5 Apps I Can’t Live Without [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Apps I can't live without

I use apps on all my devices, including my PC so this list is going to cover computers, iphone and android.  Trying to pick just 5 is difficult because I use anything that is fun and useful, anything that makes my life easier especially on the go. I use different apps to keep me entertained and my mind off pain if I feel ill, or I’m stuck waiting in a line/for an appointment so I like to have a range of things available.




Not in anyway related to facebook, FBReader is an app I have on my android tablet which lets me read any books or files regardless of file type. It’s free and means that if a book doesn’t come in kindle format I no longer need to avoid it. Great for reading uni pdf files as well and best of all, it’s free. You can pay for additional features but so far the free version has worked great for me. You can grab it at the Google Play store here.




HP Scan and Capture

When I got windows 10 (comments to yourselves please :P), my old (and I mean quite old) scanning program stopped working. I tried several different ones until I found this free one in the Windows store. Very simple and easy to use and works great. You can find it over in the Windows store.


Facebook Messanger

My fiance and I use Facebook messanger all the time. It’s just so much easier to send a message if we’re in different parts of the house, or if one of us is out and the other is at home. We also use it to leave notes for one another; for example, if one of us is out or asleep and has something to remind the other, we send a message. We’re guaranteed to see it the next day. You can find it in the apple store, android store and so forth depending on what device you use 🙂 (Image credit: Talkandroid.com)




This is a very new addition to my list of apps and has very quickly jumped to this list. Latergram lets you set up and schedule instagram posts from your PC. That means you can use images on your PC and upload them to instagram – something that I love doing. I used to use another app for it but it died 🙁 Basically latergram sets up the post, but doesn’t post it for you. It sends the post to your phone/tablet as a notification and you then have to manually send it to instagram. So it’s not as perfect as it could be in that respect but still very user friendly. You can find out more over at the Later.com website.




Yes I am a Candy Crush addict 😛 I go through phases of addition to it, especially if I have studying or uni work to do. It is procrastination a bit, however, it also helps me focus and keep my mind sharp because I’m at the level where you things get really tricky. I find that it is important to have something like this, or a video game, to play in between studying/writing assignments so that my brain can relax a bit while still working. So yes, I have Candy Crush on everything (the original and spin offs, Soda and Jelly), as well as Farm Heroes Saga, Royal Garden, Bookworm, Ruzzle Adventure and Plants vs Zombies lurking around for when I feel in the mood to play those too.


How about you? Are you apps strictly for one device? Or are they themed i.e. work/study related, travel, games etc. ?




How to Easily Find Free Ebooks Online

Sharing Saturday: How to find free ebooks online

I am a massive bookworm and as I’ve just started a book challenge on instagram I figured it was a good time to pass on my knowledge of free ebooks. My fiancé was extremely happy when I got a kindle because it meant that he didn’t have to fit a bunch of books into our luggage every time we travelled. I read a lot when I’m on holiday. Anyway, I can’t spend as much as I’d like on books so I am always looking for free books whether they’re from my local libraries (yes I’m a library student, but I’m not paid to say that :P), traded online or from free ebook sites. A lot of ebooks are self-published and/or indie authors, however, I also use various sites that alert me of free ebooks of my favoured genres and authors.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers various versions of old texts/literature that have passed the x amount of years copyright. If you’re a Literature student this site will save you a fortune 😛 You can pretty much find almost any old text you need here, with the exception of ones that have been reproduced recently due to new films. For example, for C.S Lewis you can find all of his Alice and Wonderland and other works, but not his Narnia series because due to the films it is still under copyright.



Bookbub is one of several sites I’ll be listed here that you can sign up for email notifications and based on your selection of genres and authors they will send you out an email of free and bargain (usually under £2.00) ebooks. I’ve gotten quite a few on my wish list from this one in particular. If you don’t want to receive emails you can also view your choices on their website instead. I just find email easier as I can quickly browse it and then delete it; I never remember to check these sites.



Freebooksy is very similar to Bookbub apart from it doesn’t have tailored results on its webpage for you, so if you want them you do need to sign up for an email. Like Bookbub I’ve fulfilled a lot of my to read list with this handy site.



I’ve not been using BookHippo as long as the other two and I don’t like how they format their emails; it really isn’t easy to have a quick glance for the freebies and it isn’t tailored as well. However, it isn’t entirely useless and has gotten me some good stuff for free.


eReader IQ

I saved the best for last. I am completely in love with eReader IQ and have gotten a fabulous amount of free kindle books from authors I enjoy/want to read thanks to this nifty site. In short this site does two things; tells you when an ebook version has become available and tells you when an ebook reaches your price limit. Not only is this brilliant for getting free books, it also means you can get much cheaper copies of your favourite reads. The site currently works with amazon US, CA and UK (and thus is only for kindle I’m afraid) and checks your list of books and authors regularly against amazon. It then sends you an email to let you know. The beauty of it is you can import any amazon wish list rather than add every single book by hand. I didn’t have them on an amazon wish list as I primarily use goodreads for my book lists, but it was worth the trouble of setting one up – and when I did so I actually found a tonne of books already going for free on amazon! By setting up a wish list you can also set the list by low price and have a quick check to see if you can spot any bargains.


A few tips

I also wanted to share a few tips for ebook hunting.

If you find an ebook free on an amazon .co.uk/.com i.e. not your country, just change the extension to the correct one. Most of amazon’s cataloguing system works across countries so by changing a .com to .co.uk you can check if the book is free for you too. Quite often it is!

Also be careful with sites that make you sign up and pay to access ebooks and this includes Amazon Unlimited. Quite often they only have indie or self-published authors rather than popular/well established authors. There are also some sites out there that have advertising set up for when you search a book and it claims to have your book in ebook format – a lot of the time they’re completely false. It’s just a gimmick.


Ordinary books?

I know not everyone likes ebooks or has an ebook reader, and I do have a bunch of useful places to trade books online. If anyone’s interested in a Sharing Saturday version about normal paperback books please let me know in the comments check it out here! 🙂