Introducing my World of Warcraft Characters

Introducing my World of Warcraft Characters

I’ve been meaning to add a small introduction story to my World of Warcraft characters list and this week’s World of Warcraft theme seemed like an idea time to do it! You’ll notice that some stories are longer than others, especially that of Kaelea who is my main character and therefore, her story is the clearest in my mind.


Credit Notice

All graphics and writing in this blog post are the creative property of me, Heather, and may not be reused in any way. These are the personal stories of my characters, written for entertainment.


Kaelea, Discipline Priest

From a young age Kaelea showed a talent for both light and shadow, and when she came of age she was chosen to study at the Cathederal of Light in Stormwind. As a Stormwind native, she was eager to develop her talents to find a way to help the city she loved. However, despite her early progress it became pretty clear that her abilities only went so far. While she was adept with both shadow and light, that was as far as it went. She could never quite master one nor the other like other novices were doing.

It was only a chance meeting with a grumpy old dwarf, that led Kaelea down a path that would redefine her life; Discipline. There was a growing group of Priests who were much like her, a talent for both shadow and light and yet never reaching a degree of mastery. They had developed the path known as Discipline, a form of study that followed the principle belief that light always casts a shadow. This realisation combined with dedicated training allowed priests to use both light and shadow to serve others. It was  a path that required great strength of will and discipline, and as such Kaelea was a strong candidate for training.

As the years went by Kaelea would grow into a capable young woman, known for championing many causes and never staying still. Gone was the young girl who wanted nothing more than to stay in her home city and help those in need. She had learned through experience and combat that there was bigger things to be done – and that it took a certain type of person to get them done. Kaelea was never meant to be a city healer offering sanctuary and alms to the poor, she was a combat healer and a good one at that. She learned from each experience, gathering knowledge wherever she went and from any new allies she made. As a result she learned how to bend the light to her will, using it to smite her enemies in defence while healing her allies.

Never one to let her achievements go to her head, Kaelea has always believed that she is simply someone who has the skills and the strength needed to fight the battles. She was also never going to be one for sticking by the rules, and tends to follow her head rather than her heart at times. Her natural empathy has caused her to jump into many a fight that wasn’t her own, but it was Garrosh Hellscream’s destruction of Netherguard Keep that struck closest to home. A childhood friend, a one time young love, who had found his calling in the Blasted Lands had lost his life in the attack that devastated the Keep. It was the one time that Kaelea felt truly lost, falling from her path of careful discipline with seething rage. Without the support and care of her friends and lover, Dagan, a Death Knight, she may have lost her way forever.

Now the Legion is back, and Kaelea is still somewhat mystified to find herself a High Priest uniting all the paths of priesthood across the land. The keeper of the tempestuous Light’s Wrath, she wields it with care, precision and an understanding that it’s time to finish the fight with the Legion once and for all.



Aleassa, Balance Druid

Unlike her friends and family, Aleassa had never been certain of her place in Night Elf society. She was not a warrior, she had no relationship with the light, and her skill with a hunter’s bow was appalling. It was only when Malfurion came looking for apprentices to study Druidism that Aleassa felt the call. Nature had always called to her, but not quite the same way as it had for her hunter friends who held mastery over beasts. No, it was the world around her; the plants and trees, the creatures and the wind that whispered to her as it drifted through the trees.

Time moves differently for a long lived race, and Aleassa’s still considers herself to be a student to this day. Despite her many achievements, she believes that she will always be learning and spent many years dedicating herself to lore and teaching others. She, like many, had lost so many loved ones during the war with the Burning Legion. As Night Elves struggled to come to terms with their new found mortality she found solace in teaching others, helping them to heal and find their way. Yet there was something missing. Aleassa couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something more out there for her. While she could shapeshift into the forms of cat and bear, and could heal when needed, none of them felt like her true form.

She would end up roaming, travelling, offering her help and knowledge where she could. While Aleassa was beginning to feel even more helpless and lost, the Goddess Elune never lost sight of the young druid. She would guide her to a group calling themselves the Druids of the Moon, and there, Aleassa would finally find her true form; the Moonkin.


Layla, Vengeance Demon Hunter

Born into a family known for it’s dedication to the Temple of Elune, and never being that way inclined, Layla was never destined to have an easy time. Though she did her best to please her family, and to fit in with their grand history of serving Elune she joined the Temple Guard. During the War of the Ancients Layla was left alone and heartbroken as she watched her family fall at the hands of the Legion, their precious light and Goddess abandoning them to painful deaths. When word reached her that Illidan Stormrage was seeking followers and offering a way to defeat the Legion, Layla was quick to desert her duties and find him.

Alongside many other hopefuls, Layla underwent the gruelling training and rituals to become a Demon Hunter. She sacrificed everything she had, and more, for the power to avenge her family and her people. With demon blood coursing through her veins she felt power like never before, and vowed that she would never give in to her inner demon. Returning triumph with her fellow demon hunters, Layla wound find herself facing The Wardens and Thousands of years of imprisonment in the Vault of the Wardens.

Now once again free, Layla is appalled to see that the Legion is once again destroying the world she vowed to fight for when she became a demon hunter. She has thrown herself head first into the battle, ready to do whatever needs doing to avenge her family once and for all.



Thaelynn, Fire Mage

A relatively young Night Elf, Thaelynn was born to a family of great Highborne mages that had been practising long before the War of the Ancients. The events of the war and the treachery of some of the Highborne led her family to vanish into hiding. It would be several generations later that Thaelynn would be born, unknowing of her family’s past and powerful heritage with the arcane. While the rest of her family led simple lives deep in the forests of Ashenvale, Thaelynn always had a fascination with, well, everything. She had to know how everything worked, why everything was that way and not another way. As a child she got under many feet and pestered many adults with questions.The elder ones were happy to tell her stories, including of times long past filled with battles and magic.

Most of the village children grew up, forgot the stories and dreamed of mundane things like getting the days chores done. Thaelynn never forgot, and maybe it was her constant wishing for magic to be real that lit the flame of magic inside her. Or maybe it was just long forgotten magic being rekindled. It started small at first; a puff of smoke, hands becoming warm during the cold winter nights. Enough that the teenager thought she was imagining it at first. It wasn’t long before something caught on fire, alerting her parents to what was happening to their daughter.

Since the War of the Ancients night elves had avoided magic, forbidding anyone to study it. Fire was a destructive force, most certainly not druidic or holy in nature. Frantically her parents forbid her from practising her powers, and told her to ignore them, they would just go away if she didn’t give into them. The more she tried, the harder it got, and the more stressed Thaelynn got the worse her control became. Someone was watching out for the young night elf though, and contacted an old former-highborne mage who was living the rest of their life out in solitude. The mage refused to train Thaelynn, not wishing to draw attention to herself or to be responsible for reintroducing magic to the kaldorei. However, after witnessing the violent nature of her growing powers, the elder mage helped Thaelynn gain control of her abilities.

Life went smoothly for the young night elf after that, with her life settling into the same normal uneventful rhythm of her siblings – much to her parents relief. Then came the news that Mordent Evenshade had approached the High Priestess, and the highborne had been accepted back into night elf society. It was news that set many tongues wagging, especially when it became known that they were to train new adepts in the ways of magic and the arcane. For years Thaelynn had lived as a ghost, floating from one errand to another, keeping her powers locked away inside herself and never being allowed to explore her true self. She had never looked for love, never wanted to start a family of her own like her brothers and sisters. When the news reached her something snapped and she left her home with a hastily written note to her family.

For some time now Thaelynn has been dedicating her time to the study of magic and the arcane, making up for all the lost time and finally letting her power free. She is well on her way to becoming one of the youngest Archmagi of the new generation of kaldorei magi.



Frostya, Frost Death Night

The former druid, Lothiriel, was one of the many killed fighting alongside the Argent Crusade and raised to become one of the legendary death knights. After gaining her freedom from the Lich King’s sway, Frostya was one of those left staggered by the horrors she had committed. After being one with life and nature, to one with death, she did not know how to live being completely cut off from nature. She left the rest of the death knights and headed for the forests of Ashenvale, becoming a recluse and determined not to use her powers of death.

It was only a chance meeting with a young night elf and a group of the Scarlet Crusade that led to Lothiriel realising she could still do good as a death knight. As Deathwing broke free from the earth, setting off the Cataclysm, Lothiriel felt it. For the first time since her death she could feel the world around her. While she would never gain the strength of her old connection as a druid, it was enough of a tether to reality to bring her back from the brink. Rejoining the Knights of the Ebon Blade, she took the name Frostya and set about helping a world that had been torn apart.

You can read the full story of Lothiriel’s run in with the Scarlet Crusade here.



Born to a family of warriors known for their tempers, Tempestia is aptly named despite looking as cute as a button. It is an image she has worked hard to shatter, but with age came a realisation; she could use her looks to her advantage. As a result she fell in with a group of mercenaries and began to use her innocent looks to her advantage. Now she works as a freelancer, specialising in under cover work and still gets a thrill from pulling the wool over people’s eyes.



The way of the monk called to Takeko in her youth, and she had dedicated herself to becoming an adept of all paths. While others prefer to specialise in one particular skill set, Takeko prefers to have on hand all the skills she needs to be most effective in helping those in need. She has a big heart and can always be found helping someone, especially lost causes. To her, no one or anything is a true lost cause and her stubbornness has been known to prevail over difficult odds.



Roisin spent so much time locked away in Gilneas with the rest of the people that she has become an errant explorer, with an almost unsustainable thirst for knowledge and power. As a warlock she studied everything she could while in Gilneas and often got frustrated at the the lack of variety. Now Roisin divides her time between her own pursuits, and occasionally lending a helping hand in whatever new crisis is taking place. Of course, she makes sure it’s in her best interests before proceeding.


Melantha had a tragic start in life, losing her family to the scourge at a young age and becoming an orphan. The same event awakened her connection to the light, and as an orphan in Stormwind she flourished under the tutelage of the Cathederal of Light. Forever grateful to those who saved her and gave her a home, she is loyal to the Light and has fought with the Argent Dawn and later the Argent Crusade.


The eldest of three sisters, Arasse has always felt the weight of being the first born. Her fascination and connection with animals was kindled by her family’s ram rearing farm, however, unlike her middle sister it was not enough for her. She wanted to know more, see more, learn all about the wonderful and wild creatures of the world. Eventually she left to do so, and has not returned home since. She has many wild adventures, taming creatures of all shapes and sizes and maybe, it’s time for this wild girl to settle down and do something important with her skills.


The middle sister, Thistalee never understood her elder sister, Arasse’s, desire to know more. She was perfectly content learning about rams, looking after them and helping her parents breed the best mounts you could buy. All set to have a quiet life and take over the family business, Thistalee and her family could never have predicted the events of the Cataclysm that tore Azeroth a part. Nor, would they foresee what it would mean for their peaceful daughter. The elements were in chaos, and it awoke a part of Thistalee that she had never known. She could suddenly hear their cries, and almost went insane because of it. Thankfully, the changes in Dwarf society meant that each clan was sharing it’s knowledge and she soon learned the ways of the Shaman.



The youngest sister of Arasse and Thistalee, Ceylaina is completely different to her elder sisters. The baby of the family, she was most certainly spoiled – after all, her family had Thistalee to take over the family business – and as a result Ceylaina grew up to know nothing of rams. Instead she was allowed to do whatever she wanted, dabbling in a bit of everything as she followed her whims. Unsurprisingly she fell in with the wrong crowd and ran away with them. Developing a talent for stealth, thievery and weapons, Ceylaina lives by her own honour code. She’s neither good, nor bad, just practical.


This young Draenei has been inspired by the tales of the great heroes, and is still trying to carve her way in the world. A talent for the light, she wields the light with purpose but has yet to settle of her final path. Whether she finds that she is best at defending the weak, healing the sick or striking down the wicked in retribution remains to be seen.


Well, that was fun and long overdue! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my characters as much as I enjoyed writing about them! ((I used a bunch of different resources to create the image banners for each character. You can find the brushes and textures in my deviant art favourites galleries. Font used is Good Vibes Pro. Screenshots are my own.))


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5 of My Favourite Name Resources

Whether you’re a gamer, a writer or a roleplayer, names can be an important part of your character creation. Over the years as I’ve graduated from roleplayer to gamer and then onto writer I’ve grown a collection of go to generators and resources for finding names. Here are some of my favourite ones!


Dog Names by Low Chen Australia

Dog Names by Low Chen Australia

Yep, that says dog names, you’re not mistaken. It has an absolutely amazing list of different names, from characters, to mythology to countries. It has so much variety that it makes it great for everything you might need a name for!



Behind the Name

Behind the Name

I love this site and it’s sister site for surnames because of it’s diversity and how easy it is to search or narrow down categories. It has a great selection and has resulted in many of my character’s names over the years!




God Checker

I absolutely adore this site and use it all the time for naming my World of Warcraft battle pets. It has all the pantheons you can think of and then some – and unlike most mythological lists it doesn’t just list the main/popular deities. It lists them all, big or small, including spirits and other mythological creatures.



Fantasy Name Generators

Fantasy Name Generators

This has been my go to site for Star Wars and World of Warcraft names for years, and it has grown into a huge site with tonnes of generators. There’s pretty much every video game you can imagine, DnD, pop culture, lists of creature names and even one for weapons! This is a must have bookmark for any gamer.



Elvish Names List

Elvish Names List

As a part of, this section of the site has a list of male and female English names translated into Elvish. It’s a great way to come up with new character names, especially for fantasy stories and games. Mine, Heather, is Lothiriel 🙂


I hope you’ve enjoyed this list and found some useful resources! Do you use name generators? Have any to share? Let me know!


((Banner Image from Public Domain Images.))


5 Ways I’m Going To Take Chances In 2016 [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Fandom Friday - 2016 goals

This is my first time taking part in 5 Fandom Friday. If you’re interested in learning more you can find out about it here.

1 – Blogging

For 2016 I’ve chosen the word evolve, and part of that is relaunching my blog. It’s a bit step for me because I’ve decided to share a lot more about my life and experiences as a disabled girl with glasses. Plus I’m going to be delving into the world of reviews, tutorials and beauty. The later is pretty scary for me because I’ve never been a popular pretty girl, I have enough confidence to say I’m pretty, but all my life I’ve been told I’m ugly. I’m also overweight now, something that has been a big issue for me due to a past relationship being emotionally abusive. Their weight issues were transferred onto me and at one point last year I was terrified to visit home because of it. Towards the end of last year I decided I’d had enough and after a few more emotional breakthroughs I realised that I didn’t need to keep apologising for my weight, for my skin problems, which were due to ongoing health problems. I’ve had a lot of stuff to overcome with my disabilities but this was something that I hadn’t been able to come to terms with until recently.

2 – Gaming videos

Following on from above, I’m aiming to try to put together my first gaming video this year. That is a pretty big step for me as we’ve all seen the type of criticism you can get online, especially on youtube. Criticism isn’t something I’ve ever been good with, but it is something I’ve been working on and I finally feel ready to do this.

3 – More diverse and difficult games

This is quite light-hearted in comparison to the others. Last year I decided to try a game which I thought I never had a chance of playing, let alone completing. Yet I did it. So this year I want to up my game, so to speak, and see what else I can complete that is outside my comfort zone.

4 – Professional

This year I complete my postgraduate in Information and Library studies and after that, well… there’s a lot of chances for me to take.

5 – Writing

Not so much a chance to take, but something that could lead to chances. I need to get back to writing and would like to complete the first draft of my novel this year.


It’s a 2.2!


Yesterday I got my degree classification for my English Literature MA (hons) and it was a 2.2! In my previous entry I wrote about how bad I expected the result to be and honestly, I was not expecting a 2nd at all. I stared at the screen for several minutes before the hyper hysterical reality hit me and I have been on a high ever since. I am just so happy. I am extremely proud of my fellow students for getting their 2.1’s, I know how hard they worked for them – but I’m not jealous. A 2.2 is beyond my wildest dreams for four years that have been emotionally and physically difficult. I almost gave up this year, considering the idea of resitting my final year and I’m really glad I didn’t now. I’m still waiting for my individual module marks, but it is most likely my creative writing dissertation which boosted my final mark. I seriously doubt my exam results were that good.


They say you can do anything if you believe in it, if you put the work in and I finally feel like that is true. I had health problems during my first degree, however, they were mostly in the final part of my final year. I had to get an extension for my dissertation and that probably cost me a 1st. I was and still am overjoyed with the 2.1 I got, just as I am with this result. There are always going to be ‘what ifs’ and sometimes, especially when it’s due to health reasons beyond my control, it is easy to get lost in them. What if I hadn’t been so ill? What if I’d not missed so many classes? At the end of the day I am very lucky that it doesn’t matter. I’m already accepted into a Masters so the result didn’t matter – wait no, that is incorrect; it didn’t matter to my career, to my future. To me personally it matters. I would have been satisfied with a worse result, yet I would have felt terrible. Like a failure. Everyone around me would have told me not to be so silly, that even just completing a second degree with my health issues is a marvellous achievement – and they would have been right. I still would have felt bad. I still feel bad about my A-level results all those years ago despite holding two undergraduate degrees now.


Last time I got my degree classification I had just come out of a bad relationship, and while I was proud of myself, my future was completely up in the air. I had this awesome degree, loads of knowledge and experience in my mind and no idea what to do with it. No confidence to do anything with it. That was 8 years ago, and several months later I would make a choice to return to a game I still play today, the MMORPG World of Warcraft, after a chance meeting at my cousin’s wedding. There I met Chris, the amazing and loving man who has helped me through this degree and built my confidence up one bit at a time. I still have bad days, they will never go away, but I have hope and I have love. This time I am surrounded by love and support, people cheering me on and wanting me to do well – for myself.

Need to do x, y & z

Uni Updates

While thinking about writing this entry I couldn’t help but think ‘I really need to get better at blogging’. It’s a thought I had just under a year ago, and many times before that. There are so many things I need to do, so many I have done and the last year really has just felt like an ongoing list of things I need to do. I guess that is what life is about, moving from one thing to another and on a positive note at least I am progressing. It’s especially important that I remember that right now because since September I have been quite seriously ill. Not at death’s door or anything like that, but my god did I feel like it a few times. I caught the flu and for three weeks it was absolutely awful. I’ve only ever had flu one other time I can recall and I had the same reaction. It’s why I am such a big fan of the flu vaccine and have been getting it since I was 16. Unfortunately the flu vaccine isn’t a cure, and every year the doctors need to choose which flu strain they think will be the most prevalent. Apparently this year they made the wrong choice and one of the other strains turned out to be more widespread, so my flu vaccine did nada.


As if flu wasn’t bad enough my body decided to add to the fun; I developed tennis elbow in my left arm and had sinusitis. The flu took such a toll on my body that I developed became post viral which basically means my immune system got smashed to bits. For a while there I had pretty bad fatigue and every day I’d get up for an hour or less before having to collapse into bed with crippling fatigue. I’m still feeling post viral, which basically means I’m really run down, have not been able to concentrate for more than 15 ish mins at a time (end of term essays were great fun…), and generally feeling really crappy with every symptom under the sun. I’m  slowly regaining my health back because I have exams in May and being able to concentrate for 15 mins at a time ain’t going to cut it in a 2 1/2 hour exam.


I missed pretty much all my classes, including the creative writing workshops I have been looking forward to for years. Fortunately I managed to persevere and got my dissertation completed, as well as all my assignments on time. The past few weeks have been incredibly difficult and stressful, but I did it. Now just my exams and that’s my final year over with and I graduate. What I’ll graduate with is yet to be seen. I had planned to go into teacher training, however, my Maths GCSE grade doesn’t quite cut it up here in Scotland. I could go to college for a year, struggle with the one subject I find terrifying and still not get the grade. I’ve also had time to think about it and have decided for various reasons not to pursue teaching. My dissertation supervisor, the author Laura Marney, was very supportive of my writing and teaching takes an awful lot of time up. If I want to seriously pursue my writing I don’t think I have the time to do both. So I am applying for a postgraduate course in Library and Information studies which leads to working in libraries (duh) as well as publishing.


At present I am coming to the end of my ‘week off’ before hitting the revision. I really enjoyed the selection of texts from my term 2 courses, Children’s literature and Science fiction, to the point that they both added a pile of more books to my ‘to read‘ list. I’ve also registered with our local library at last, which is handily located at the end of our road 😛 So I am catching up on some much needed reading for pleasure 🙂  Also playing some WoW and catching up on various online projects.