10 Geeky Things I’m Thankful For

10 Geeky Things That I'm Thankful For!

I was completely stumped on what to do for this month’s 10 things. I have some ideas I’m working on for future 10 things, but wanted to reach out and see what you guys, my readers, wanted to know about me. I popped an open request up on my facebook page and got some great suggestions including this one from Alicia of EightBitBlonde to do a geeky post that ties in with Thanksgiving. As a Brit I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, however, I have a lot of US readers so in the spirit of celebrating Thanksgiving this months 10 Things is dedicated to 10 Geeky thinks that I’m Thankful for.

[bctt tweet=”As a Brit I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but in the spirit of celebrating Thanksgiving this months 10 Things is dedicated to 10 Geeky thinks that I’m Thankful for.” username=”justgeekingby”]

I previously wrote about 5 fandoms I’m thankful for in a 5 Fandom Friday prompt so this time I’m doing things a little bit differently. I’m going to talk about 10 geeky things in a more abstract way – keep reading to find out what I mean!


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10 Geeky Things I'm Thankful for - World Building

World Building

One of the greatest things that everything geeky has given to me is world building. As a young girl I started with stories created from my imagination, stories fuelled from worlds and characters I read in books. As a teenager  exploring the internet for the first time I stumbled upon the world of role playing and from there my interest in world building grew even further. Every tv show, movie, book and video game is set in it’s own universe that has been created by people. A world built from imagination and the possibilities are endless and it’s given us films like Star Wars, to the cheese-fests like Sharknado. There’s so many elements to it too and I started off with this one because I touch on more of them in other sections of this post.

[bctt tweet=” As a teenager exploring the internet for the first time I stumbled upon the world of role playing and from there my interest in world building grew even further. ” username=”justgeekingby”]


10 Geeky Things I'm Thankful for - Escapism


[bctt tweet=” I could lose myself in the endless words and worlds of books, and it helped me to stay strong, to work through what was happening in the real world. ” username=”justgeekingby”]

The geek world isn’t just about escapism to me, I want to make that clear first, but it certainly is part of it’s charm. Growing up I was bullied a lot and the geeky world gave me a way to escape my tormentors, as well as helping me find myself. I could lose myself in the endless words and worlds of books, and it helped me to stay strong, to work through what was happening in the real world. As I got older and new problems replaced the bullying my geeky interests and pursuits continued to be there for me to offer solace when I needed to relax and remind myself that my every day life isn’t just filled with pain.

[bctt tweet=”As I got older and new problems replaced the bullying my geeky interests continued to be there for me to offer solace when I needed to remind me that my every day life isn’t just filled with pain.” username=”justgeekingby”]


10 Geeky Things I'm Thankful for - Identity & Belonging

Identity & Belonging

A little while ago Hannah of A London Geek wrote about being a Fangirl and not being ashamed, it’s a great post that you should all check out and Hannah really hits the nail on the head with what it feels like to be embrace your geek community. I don’t remember when exactly I realised I was a geek; I was always different, I never fit in and I was instinctively attracted to geeky things. As I got older I embraced the term geek (or nerd, personally I’ve always preferred the term geek for some reason although I accept either!) and it was an important part of piecing together my own identity. I suddenly wasn’t just a weirdo, the odd one out, I was a part of a group of people who saw the world differently and shared my passions.

[bctt tweet=” I don’t remember when exactly I realised I was a geek; I was always different, I never fit in and I was instinctively attracted to geeky things.” username=”justgeekingby”]


10 Geeky Things I'm Thankful for - The Games That Define Us Blog Collaboration


A few days ago my post as a part of The Games that Define Us collaboration went live and in it I talk about how I became a gamer. It was a very cathartic post, and until I put my story down on paper I hadn’t even realised just how much that one game had effected my life, and that is just one element of my geeky world. Every part of my geeky interests and pursuits from this blog, to the games I play and the books I adore are what make me who I am.

[bctt tweet=”A few days ago my post as a part of The Games that Define Us collaboration went live. In it I talk about how I became a gamer and I realise how much that one game had effected my life.” username=”justgeekingby”]


10 Geeky Things I'm Thankful for - Friendly Communities

Friendly Communities

The geek community isn’t all sunshine and rainbows – just ask any geeky woman – which is why this section is specifically called ‘friendly’ communities. I have been in many communities over the years that have I thought were friendly and I later realised in hindsight were toxic, however, I’m not going to dwell on those as this is about what I’m thankful for and not losing myself in the past. I make a point of mentioning them because I think it’s important to recognise the toxicity that does exist in the geek community rather than pushing it under the carpet – and in doing so it makes me even more grateful for the friendly communities I have now found and the friendships that have grown from them.

You may have heard or even used the term ‘geeking out’ before, and for me being a geek is a community thing. While I can entertain myself with my own thoughts and theories about a plot or character, at the end of the day I get the most joy from being able to talk about it with someone. My relationship with my fiancé Chris is filled with geeky moments. We are a couple that games and geeks out together, and I love that. I love that we have a room in our house dedicated to geeky things and that we agreed to decorate in a geeky way. I love seeing a tweet on twitter from a friend as they discover my favourite book or show for the first time, and their excitement as they enter that new world of wonder and magic. And I love the endless creativity and adventures of my fellow geek bloggers.

Being a geek is 100 times more fun with friends.

[bctt tweet=”While I can entertain myself with my own thoughts and theories about a plot or character, at the end of the day I get the most joy from being able to talk about it with someone.” username=”justgeekingby”]


10 Geeky Things I'm Thankful for - Collectables


I’ve always been a collector; keyrings, badges, postcards. I still have them from when I was a kid.  The internet has brought many wonders including online shopping and that’s just made it even easier to access geeky items, especially now there’s subscription boxes like Lootcrate and Geek Box. There are now so many things to collect and sites like etsy and redbubble, just to name a few, mean that we can also buy things created by other fans. Art and items created with the love, joy and attention to detail that comes from someone who feels the same way you do about a fandom. It doesn’t matter how old or obscure a fandom is there is something out there for everyone or there will be. Just the other day one of my favourite authors, Tamora Pierce, announced the first official line of merchandise for her books despite her writing for decades.

[bctt tweet=”I’ve always been a collector; keyrings, badges, postcards. I still have them from when I was a kid. The internet has brought many wonders including easier access to geeky items!” username=”justgeekingby”]


10 Geeky Things I'm Thankful for - Geeky Fashion

Geeky Fashion

You may have noticed that I love geeky fashion 😉 I’ve never been a big fashion person, style has never been top of my list and I tend to rock my own unique style that is a hybrid of geeky, boho, rock and a bit of goth thrown in. I’m very much a jeans and t-shirt girl so I love accessories to add some flare to my outfits. So it’s always been really important to me to have geeky fashion items that help me show my identify, my style to the world. I rarely like or care for the current trends – I’m the type of girl who walks into a woman’s fashion store, takes a look around at the ghastly ‘in season’ colours and walks right back out the door. However, I am a Libra and that means I do like to look good. Growing up in the 90s and 00s there wasn’t much geeky fashion at all; you could order from Hot Topic in the US but the prices were high and you had to deal with shipping prices. That was  all we had back then. So what I am incredibly grateful for now is the wider range of online stores catering to women’s geeky fashion.

[bctt tweet=”I’m very much a jeans/t-shirt girl so I love to add some geeky flare to my outfits. So it’s always been really important to me to have items that help me show my identify, my style to the world.” username=”justgeekingby”]


10 Geeky Things I'm Thankful for - Spin Offs

Spin Offs

Oh no, she said the evil ‘spin off’ term! Don’t panic; hear me out. Spin offs, adaptations, accompanying material, whatever you want to call it. I’m not just talking about TV shows that spin off from an original show or books being adapted into movies; I’m also referring to book and comics that are written in the same universe as a movie or a game. My favourite and most beloved example being the Star Wars Expanded Universe (now referred to as Legends since the Disney canon reboot). I am the sort of fan that literally gobbles everything I can get my hands on. I don’t care if the movie is dodgy, or if the book is badly written. If there is one then I want to see it/read it. I still watch/read stand-alone movies and books but things that are part of a series and a much wider universe are so much more special to me. I think that is what appeals to me about the Star Wars EU, the Warcraft Universe and DC Comics Universe; there are so many characters and stories to be told. It’s why I was sad to see the Star Wars reboot happen, and also excited for the new canon because to me it’s just more stories that get to be told.

[bctt tweet=”I am the sort of fan that literally gobbles everything I can get my hands on. I don’t care if it’s dodgy, or badly written. If there is something then I want to see it/read it.” username=”justgeekingby”]


10 Geeky Things I'm Thankful for - Fansites


As I touched upon in world building every universe of a fandom has so many aspects and this has led to the creation of various virtual fan creations since the creation of the internet. Everyone has their favourite ways of consuming this content and one of those ways for me is fansites. There are so many different formats that a fan can show their love for a subject; news site, guides, shrines, cliques, fanlistings, website listing, online rpg, and more. I’ve been involved or ran my own versions of several of those over the years and I know the joy that it brings to be a part of that larger community online. I also love seeing the way in which people express themselves and their love for the subject and/or the community through their site.

[bctt tweet=”There are so many different formats that a fan can show their love for a subject and I know the joy that it brings to be a part of that larger community online.” username=”justgeekingby”]


10 Geeky Things I'm Thankful for - Fanart

Fan Art

Fan art is the other big way I consume fan creations online whether it be digital art or traditional, and I am just so grateful that there are so many talented individuals out there that take the time to create such gorgeous work and share it with the world. I know there are some artists who have been treated badly and no longer share their work, and that breaks my heart but I can understand why they feel that way. I’ve always felt a special connection to art, always been drawn to it and to see someone capture the emotions of a character, relationship or scene accurately has always been very moving to me.

[bctt tweet=”I’ve always felt a special connection to art, always been drawn to it and to see someone capture the emotions of a character, relationship or scene accurately has always been very moving to me.” username=”justgeekingby”]

This wonderful piece of art was commissioned by Chris, my fiancé, from our wonderful friend and talented artist Jen Pattison. You can read my interview with Jen right here!


10 Geeky Things I'm Thankful for - Inspiration


The one theme that I think ties all these points together for me is this one; inspiration. It isn’t just from the geeky world, or what it represents, it’s how it inspires me and others to be ourselves and to grow as people. As I was writing this I realised that I was representing just one type of geek; a fandom geek, a fan girl. I’m a bookworm, a Star Wars nerd, a comic book geek. But that’s not the only type of geek out there and that is amazing. The geeky world inspires people to be different, to be who they really are and to reach for the unknown. It can be what inspires them to go into careers in tech or science, to educate and support the next generation, or to share their passions by creating new worlds and universes for people to enjoy and explore.

[bctt tweet=”The geeky world inspires people to be different, to be who they really are & to reach for the unknown. It can be what inspires them to go into careers in tech or science, to educate and support the next generation.” username=”justgeekingby”]

Being a geek is amazing and inspirational, and I am thankful for it teaching me that anything is possible.


Over to You

I hope that this gave you a bit more of an insight into me and what being a geek and the geeky world means to me. What about you? Is there an identity or community that you’re thankful for?

[bctt tweet=”Being a geek is amazing and inspirational, and I am thankful for it teaching me that anything is possible.” username=”justgeekingby”]

Is it the geeky world or something else?

If you’re a fellow geek did anything in this entry strike a chord? Do you have any insights of your own to add?

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Let me know in the comments and if you’re in the US I hope you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving! Got a suggestion for another 10 Things? Pop it in the comments too 🙂


10 Things I learned at my first Sci Fi Weekender!

10 Things I Learned at my first Sci Fi Weekender!

Last March we headed down to Wales for our first ever Sci Fi Weekender (SFW) and had an absolute blast. I had hoped to post detailing our experience last year, but life and health got away from me and I never got a chance to finish it. I intend to get one done this year so stay tuned for that at the end of the month! For now though I wanted to share 10 things I learned from our visit last year. Prior to the event last March I tried to find some information online and found a very old blog post from one of the first events and that was it! Hopefully this will give you a better idea of what to expect if you’re heading to SFW for the first time or thinking of going next year. Please feel free to leave any questions in the comments 🙂 ((Map is from Google maps and Masquerade image is from Public Domain Images. All other images are copyrighted to me.))



Hafan y Môr Map

1 – It’s in the middle of Nowhere

I was going to start by saying this is relevant if you’re traveling by car, however, I think this is also relevant for anyone traveling by public transport. The holiday village, Hafan y Môr, is lovely and located close to the Welsh Coast – but that means it is in the middle of bloody nowhere! There’s a week to go and if you haven’t started planning your travel I really suggest doing so because it isn’t straight forward at all. Expect to be completely confused and at times bamboozled as you go down tiny Welsh lanes and wonder whether you’re going the right way. A SATNAV is essential, and you do have the bonus of listening to the navigator trying to pronounce all the Welsh place names.

I also really do suggest making sure you check your car and that you have everything prepared in case of emergency because if something did go wrong you could be stuck in the middle of nowhere – especially with the warnings of bad weather again.



Bring your Wellies!

2 – Bring Wellies

One thing I wish someone had told us was how easily the caravan park turns into a marshy bog. It was raining when we arrived Thursday evening and a few hours later there was a complimentary swimming pool with our caravan! It remained muddy and marshy all weekend so pack a pair of wellies or at least some boots!



Don't rely on technology

3 – Don’t rely on technology

The site is a total black spot, so don’t rely on having internet access or even phone signal. I’ve been told that the site seems to have updated their wifi since last March (thanks Blazing Minds!), however, I would suggest taking that with a pinch of salt and this doesn’t necessarily mean phones will be working. So if you have someone you need to contact over the weekend I strongly urge that you let them know in advance that you might be out of touch. Likewise, it can make it hard to meet up with friends so I would suggest making plans in advance as to when and where you want to meet up.



Smaller & more intimate venue

4 – Expect a smaller and more intimate venue

The venue, and especially the area for signing, is much smaller and thus more intimate than you would find at a bigger convention. You still need to queue, and you only get a limited time with the celebrity but as you can see from this photo of the lovely Chris Barrie you can sit close by and observe to your hearts content (observe, not stalk). I get completely tongue tied when it comes to meeting celebrities so it you suffer from anxiety it’s nice to be able to take a seat nearby and get your bearings before the actual moment. Don’t expect much – or any – photo opportunities. Unlike at bit conventions you’re literally paying for the signing and if you’re later in the queue (it’s done by raffle numbers) then they are usually short for time. Most don’t mind a photo taken by a companion while the signing is happening, they just don’t have time to post for selfies.

Also, BIG tip is that there are no photos for you to pick up to be signed. They literally just have a very crappy logo-ed piece of paper with a tiny signing spot so make sure you bring something more memorable to get signed. It doesn’t need to be a bulky item like a dvd; we have really nice notebooks from a Blizzard convention that we use for example.



Never enough seats

5 – There’s never enough seating available

The fact that the venue is small also means that there is never enough seating for events, especially the big events or popular celebrities. For one event we tried to stop in two different places and were moved on; first by security and second by a less than polite fellow attendee. Later at an event we began to understand why he was so irate, however, there’s still no need to be so rude if people don’t even realise that they’re blocking your view. This problem occurs because the seating in the main room is split by a walk way and therefore, when all the seats at the front and tables at the back are filled people naturally converge in the walkway to stand and watch. Unfortunately that means that the people behind at the tables cannot see anything. It’s a simple case of overselling tickets for the convention and not realising how many people actually attend certain events. You can, of course, buy an upgraded ticket which provides you with seating at every event in the main hall. However, there’s a catch; they sell insanely quickly the year before the convention. Yep, that’s right. It sells out the year before, so you need to have the funds available and be quick on the draw.



Disabled Assistance

6 – There’s hardly any support for disabled visitors

As a holiday park the venue itself is fully catered for disabled visitors, however, the actual convention staff appear to have very little training in how to help disabled visitors. Their website says to speak directly to them if you seek aid, and upon doing so I was asked ‘do you have a blue badge?’, which I can only assume was to prove that we did indeed need assistance. When I explained that no, we did not, and that it was extremely hard to obtain one, I was then informed that we could pay extra to gain seating for every event by purchasing a royalty or VIP ticket. However, as this was mentioned it was also stated that they were completely sold out so that wasn’t even an actual viable option. The only useful information given was that we could ask for assistance at celebrity signings. This assistance consisted of informing the staff and security managing the event that we were disabled, required additional assistance and therefore, could avoid queuing and be allowed to go straight to the signing table. We chose not to do this for our signings because quite frankly, it didn’t feel that reliable and there was no where for disabled people to sit to wait. So it was a case of standing and waiting, or standing in a queue and waiting.

As we both suffer from chronic illnesses that do not require walking aids, or wheelchairs, I cannot comment on how the situation is for disabled people that use these. Perhaps, the convention staff offer more aid to those that they deem appropriately disabled or can offer “proof” – this may seem harsh, but sadly it is the way invisible illnesses are considered by many.  I did note that the security teams were very active in keeping the wheelchair ramps and access areas clear, so there is that at least.



Geeky Stalls

7 – Don’t forget to check out the stalls

One thing I regret from last year is that we were so busy trying to get to events, and catch hold of cosplayers for photos that I didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted browsing the stalls. For me personally there was also some nasty migraines thrown in, but it is so easy to get overwhelmed with everything going on that you don’t truly get to appreciate the goods on offer and the people who made them. You get the usual geeky mass produced geeky products, such as Funko Pops, however, there are so many handmade unique items which you probably won’t find any where else! I also had some great chats with some of the stall owners, especially Pam of Pams Happy Hats and June of Clan Jewels. Chris picked up a BB-8 hat from Pam’s stall (I couldn’t choose one, there were so many awesome choices!) and I picked up a gorgeous moonstone pendant from Clan Jewels. I really hope to see them both back this year, and also excited to meet new people and their geekywares!



The Masquerade

8 – The Masquerade is very very low-key

I was really excited that  there was a masquerade ball because it is something I’ve wanted to go to for a long time. So we put a lot of effort in and got dressed up, only to find that it is extremely low key. There is no dress code, and while many people use it as an excuse to dress up in fantasy style gear or cosplay, there were a lot of people in just hoodies and jeans. Essentially this is still a geek event and not everyone wants to dress up. So if the idea of  masquerade or formal wear causes you anxiety, don’t panic! It is totally a do as you please event and there’s other stuff happening at the same time, so you can skip the whole thing if you want to. This year we’re going low-key, nice top and jeans because we honestly just don’t have the energy to go all out.



Cosplayers at Sci Fi Weekender

9 – Don’t be afraid to approach Entertainers & Cosplayers

I spent most of the weekend building up my confidence when it came to approaching the professional entertainers and fellow visitors who were cosplaying, and while I did manage to approach several, I do wish I’d done it a bit more. On the whole the entertainers were really friendly and happy to take photos, and I currently have an outstanding invitation with Tabitha Lyons to grab a photo with her next time I see her at a con. In general I found that the non-professional cosplayers could be a bit shyer, and were generally just shocked that someone liked their cosplay and actually wanted a photo. So my advice is be super polite and understanding, if someone says no then accept it and move on, and just use common sense i.e. don’t be creepy or interrupt conversations. It’s also considered extremely rude to take photos of cosplayers while they’re working with a photographer on a shoot, so always ask before you take a photo just in case you’re interrupting a planned shoot.



Meet Entertainers

10 – Keep an eye out in the crowd for entertainers

There’s going to be a lot of people wandering around and it is really easy to miss some great opportunities to talk to entertainers before they’ve done their big show, aka before people realise who they are and want their attention. We bumped into one of the entertainers, Chris Cross, who was offering magic tricks the day before his event and not realising who he was we just kept on moving. After seeing his fantastic show I really wish we’d gotten some time with him!


Over to you

That brings us to the end of my 10 lessons learned from last years Sci Fi Weekender. I hope that it’s been useful, and while there are some negative points there were also many many things that made it a fantastic experience – after all, we’re going back this year so clearly something went right 😉 If you’re heading to Hafan y Môr next weekend then I hope to see you there (feel free to say hi!) and if you’re not, I’ll be tweeting and instagramming (provided the wifi holds up 😉 ) all weekend. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments 🙂

Fred’s Box Minifigures Subscription Box Review

Fred's Box, subscription box for kids (and geeks!) Review

I have always wanted to receive a subscription box and so when the lovely team at Fred’s Box contacted me to offer me the chance to review one, I snapped up the chance! I had hoped to use this as a good excuse to begin my foray into the world of videos via an unboxing video, but sadly my body has decided not to comply with that request. I was good though! I sat on the closed box for a while before having to admit defeat and open it. I may still do a video after the fact, for now I hope you enjoy my review!


About Fred’s Box

So, a little introduction first to the product. Fred’s Box is a kid’s monthly subscription box, but as you can tell from me – aka an adult with no children (cats don’t count for this one!) – this is a box that is just as appealing to geeky adults because it is a box filled with minifigures! Yep, those little guys that fit on building blocks like Lego. I love these and have several keyring versions. There are 9 different versions of Fred’s Box so you can easily get one that works best for you! Small Fred’s Box contains 2 minifigures; Standard Fred’s Box contains 4 minifigures; Medium Fred’s Box contains 6 minifigures; Large Fred’s Box contains 10 minifigures; Party Fred’s Box contains 15 minifigures. There are also boxes available in genders; Fred’s box for boys, Lily’s for girls and Mojo for twins – I really like the fact that there’s a twins version. You also don’t have to pick a gendered one; you can go unisex, so if gendered toys is an issue for you this is one company that puts the option in your hands, as the parent, or your child’s.

Their customisation options go even further; they openly offer you the chance to discuss your box with them and ask for a theme. I was offered this chance and went with the first things that came to mind; Star Wars and comic book characters.


Every month we choose a different theme: from TV characters, to Superheroes and even Santa or the Easter Bunny. It’s not only the theme that changes each month, either – each month is unique, filled with a fresh batch of awesomeness!”


They offer you the chance to browse their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to see the full range of figures. Personally I’m holding back as I’d prefer to have it be a surprise if I get another box in the future. The prices are also very reasonable, starting £4.85 for 2 figures for a one off box. You can save a few pennies by going with a subscription for 3 months (for 2 figures) which is £14.50. Six months is £27.50 and a year is £54.00, bringing the price down each time with a yearly subscription coming in at £4.50 a month.


My Box

I was very happy to open my box and find out that Star Wars had been selected as my theme! The pre-mentioned keyrings are also Star Wars (and cat woman), and these are all brand new additions to my collection. The box was small enough to fit through my letter box, and the figures were snuggly wrapped in paper confetti – which is a good thing because my postman was not at all careful about slinging it through the post box! The paper confetti doesn’t look like much protection, however, because of the nature of the minifigures with their nooks and crannies, they actually catch in the paper and hold in place. I was able to tip the box up for photo #2 and the only thing that moved were the additional weapons.

Speaking of which; they were a nice additional touch! I didn’t expect to get little props with them, and was so excited to see that there was one that matched each figure – including a bow caster for Chewie! I also was really happy to see that there was such a mix; I’ve got two big characters (Chewie and Vader) from the original trilogy, and prequels, and then K-2SO from Rogue One (which I’ve still not seen, I know, total failure as a Star Wars geek!). The stormtrooper I’m not sure if he’s the newer edition from The Force Awakens or resembles the older ones from the OT – I’d have to hunt down some photos from the movies to actually check for sure. But the fact is, they have that much detail that I actually have to ask the question. From their helmets to the details on their chests, each figure is a wonderful miniature of much loved characters. K-2SO is a bit different from the others as he’s much thinner and his body doesn’t move as much, or come apart like the others (I may have accidentally pulled a few arms out and beheaded the stormie while trying to fit the weapons….).


Overall Opinion

I was really happy with the box! I had so much fun taking the photos of the individual figures, to the point where I have a distinct feeling you may see a photo shoot set around the house or outside with them in the future 😉 They are fantastic quality and the thought and effort that goes into putting each box together makes it really feel like someone cares about the box you receive – something that makes it even more magical, especially if you’re giving it to a child. The packaging was simple and effective, and I like that it fitted through the mailbox with ease (and survived my not-so-gentle postie bouncing it off the floor..). Sometimes you’re not able to make it to the door, or even be home, when a delivery is due so that is really useful. One thing is for sure; Fred’s box is addictive. These super cute minifigures make you want to have more! I’m thrilled to bits with my Star Wars ones, but now I want to know what else there is! It’s a little bit of magic sailing through your door every month, and whether you’re a kid or an adult, the wonder of what could be hiding in your box this time is huge.


Pinterest Competition

Fred’s Box currently have a competition going on over on their Pinterest account until the end of May. So go check it out, get pinning and good luck! If you win or decide to get a box let me know what you get!


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about something I’ve not covered let me know in the comments!

Geek on the High Street [Geek on the High Street]

Sharing Saturday: Geek on the High Street

It’s that time again! The aim of Geek on the High Street is to find and highlight geeky products that can be found in normal high street stores. Unfortunately a lot of women’s clothes stores and department stores like Debenhams & M&S consider geeky stuff to be for men or children. So Geek on the High Street was born to shine a light on some of the hidden geeky treasures for geek girls. I’ll be mainly focusing on women’s fashion since mostly women read my blog, but if anyone is interested in a male version please let me know in the comments!You can check out round 1 here and round 2 here 🙂

Like last time you can find a few of my favourites featured in this post while the pinterest board has everything! 🙂



Dorothy Perkins

Not much over at Dorothy Perkins as usual, however, there were a few cute and quirky items such as these racoon slippers, retro top and unicorn socks.


George at Asda

This time around George at Asda was quite a let down. A few socks, a Minnie and Mickey top and a few unicorn themed items were the highlights.






First timers on Geek on the High Street, Evans don’t have much in the way of geeky but I did manage to spot these quirky tops and some fab items in their nightwear section. Namely some awesome animal pyjama and night mask sets and animal themed dressing gowns.


H & M

H & M have an eclectic selection right now, including some DC underwear, this fabulous dragon onesie and some Disney and Star wars goodies.


New Look

Sorry unicorn fans, it seems that New Look has ditched their fascination with unicorns. Instead there’s some grungy gothic items and some cutie pie socks to satisfy your geeky needs!



Next had a surprising amount of bits that caught my eye, including items from Disney, some rock band tees, these snazzy Star Wars PJs and just look at those awesome swan slippers!



Another newcomer, Matalan seems to keep their geeky and quirky items for places that can’t be seen in public. Namely, sleeping, shoes and socks. If you’re partial to quirky socks then this is a place for you to check out.


River Island


River Island is mainly focused on dark, rock and grunge items, although there’s a few quirky items such as this science planet t-shirt that I spotted.



First time here for Select, and and as you can see they don’t really cater much to the alternative and geeky crowd. I did find these two items though, and loving the #witchplease top.


Sports Direct

Sports Direct are once again the winner in all round awesomeness for alternative, quirky and geeky items with a tonne of well known fandoms and names covered. Like always you can view all the items I found on the Geek on the High Street pinterest board, but here are a few I had to share with you!


Sports Direct – Dresses

Wait.. Sports Direct have a new shop? ‘Fraid not folks. There were just that many absolutely awesome geeky dresses and skirts that I had to give them their own section, and even then this was me ‘narrowing it down to a select few’. Yep, you need to check them out on the pinterest board pronto!


TK Maxx

Ok, I may just be a little bit obsessed with the TK Maxx cat hoodie and t-shirt featured above. There’s not really any fandoms over there and the only geeky brands are band related. There’s some fun quirky and fantasy stuff though, like the dinosaur top and the wolf eyes t-shirt.



Topshop’s geeky game is a bit all over the place this time around to be honest. There’s not really any fandoms, other than the Disney PJs seen here. However, if you’re looking for weird, whimsical, whacky and quirky then Topshop has you covered. As you can see from the selection here there’s some science stuff, zodiac, a few unicorns, some nifty slogans and those damn awesome snake jeans.



Sadly Uniqlo’s collaboration with Disney is over, as is their Star Wars one that featured in December (although, to be fair you didn’t miss much as most of it catered to men or unisex). There’s still some Minnie and Mickey items about, as well as a bunch of Peanuts stuff and some awesome Marvel comic t-shirts too.


Have you spotted some geeky items around your local high street? Anything I’ve missed? Let me know, and don’t forget to follow the Pinterest board for future updates!

























5 Galentine’s Day Gifts Ideas [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Fandom Friday - Galentines Day Gifts


When I first saw this prompt I was like, huh?! I was not at all familar with the concept so had to look it up.

“Oh it’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it. Ladies celebrating ladies.”

– Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knopein Parks and Recreation


This is something that I can embrace and totally get on board with. Growing up I found it very difficult to have female friends because I was more of a tom boy and into geeky stuff instead of swooning over the latest celebrity or caring what was in fashion. As I’ve grown older I’ve gotten more female friends, some of who are in relationships and others who are single. I know every year that Valentines day can be a bullet through the heart for those who have yet to find their one, so the idea of saying ‘screw partners’ and spending time with independent amazing women sounds bloody awesome to me!

My female friends cover a wide range of personality types and interests, but this is a fandom prompt so I went geeky and stuck to fandom related things. Maybe next year I’ll do a more inclusive blog post for gift ideas for Galentines day. For now though, enjoy!



Well, duh, of course this is top of my list! I think there is nothing more amazing or special than gifting someone with a bunch of books. If they have the same interests as you then it’s lovely and personal to give them a selection of your favourites. If they’re into different genres then check out their TBR or wish list (most book worms have one!) and spoil them with a selection. There’s even the possibility of getting the same book for everyone and getting together again when you’re all finished; like a personal mini book group! The ideas and possibilities are endless. If you’re short on cash there’s sites like bookmooch and read it swap it, as well as charity shops so you can do good and spoil your gal pals 🙂 And if they’re an e-book lover don’t forget to check out my list of ways to get free e-books!




Everyone uses stationery, geeks especially and thanks to sites like etsy there is an abundance of geeky stationery available online – like this fantastic stamp from biterswit! Whether your friend is just a post it note and pen kind of girl, or whether they’re a total bullet journal fan, there is something for everyone.




I’ve yet to meet a geek, male or female, who doesn’t like plushies from fandoms. There is something about seeing a character in cute squishy form that appeals to lots of people and there is so many to choose from. Most fandoms have a plushie form for characters, especially creatures. If you can’t find an “official” one (like this adorable wind rider cub by Blizzard Entertainment) then check out sites like etsy and deviantart for handmade wonders.


Virtual Gifts

Virtual gifts come in various different shapes and sizes, and can be tailored to your friends interest. If they’re a gamer chances are there is some form of virtual gift (like World of Warcraft’s adorable Mischief pet!) or currency you can get for them. There’s also a bunch of online subscriptions or paid services that might interest them, such as more icons on Livejournal or a core upgrade on Deviantart. The best thing about virtual gifts is you can usually buy something for someone from another country without any hassle. Virtual gifts don’t have to cost money; if you’re handy with photoshop why not make your girl friends some graphics? Make some icons, maybe a desktop/phone wallpaper or even a banner for their blog.



Being a geeky girl means sometimes finding suitable apparel that isn’t just for guys, unisex or looks baggy and unflattering is a chore. As a geek and a girl that makes you perfectly suited to finding fantastic apparel for your friends that matches their fandoms! I absolutely why I love online stores like Jinx and Wild Bangarang, because they make products for women and have attitude. Like this amazing World of Warcraft T-shirt, perfect for Galentine’s day in my opinion!


What do you think? Do you celebrate Galentine’s day or never heard of it (like me!)? What would you give your gal pals as a special treat?