4 Beautiful Etsy Stores I Love

Sharing Saturday: etsy stores



I love etsy and have been known to get lost on it for hours on end. Here are a selection of stores I’ve been following for a while. I absolutely love their style and the range of items they sell and I hope you do to!

Do you have any awesome etsy stores you think I’ll like? Leave a comment! 🙂


brandi2 brandi3brandi1



Brandi York Art

What drew me originally to this store was the gorgeous art nouveau style art as shown above, however, since then Brandi’s art has grown in leaps and bounds. Her stop features a wide range of geeky items from various different fandoms. Shown above are her pieces for Sylvanas (World of Warcraft),  Harry Dresden (Dresden files) and Jaina Proudmore (World of Warcraft) – click a photo to be taken directly to that item!



circe1circe2 circe3


Circes House

As a Pagan I often find it hard to find jewellery that uses unique gemstones, and so I turn to etsy for my fill. This store in particular caught my eye because of the use of various gemstones with delicate items and beads. I’m not a big fan of massive stones, so this store suits me well. Items displayed are Labradorite necklace, Moonstone earrings and a Citrtine Necklace.



mouse1 mouse2 mouse3






TheHouseof Mouse

TheHouseofMouse is exactly what it says; a house of mice. Namely, the mouse version of most cult and geeky fandoms around, along with some other historical and notable figures. I don’t need to explain why they’re on the list; just look how cute they are! Featured above is Chewie (Star Wars), Dumbledore (Harry Potter) and Weeping Angel (Doctor Who).



angry1 angry2 angry3









This shop is one I have personally bought from (the gorgeous labradorite earrings in the first picture) and can attest to the beautiful craftsman ship. I love the designs of this shop and the variety of gemstones used. Pictures show Labradorite earrings, Turquoise bracelet and Tourmaline necklace.











5 Fandom Habits I Have [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Fandom Friday - Fandom habits

A day late due to the shocking events of yesterday, so today you’re going to get a bumper post of 5 fandom friday and sharing saturday (coming later!)

So this weeks prompt is fandom habits, and it was a tricky one because I wasn’t sure what to include – and then my brain went into overdrive and I had to cut it down to 5. Hope you enjoy 🙂


Getting emotionally invested

I’ve always been an emotional person, so it is no surprise that fandoms get the same treatment. I’ve been known to cry while watching/reading stuff, seeking cuddles after something happens and screaming at the TV. I’ve also avoided some books, mainly in the Star Wars EU because a character dies in it and I couldn’t bring myself to go there. It took me a long time to finish the New Jedi Order series thanks to that!


Further Reading

If I fall in love with a fandom I will devour any source of information I can get my hands on; books, comics, and so forth. I’ve been known to read through wiki’s and fansites for fandoms I’m interested in, but not a massive fan of, such as comic universes. There’s so much to cover that even when I get a chance to start reading, I’ll still never cover it all quick enough for my brain. The most notable fandoms are my two biggest; Star Wars and Warcraft/World of Warcraft, and it shows from my collections! I also started reading the Doctor Who new adventures novels a few years back and fell in love with those.



Like emotional investments, I’ve always been a collector and so it also now applies to fandoms. Plushies, figurines, keyrings, trading cards, books/comics, video games, things in video games 😛 You get the idea 😀


Binge Watching

So this one isn’t unusual, however, I tend to binge watch shows that were around years ago and then swallow up every season. I especially do this with crime shows because I keep running out of current ones to watch. It’s also not uncommon for me to start a new show (at the time), such as Vampire Diaries or Once Upon a Time, and then pick them up years later. Yep, way behind with both of those but I know I’ll catch up eventually.


Bad Judgement

I have a terrible habit of loving the bad/treacherous characters and then oh crap, they’re evil!! Agents of SHIELD is the worst culprit for this (Whedon, I both love and hate you) and every time I watch that show now I’m like ‘please don’t be evil!’.




World of Warcraft: Legion Beta Screenshots

World of Warcraft: Legion Beta Screenshots


I’ve been a World of Warcraft player since the beginning (check out my characters here!) and was super excited to get an invite to the Beta. My fiance, Chris, got one too so we’ve been having great fun exploring. As we’re alliance players normally we’ve chosen to go horde for the beta because normally we never get to experience the horde storylines (my biggest horde is like 50 something) and we didn’t want to entirely spoil the expansion for ourselves.

I love taking screenshots and have an entire gallery dedicated to them. So naturally new beta, tonnes of screenshots time 😀 I’m sharing them on my Facebook page Ruby Wings Network so if you’re interested or know someone who is, please take look and like the page 🙂

Warning: There are spoilers and all albums are tagged with a spoiler warning.




Useful World of Warcraft Addons I Recommend

Sharing Saturday: World of Warcraft Addons


I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since 2007 and over the years addons have come and gone. Everyone has their own opinion of what addon is best for what, so I ask when reading this post to respect my opinions and not comment just to tell me that addon X is much better for this etc. I’ve not included ones for UIs or raiding because I wanted to focus on niche addons that are extremely useful for certain things. I’ve included links to curse as that is what I use to manage my addons, however, I’m sure if you google the name of the addon you can find it else where if you prefer.


Premade Group Finder

Premade Group Finder is my latest must have addon if you’re searching for rares, server hopping, looking for raids/groups of any kind. This bad boy kindly helped me get my darkmoon rabbit the other day and has made farming the MOP world bosses 100% easier. Basically it lets you make a list of keywords to search group finder and it will alert you when it finds one. You can set it to make noises, whisper you, pop up, and even whisper your friends. You can also set it to auto invite you when it finds a group, which for the darkmoon rabbit was an absolute necessity. Seriously, I would marry this addon if it was a person and if it ever breaks I will cry.


Pets to Buy

I featured all the Pet related addons in my Starters Guide to Pet battles but Pets to Buy gets a special shout out because it is so useful for avid collectors. It adds a module to Auctionator which automatically searches just for the pets you do not have yet. Fantastically useful if like me you have most of them and can’t be bothered to search through 100s of other pets.


Prayer of Mending Tracker

One for the priests, Prayer of Mending Tracker does exactly what it says on the tin; it puts up a little tracker that shows where your POM currently is and how long it has left on it.



MogIt is a transmog must have. It allows you to view transmog sets in game as well as make a wish list on each character. If an item on your wish list comes up there is a note on the item to tell you it is on your wish list. This is especially useful for random greens/blues or crafting items, especially now that it crosses over on each character. So if X item is on your druids wish list, it will say so on your priest and so forth.



HandyNotes is one of those addons that has multiple additional modules, such as the Timeless Isle, MOP scrolls and more recently treasures in WOD. It basically puts small icons on your map (and mini map if you choose) with notes about the item. These include what it is, as well as any bugs and notes about how to get it.  I started using it in the days of the Timeless Isle and still use it now.



Just a wee addon for toys, Gepetto is mostly useful for when you’re clearing out a characters bank or have returned from a long break from WoW before the toybox was put in game. It basically tells you what toys are not in your collection and where they are on that character.


Daily Global Check

Another little addon which is so useful if you’re farming World Bosses. Daily Global Check lets you check if you’ve killed a boss on that character – especially useful if you’re farming them on multiple characters. After killing the MOP bosses an extra time on one character once I decided I needed something to keep track of them.


Mount Farm Helper

There is just so many things to collect in game now that sometimes it gets really confusing and you can forget about things. That’s why I use Mount Farm Helper (and because I can never remember which dungeon drops what mount). It makes a list of what mounts you still need and where they come from.


Archeology Helper

There are loads of Archeology addons out there but this little gem I found last year when farming for achievements. Archeology Helper displays a little hub on your screen with a green, yellow and red button like you find on the archeology flasher. You stand on the spot of flasher and then click the corresponding colour, and it puts a little cone up to show that area. Each time you click a colour and add a cone it helps narrow down the search area until voila there’s your fragment. It’s a wee bit of a cheat, but I’ve done so much archaeology now and put in the hard work. that anything that makes it quicker is a bonus.




Geek on the High Street

Sharing Saturday: Geek on the High Street

Ok, so technically it’s Sunday (and quite late on a Sunday at that). This week has been tough, and I had to skip last weeks SS so I refused to skip a second one.

Geek on the High Street is an idea I had last year and considered creating a blog around, instead it will make a regular appearance as a Sharing Saturday. I had hoped to go out and actually browse shops, but sadly health hasn’t allowed for that so I’ve had to look online. The aim of Geek on the High Street is to find and highlight geeky products that can be found in normal high street stores. I’ll be mainly focusing on women’s fashion since mostly women read my blog, but if anyone is interested in a male version please let me know in the comments!

New Look

New look had a few things, but primarily there were lots and lots of unicorns. Either unicorns are ‘in’ at the moment or someone at New Look reaaallly likes them. Here’s a few of my faves along with some Minnie and Snoopy tops I found. All of these can be found on the New Look website.


H & M

H & M had a few band t-shirts as well as these cute batman PJs, Minion socks, Micky PJ bottoms and Micky top.


Top Shop

I’m not a massive Top Shop fan, I honestly avoid it like the plague because I’ve always found its products are the total opposite of geekyness. However, it turned out to be a virtual gold mine of geeky stuff. There’s a tonne more Micky and Minnie stuff on there (the mouses are very in right now it seems) but I absolutely love the troll top 😀



As you can see the Disney Mouses trend continues in Uniqlo, although they did have several other Disney t-shirts such as the Alice and Wonderland and Snow White tops featured here. There were also a couple of Hello Kitty ones as well, so this is definitely one to watch to see what else they come up with


And the rest…

.Then there were a few notable items from these shops. Blondie T-shirt from Miss Selfridge, Minnie socks from Next (they had a few other cute Disney and animation pairs too!) and David Bowie jumper from River Island.


I hope you enjoyed this first edition of Geek on the High Street 🙂 Let me know what you think of these products in the comments!