5 Geeky Expressions Only Your Friends Would Understand

5 Fandom Friday - Geeky Expressions

When compiling this list I noticed a pattern; most of my geeky expressions come from gaming. There’s a few others that didn’t make the list, like referring to a crack in a wall for Whovians, but most are those that have come up in my years playing World of Warcraft.


I think this is probably one of the most geeky expressions out there; even my dad uses this one. The best thing is that it can be used and applied to so many situations. Whether you’re seriously struggling with a problem, or having a laugh with your friends. It’s universal and everyone knows what it means.  ((Image Credit – Star Wars Uncut))



This is probably the most obscure one of the list, and is more something I say regularly and usually when gaming. In most games fire = bad. I’ll be raiding and Chris will ask why I died and this will be my typical response. ((Image Credit – Screencapped.net))


From World of Warcraft, this is a line uttered by Kael’thas after his demise in Tempest Keep. It’s become an ongoing long running joke in WoW, if a character dies or magically reincarnates you can bet someone will utter this line. ((Image Credit – EU Battlenet))


Although this one began in World of Warcraft, it’s another one that has become universal. There’s even a wikipedia page for it which includes a list of times it has appeared in TV shows and other places. It became a viral meme very quickly, and if you’ve not yet seen the original video then go check it out (don’t read the wiki page summary, you need to experience this for yourself first!). It’s become an every day slang for my guild and friends, with one us either quoting Leroy’s cry or saying “I’m just gonna leroy it”. I’ve had even non-gamers say this in conversation before, so it’s moved well beyond WoW. ((Image Credit – Hearthstone Wiki))


And the classic Illidain; You are NOT Prepared! His infamous line uttered before engaging in combat with a raid in Black Temple in World of Warcraft. This has become another viral saying/meme for the WoW community, especially when the latest expansion Legion was on the way. I’ve lost count of the many instances and times when this line has been coined. Just remember… you are not prepared!  ((Image Credit – World of Warcraft))


How about you guys; do you find that particular community or fandom has more expressions than another? Do you have a set of geeky expressions within a close group of friends or a whole fandom?





5 TV Shows I Can’t Wait To Watch in 2017 [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Fandom Friday - 2017 Tv shows

Wow, this was more difficult than I anticipated because there really aren’t that many awesome new shows out in 2017 or finding a definitive list of them isn’t easy. In the end I had to go with one of the list being already released, yet not out yet in the UK, just to make the list up for 5. I did find a very interesting list of shows on imdb, however, it wasn’t apparent whether they had been filmed or were just someone’s wishful thinking! I really hope some of them do get made because they sounded awesome.



I have been a fan of X-Men since I was a kid watching the animated series on tv. I’m not familar with some of the comics (mostly due to time) , this character including, however, anything X-Men always perks my interest. I’m super excited about the recent X-Men tv news, but right now Legion has an established première so it makes the list.

The Emerald City

Generally anything fantasy or fairy tale related tends to hit my radar. I’m not sure why, but The Wizard of Oz adaptations/remakes is always something I tend to check out. It’s weird, I’m not a massive fan of the original movie and have not had a chance to read the books. However, any TV or Movie related Oz thing I can probably say I’ve seen and enjoyed!


The Defenders

So, confession time. I’ve not actually watched much of Netflix’s marvel shows.A few episodes of Daredevil, some Jessica Jones and that’s it. It’s not that I’m not interested in them, they just haven’t come around on my ‘to watch’ list yet (and Jessica Jones I started with Chris, so we need to work around our schedules to find a time for it… and we kinda got addicted to iZombie in between… 😉 ). Yet, I am soo excited for this! I just love team ups and can’t wait to see these guys bouncing off each other and working together.


Lethal Weapon

If you didn’t guess it, this is the ‘not out in the UK yet’ show on the list. I absolutely LOVE the movies, so when I heard about this I was both super excited and worried. I haven’t looked into it, watched or read anything. I want a fresh slate for it, and I’m hoping it isn’t horrible.


American Gods

I read the novel a few years ago to see what all the fuss was about, and admittedly, wasn’t that impressed. It’s well written and clever, it just isn’t my kind of thing. That being said, I am curious to see how it adapts from page to screen so I’ll be tuning in.


Did any of these make your list? What are you looking forward to?









November Goals Recap

Monthly Goals November 2016

The end of the month is nigh and it’s time to look back over my monthly goals and see how I did!


I feel quite content with how my blogging went this month, I upped my game but there’s still room for improvement. I need to get scheduling sorted for one, and I am so behind on commenting. So those will be priorities next month.



I failed miserably. The new diet had me all over the place and proved to have some unseen difficulties (more below) so I’ve had a lot less time and energy than I expected.


World of Warcraft

Let’s see…

  • Finish my Demon Hunter campaign.
  • Finish my main’s profession levelling – Fishing is now maxed. It’s proving a lot harder to max everything else, so I think this is going to be a goal for several months
  • Complete a full set of Illusion Books (enchanting) for me and Chris.
  • Finish off Broken Isles achievements for killing rares. (Apparently I’d actually already done this :P)
  • Start levelling my druid with Chris – She should be 110 in the next few days!
  • Start levelling my mage solo – Haven’t even started her 🙁
  • Do the dungeon profession quests on my Demon Hunter and Monk – Demon hunter done (and new ones found), but my monk I slacked on big time. I think I’m just going to leave her for now and concentrate on other characters as she is my bank character.


New Desk Set Up

It’s done and mostly set up 😀 I still need to move my make up from the bathroom into the new desk because I can’t do my make up in the bathroom. This is because I’m really short sighted (like -20 -20 seriously) and our mirror is above the sink… I need a mirror right in front of my face. So sitting down at my new desk with everything nearby works so much better for me.

I do have some pictures though!

Old Desk:



New Desk:




And someone has a home at last!



New Diet

So the new diet has been tricky, and not due to the food. The food prep, especially for breakfast has been difficult for me when my body has decided it doesn’t want to behave. I’ve gotten into a routine, been trying new recipes and finding ones I really enjoy. I’ve also lost 9-10lbs already which seems unreal. I’ve been eating less, been much less hungry between meals and have noticed other good side effects too. My skin is much clearer, other health stuff seems better too.

However, I’ve been really nauseous a lot and I don’t think it’s due to the diet, like I said, I’m not feeling hungry so no feeling light headed etc. I think it’s a part of whatever weird random gland hurting illness that I’ve now had for over a year. My glands have also been getting worse, and sore more often :-/


Work on a Project

Nada, zilch. I was pretty sure that would be the case.


There may also be…

I totally failed on reviews and tutorials, but did get some Bioshock Infinite in!


So that was my month; how did yours go? Did you meet your goals? You may have noticed that I’m not beating myself up for missing stuff and that is important. Remember that when looking back at your own goals and lists 🙂

December goals coming soon!



Pre-Legion Catch Up

World of Warcraft: Legion



Legion is ever so close and so I figured now would be a good time to revisit my Pre-Legion Bucket List. This is my first blog post this month, and an easy one to get me back into the swing of things. I’ve had my exams, and have one more resit assignment due on 5th Sepember. I’ve actually managed to get a lot more of my Bucket list complete than I expected because I’ve been super ill. While there’s been several days in bed/on the couch, the majority of the time it’s much easier for me to be doing something to keep my mind off the constant pain and depressing discomfort. Video gaming is one thing that I can do (most of the time) when I feel really crappy, it keeps me going and so having a bucket list of stuff to do has really helped keep me sane.

So, how did I do? Lets take a look!


Legendary Ring

I got mine done with out any bother, as did Chris, and he even decided to get a second one done! I’m not one for multiple legendaries, especially if I don’t have much time, so I’ve been helping him get his done. Hopefully, he should get the last ones he needs in the next few days before Legion arrives!


Level my Paladin to 100

Not only did I get my Pally to 100, I got all my characters to 100 and even made a second Pally, Zaeliah, which I rushed through dungeons. She’s currently 91 and will be leveling to 100 in the next few days with Chris’ final character, also his Pally. She’s currently Ret, but I’m considering making her Holy.

You can see Zaeliah’s details, and all my characters on my updated World of Warcraft page. Look at all those shiny 100s! 😀


Get my Moose!

Thanks to the lovely and generous hexrowow both Chris and I got our Grove Warden mount ! 🙂



As predicted, the next weeks reset yielded the final boss I needed; Drov. Pepe achieved!




Collections – Wardrobe

I managed to get most of the shirts and tabards ready before the patch came out, although there were a few I had to go fly about to get.


Collections – Toys

I got quite a few I didn’t have and you can see the updated list of progress for them too.


Pet Charms

I’ve gotten some pet charms, but I haven’t actively been collecting them that much. Mainly just whatever I get from leveling a few new pets in battles against the Draenor battle masters.




On Hold


Old Runs

Yeah, on hold…. ha! As soon as the new wardrobe came out I became a little bit obsessed with old runs for a while there :p



My score was 20465, it is now 20515. I didn’t get Glory of the Pandarian Hero done, but I did get the raiding version done and got the gorgeous Reins of the Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent which I love (despite it being quite pink)!



Horde Characters

I got the leveling bug and so my Horde shadow priest Ismanta went from level 50 to 88! Then the new patch came out and I got busy with invasions and stuff. So she’s now on the back burner, but she’s a hell of a lot higher than any other horde character has been before a new expansion. Progress!


And Everything Else…

There were a few things I didn’t plan on doing, but did;



I finally finished my Tarecgosa legendary! 😀 I’m also currently 42 out of 50 shards for Shadowmourne. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bit of a bug with the drop rate in ICC 25 HC so not sure how quickly this is going to go until that gets fixed.


Patterns & Wardrobe

As I said, I got a little bit obsessed with adding new appearances to my wardrobe collection and so I ran a lot of old dungeons and raids. I’ve also been farming missing patterns for tailoring, blacksmithing and leatherworking (I spent waaay too long in BRD). Currently I’m working my way through my tailoring list, making everything I don’t have. I’ve gotten quite a lot of it done and I’m now at the stage where I need to go farm a bunch of mats. I’m also doing the daily cooldowns for each of those professions from MoP to discover new patterns.


Gearing up Characters

Thanks to invasions most, if not all, my characters will have full 700+ gear by the time Legion comes about. I just have a few more to do. I have always wanted to do have max leveled and max geared characters before a new expansion and have never had the time. The invasions have been very easy to do and have helped with that immensely.



With only a few days to go, what are your plans to prep for Legion? Cleaning banks? Clearing our quest logs? I’m doing both of those and handing in old raid gear tokens as I go.