Introducing the Unique Bloggers Group!

Introducting the Unique Bloggers Group!

For the last few months I’ve been working on a unique side project alongside this blog and finally I can reveal to you all exactly what that project is!

The Unique Bloggers Group

Unique Bloggers is a promotion and support group on facebook for the smaller blog niches out there. By small niches we’re talking about blogs that often get overlooked in most blog groups and a few examples are; geek blogs, craft blogs, alternative fashion blogs, or a mixture of all of those. Perhaps your blog fits in several different niches, or is even niche-less. If this sounds like your blog then this is the group for you! We’re here to help you grow, network, gain readers and followers for your blog and social media accounts, and pretty much anything else you need. We hope you’ll also pick up some great friends along the way too!


The idea for this came from me posting another geeky post in a blog promotion group and failing to get any engagement on it. I then watched someone with an alternative fashion post have the same issue. I realised that it wasn’t just geek bloggers that had the problem. I’m in two great geek blog groups, however, the network of bloggers is small and only one offers promotion topics. What if there was a group that united all the small niches and offered them a place to network and grow together?

I still wasn’t sure. I’m the sort of person that has these random ideas and they splutter out, becoming nothing. So I decided to pitch it to one of the geek groups and wowzers! I was not expecting the response I got! It took me a few more months with health and holidays to get everything today and a few more hurdles to clear before today we were finally ready to open.

It’s a big deal for me because in the three years since I developed symptoms and then was diagnosed with ME I’ve pulled away from the online world. I’ve lurked in a few groups, but I closed a lot of websites and projects as I couldn’t maintain them and it really put a damper on my confidence. This is a huge undertaking for me personally and maybe it will flop – but at least I know I went for it.


Some more information

It was important to me that the group didn’t become overwhelmed with the type of blogs that were causing the problem in the first place. For this reason the does not accept the promotion of blogs that fit into the bigger niches (i.e. parenting, travel, beauty, food, lifestyle, and so on). Don’t worry if your blog does touch upon some of those topics, we’re not going to crack the whip and toss anyone out for even mentioning them – life comes in all flavours and we recognise this. But if your blog is purely dedicated to those niches then this isn’t the group for you.


The weekly promotion schedule is as follows:

Mondays – Blog Post
Tuesdays – Facebook
Wednesdays – Twitter
Thursdays – Blog Post
Fridays – Instagram
Saturdays – Pinterest
Sundays – Other Requests


And finally we have a pinterest board for members to share their blog posts to!


Interested in joining?

Just head on over to the group! I look forward to getting to know you and hearing more about your blog 🙂

9 Facebook Groups To Promote Your Blog!

Blog Promo Links - Facebook Groups

There are many ways to promote your blog online and I’ve noticed that not every blogger realises that wide variety of options available to them. That is something I want to change, and I also want to help show bloggers that there are some fun ways out there too! Most of you will be familiar with the idea of repeatedly commenting on blogs, posting on social media or taking part in Facebook group threads. There are some much less tedious ways to promote your blog, and even create new content while you do it!

So once a month (well, this month you’re technically getting two because I just missed out on getting this up for June!) I’m going to be sharing a bunch of Blog Promo Links. I’ll be including a variety of sources and genres, so sometimes there will be themed posts like ‘beauty blogs’ or ‘craft blogs’ or like today’s it will be a certain type i.e. facebook group, link-ups, tags. I’ll put a little explanation of how each one works as well so if you’ve never heard of it you’ll be able to get a gist of how it works. I’ll also be taking requests so feel free to leave me a comment if you want me to track something down for you 🙂


Pinterest Boards

I’ve also set up two group pinterest boards for Blog Links;

  • Blog Promo Links – Basically the same links I’ll be sharing with you, anything where you can actively promote your blog.
  • Blog Promotion Guides – A board for sharing any guides about promoting your blog, especially on certain sites and social media networks.

You can gain access to either of these by e-mailing me at and you can follow them by clicking the follow buttons below!


Facebook Groups

To start us off I’ve literally raided my own selection of facebook groups to give you an idea of the type of variety that is available. So these do include some that fit my personal niches i.e. geek, British, as well as general blogger related groups.

Click the banners to visit each group!


Geek Girls x Blogger Facebook Group

  • Geeky / Nerdy
  • Safe space for women
  • 1 promo a day
  • Open discussions
  • Friendly & helpful community



Geek Blogs Unite Facebook Group

  • Geeky / Nerdy
  • Open to all
  • Promo more than once a day, but don’t spam
  • Open discussions
  • Friendly & helpful community
  • Regular social media follow threads
  • Themed Weeks



BTR - Bloggers + Instagram Community Facebook Group

  • Daily Threads
  • Variety of daily threads (not just to gain social media followers)
  • Questions welcome
  • Helpful community
  • Structured & strict guidelines
  • Regular group discussions
  • Useful blogger tools



Glasgow Bloggers Facebook Group

  • Glasgow, Scotland area
  • Blog Promotion
  • Post Promotion
  • Open to questions & discussion


Boost your Blog Facebook Group

  • Daily threads
  • Variety of daily threads
  • Structured & strict guidelines
  • Not a discussion group



Bloggers Supporting Bloggers Facebook Group

  • Daily threads
  • Blogger of the week
  • Q & A thread
  • Blogger oppertunities
  • Paid boost posts

Geek Fashion Blogger Alliance Facebook Group

  • Geeky fashion
  • Open to all
  • Fashion, accessories or casual cosplay
  • Friendly community



Official UK Bloggers Facebook Group

  • UK based
  • Linked to a website
  • One thread for sharing new posts
  • Open discussion
  • Friendly & experienced community


The Blogging Squad Facebook Group

  • Daily threads
  • Structured & strict guidelines
  • Not a discussion group



Over to You

I hope you enjoyed the first Blog Links! The next one will be up later this month 🙂

Have you used face book groups to promote your blog before? If not, why not?

Have you got any groups you recommend?

Do you prefer groups that have a mixture of features i.e. daily threads and discussion, or just daily threads?

What about rules? Strict and structured or more common sense and laid back?

Do you have any requests for genres or niches?

Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts and it will help me tailor this series so it’s helpful for other bloggers.

Want to increase your blog's traffic? Here are 9 facebook groups of different niches, styles and methods to help you do just that!

5 Awesome Animal Facebook Pages to Follow Now!

Sharing Saturday: Animal facebook groups

This week I’m sharing some of my favourite animal related pages on Facebook. There will be cute animals, silly pictures, and beautiful videos – I am not responsible for any tears or hours of your life lost to browsing through said pages 😉 That being said, these are a good go to if you need cheering up.


The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation

I only found out about this page last year and I am in love with it and maybe just a little addicted. The page follows the Foundation set up by Eduardo Serio, lovingly called Papa Bear, who rescues animals from terrible circumstances. While it’s mainly big felines, hence the name, there are a bunch of other animals too which also feature regularly on the page. What makes this foundation so special is Papa Bear’s approach to his animals; love. The amount of work and love put into raising and rehabilitating these animals is beyond amazing. He has big felines of all different breeds living together, not because he’s forced them to, but because they love one another. Every video and picture posted by Papa Bear and the team shows you how much his furry babies adore him. They give us a very special and unseen look into the world of big felines, and it is precious and beautiful.






Hessel & Hannes

I’ve been following these guys for a few years now, and the page features a black Labrador and ginger cat who are best friends. In addition to their friendship, the page also follows the antics of their fellow dogs Millie and Olav (who is seriously the most adorable puppy you have ever seen). Their friendship is beautiful, funny and a little bit crazy at times.





Cats sleeping in awkward positions

Anyone who’s ever owned a cat will tell you that at times they are completely off their rocker. This page focuses on one of those aspects; cats sleeping in weird and sometimes very awkward (how on earth is that even comfortable?!) positions. It is great for a laugh or just to reminisce/confer with your fellow cat owners.





Candice Sedighan Photography

Candice’s photography focused on her beautiful Golden Retriever Champ. Sadly, Champ passed away and now her photography focuses on Bear as he grows up. Her photos are well put together, stunning and have a playful genuine feel to them that you rarely find. They are heart warming and precious to behold.








Lumina Reptiles

Last, but not least, is a page run by a personal friend of mine, Jayme. As the title sounds, yep, we’re talking about reptiles here. Namely snakes and Jayme has some beauties! If you’re not a snake fan then look away, if you are fascinated by lovely reptiles then please check it out.





Do you have any awesome animal pages to share? Let me know in the comments!