umpteenth time.



Honourable mentions

Mulan/Aurora from Once Upon a Time – This didn’t quite make the cut because they didn’t get much screen time (I’m half way through season 4), but every time Mulan looked at Aurora my heart broke.

Magnus/Nichola from Sanctuary – These two only got together in one episode but it was so amazing and made such a big impact on me. I’d have loved to have seen more of these two, sadly we didn’t as Sanctuary came to an end.

Willow/Kennedy – I know a lot of people hate this ‘ship, but I liked Kennedy and she helped heal Willow’s heart. She helped her become who she needed to be, to become comfortable with her magic and find the purity in it. That isn’t a simple thing and I find Kennedy gets a lot of hate simply because she’s just not Tara.