5 Favorite Fiction Inspired Foods [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Fandom Friday - Fandom food

So this weeks prompt is ‘Favorite Fictional Foods’ but after racking my brain I only came up with one thing. I dislike changing prompts, I feel like I’m cheating, however, I’d rather answer with something than skip a week. Hence the change to food inspired by fiction.



Butterbeer Latte

There’s a lot of Harry Potter inspired food out there, especially for Butterbeer, but this one attracted my attention more. I converted to coffee a few years ago as I wanted to see if caffeine helps and yep, I became addicted. On a positive note it has really helped deal with the fatigue side of my health conditions. The reason for this little side story is that I got hooked on Mochas and flavoured coffees, so I love finding recipes for different coffees especially easy ones like this. I’ve yet to try it myself and would love to hear if anyone else has.


kix_starwars_snackmix-8Star Wars Treat Mix

I found a lot of awesome Star Wars recipes (check this and this out) but this one stuck with me because it was so different to the others. There’s plenty of cakes, biscuits, drinks and so on, and then there’s this treat mix. It takes a bit more effort, yet it’s such a good idea for parties or even if you’re just having a Star Wars marathon with friends.

Minion-cupcakes-by-Food-in-LiteratureMinions Cupcakes

My fiancé is obsessed with minions, so this one is for him. Although if he ever sees this recipe he’ll probably want them made ASAP. I chose to feature these because the shape and design of the minions faces/heads means that you could be very versatile with these cupcakes. You could even make up your own ones easily enough.


dalekcupcakesDalek Cupcakes

How cute are these little guys?! I love the range of different ingredients used to design them.


Disney-Frozen-Ice-Swirl-Cookies-447x700Frozen Ice Swirl Cookies

When Frozen came out it won the hearts of kids and adults, and there are a tonne of Frozen inspired recipes from cupcakes, to blue hot chocolate and cocktails. This one caught my attention because it is so pretty and sparkly, which ok, is a given for anything Frozen related. This was just so different from the other recipes I found and looks simple to make as well.



5 Favourite Cupcakes [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Fandom Friday - Cupcakes


I LOVE cupcakes. I have two cupcake recipe books; For the love of Cupcakes which I’ve tried and tested various recipes from and Kinky Cupcakes which is a little bit above my expertise level still (but I cannot wait to have an excuse to use these!). So some of these are my own photos from the first recipe book.


20110527085004-04f63d86Butterfly Cupcakes

I have loved butterfly cakes since I used to make them with my mum as a little girl. They’re so easy to make and you just need to make a basic cupcake mixture. For those who have never had these; you cut out a lump from the top of the cake, fill it with butter-cream (butter mixed with icing sugar) and then cut the lump into two ‘butterfly’ wings which you put on top. Sprinkle with icing sugar and voilà!



IMG_0760Chocolate Fudge Flake Cupcakes

These are from my cupcake recipe book and are so rich and yummy.



IMG_0822Chocolate & Toffee Cupcakes

I made these (again from my wonderful cupcake book) for the teachers at the school where I did a placement at a few years ago. I made another batch, a less sweet recipe of Ginger and Lemon (which I quite liked) but apparently English teachers have a sweet tooth!



red-velvet-cupcakesRed Velvet Cupcakes

I have not made my own of these (photo credit goes to Salamander Stock), but I’ve eaten my fair few and oh my, I love them so so much.



Chocolate Cupcakes

Yep these are just a chocolate version of butterfly cupcakes, however, I couldn’t find a better alternative photo. I am a chocoholic so generally most chocolate cupcakes are amazing to me 😀 I have a whole bunch of cupcake recipes saved on Pinterest, including nutella and ferreo rocher ones.