My 5 Favourite Harry Potter Relationships [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Fandom Friday - Favourite Harry Potter relationships

A bumper edition of 2 late blog posts today. I’ve been ill all week again and responsibly chose to do some studying the one time my body decided to comply. So here are my favourite Harry Potter relationships.


Harry & Ginny

I was never a big Cho fan, and the awkwardness of their relationship always made me wince. In comparison Harry and Ginny always seemed natural, and very sweet. It was a relationship that took time to come together, with both growing up and finding other partners before realising there was something there. Ginny is an amazingly strong woman who liked Harry for who he was as a person, warts and all. She knew what she was getting herself into and she stuck by him.



Hermione & Ron

I just love these two and their relationship, from best friends to lovers. Their relationship took forever to reach fruition, had so many ups and downs and it got to the point where I honestly wondered whether it was going to happen. They’re complete opposites in some ways, and yet they’re exactly what the other needs to balance their life and complete them.




Bill & Fleur

These guys are just so sweet together and so in love. Originally disliked by Bill’s mum and sister, Fleur proves herself after Bill is attacked by a werewolf and scarred for life.




Lupin & Tonks

This relationship is a bittersweet one; sweet because of how lovely it was and bitter because of how it ended. Tonks loved Lupin despite him being a werewolf, and despite his many attempts to push her away. He was certain that he was wrong for her, but love won out in the end. Sadly they never got to see their son grow up, but they made the world a better place for him just as Lupin hoped.




Molly & Arthur

The Weasley family is one of my favourite parts of the Harry Potter universe, and so of course I had to list these two on here. The loving parents of the Weasley brood, they share the love with many others, including Harry and Hermione, and it’s clear they love one another dearly.




My 5 Favourite Moments From The Harry Potter Series [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Fandom Friday - Favourite moments from the Harry Potter series

One thing I noticed when trying to write this prompt; it was very hard to narrow it down to just 5 moments and all the ones I chose came from the later books. I’m not sure why that is, it might be because I was an adult reading about teenagers and so I identified more with them as they got older. Or perhaps it was the culmination of everything, of all the links and stories finally coming together.



Hermione & the boys – Half-Blood Prince

This is technically two moments that I am rolling into one. In Half-Blood Prince Hermione slaps Harry on the head and also conjures birds to chase Ron. Both times the boys are being complete numpties and needed (in Harry’s case a literal) slap. I loved these two moments because for me it emphasised just how silly boys can be at that age, and how frustrating for girls it was because we mature at a different speed. Not to mention Hermione is badass 😀


Molly Weasley vs Bellatrix – Deathly Hallows

It’s become one of the classic and most well known moments of the Harry Potter world, and for a good reason. After losing one son in the battle, Molly does whatever she has to to protect her only daughter and proves that you don’t want to mess with a mother and her child. Up until this point Molly has been the mother hen, looking after everyone and not necessarily promoting violence. But even she realises that sometimes there is such evil that the only thing you can do is fight and you have to win for the sake of your family.


Hermione & Ron kiss at last – Deathly Hallows

I’m a sucker for romance and I saw this relationship early on, watched it ebb and flow and both make decisions that hurt the other. In the end the way they got together was perfect and fitted with the pair. They were never going to be the type to sit down and have a romantic dinner. This was a friendship that had grown and blossomed through pain and sacrifice, and it was only ever going to happen in the middle of everything crazy and dangerous going on. I have to admit; I cheered when this finally happened, maybe even teared up a bit.


Always – Deathly Hallows

I tear up even thinking about this, writing about this and I think I always will. Snape’s true intentions were always difficult to pin down, and finally when Harry gets to view Snape’s memories he and the readers finally learn the truth. It is a lesson of love, unrequited but never ever ending, and it is beautiful, sad and tragic. It is portrayed in the movies beautifully and elegantly by the recently departed Alan Rickman which I think just adds to the building of emotional and sadness attached to this moment. It’s so powerful and to think, it’s all summed up in one single word.


Epilogue SceneThe Epilogue – Deathly Hallows

For me the epilogue makes this list not because we get to see the trio grown up and with their kids, but because of the scene where Harry and Ginny’s son James spots Teddy (Remus and Tonks son) snogging his cousin Victoire (Fleur and Bill’s daughter).

James Sirius : “Our Teddy! Teddy Lupin! Snogging our Victoire! Our cousin! And I asked Teddy what he was doing —

Ginny Potter: “You interrupted them? You are so like Ron —

James Sirius : “— and he said he had come to see her off! And then he told me to go away! He was snogging her!

It’s like, despite everything that has happened and 19 years have passed, everything is still very much the same. There’s still a bunch of kids following in their parents footsteps and heading off to Hogwarts on Platform 9 3/4. You also get the sense that there these kids are going to be as much – if not more – of a handful than their parents.

There’s also the parallels that can be drawn between Teddy and Harry. Both lost their parents battling Voldemort, but until with Harry, Teddy is surrounded by his extended family. As James shares the gossp about Teddy and Victoire, his sister is pleased to hear the news and hopes that they will get married so that Teddy is an official member of their family (Potter/Weasley). It is the end of the series, which is sad in itself, yet I found myself happy and excited for the characters rather than lamenting the end of the books (as it was at the time).


How about you? What are your favourite moments from the series?




My 5 Favourite Harry Potter Characters [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Fandom Friday - Favourite Harry Potter characters

I got involved in the Harry Potter fandom late in the game, when pretty much all the books and some of the movies were out. However, when I finally did start reading it I fell in love with the characters and the world J.K.Rowling created. So here is the first of my Harry Potter month prompts; my favourite characters 🙂



I was quite literally Hermione when I was at school, right down to the wavy hair with a mind of its own, and so it’s no surprise that I bonded with her straight away. I saw her point of view, could remember being in that situation and having people urging me to just break the rule. Rules were meant to be broken, right? I will always admire Hermione for standing up for what she believed in, doing what she thought was right (and usually was right) and following it through to the end. This is one girl that never backed down, never let anyone stop her and of course, who can forget the epic moment when she punched Draco on the nose? She’s smart and kicks ass.




Professor Minerva McGonagall

The thing that makes this character special to me is that she’s always one step ahead of the same. Sure, she’s a teacher and therefore has to punish the Trio from time to time, but she is also well aware that there is much more to it. I read the books as a young adult, and now at 30 I can see a lot of things from her perspective. She couldn’t actively get involved in things, despite knowing what was happening with Voldemort, but she could ‘adjust’ things to help the Trio out without seeming like she was actually helping. It was McGonagall that introduced Harry to quidditch instead of expelling him for using a broomstick without proper supervision. Little moments like that helped define Harry as a person, giving him the independence he needed while gently steering him in the right direction.



Arabella Figg

A minor character compared to the rest, Arabella makes this list because of her testimony to the Ministry of Magic in regards to the Dementors. Despite being born without magic, Arabella still has a foot in the wizarding world and shows sarcasm and tenacity when interviewed by the ministry.




As a cat lover I fell in love with this character straight away, but it was the events of The Prisoner of Azkaban that sold him further. Crookshanks was the only one who realised who Peter Pettigrew really was, and made a point of trying to catch hold of him every chance he got. At first it looked like a typical cat and mouse animosity, but as time went on it became obvious that Crookshanks was above such petty squabbles. He even managed to steal a list of passwords for Gryffindor Tower and pass them onto Sirius so he could get in to talk to Harry.



The Weasleys

I couldn’t decide on one Weasley because all of them are amazing and fascinating characters in their own right. The whole Potter universe would not be the same without this wizarding family, whether it be the twins and their tricks, Ron at Harry’s side, Ginny as the awkward young girl and later love interest of Harry, the mothering of Mrs Weasley and Mr Weasley’s obsession with all things muggle. The lesser known Weasleys, Bill, Percy and Charlie were also characters that had a unique roll to play in Harry’s story.