Iron (Sha)Man #TransmogTuesday

Week 5 #TransmogTuesday - Iron (Sha)Man


Every Tuesday is #TransmogTuesday and I’ll be posting with a new creation. My main is a discipline priest called Kaelea, so I do tend to edge towards cloth transmogs more than anything else. The aim of this project is to push my own boundaries, to get creative and work on some themes and ideas I’d normally not consider. That means I’m open to suggestions! Themes, colours, a transmog set around a particular item? Let me know 🙂

You can see my pre-existing work over at Wowhead where I’ll also be uploaded any and all sets.


This Weeks Set

Iron (Sha)Man

I totally had no plan for this weeks one to be a bit silly. In fact I had one plan; a mail set. I decided for the first month I’d make my way around the different types each week, and it ended up with mail (unintentionally) being last. I decided to start with a chest piece and came across [wowhead id=75084] and after putting a few more bits together, while browsing for boots I realised that it reminded me of Iron Man’s suit. Ok, so it’s totally the wrong colour but the big glowing circle in the middle gave me the Iron Man vibe. So I went with that for the rest of the suit and had to, of course, use the pun for the set’s name – however, it isn’t a shaman set. There’s nothing in it that is specifically for a Shaman. So for a hunter you could easily pair it with a nice bow or staff, whatever takes your fancy, rather than the two fist weapons.


Iron (Sha)Man Set - Front View



  • [wowhead id=56557] / [wowhead id=70049] / [wowhead id=62407] / [wowhead id=58128] / [wowhead id=62423] / [wowhead id=75090]


  • [wowhead id=44685] / [wowhead id=51976] / [wowhead id=51975] / [wowhead id=44353] / [wowhead id=44380] / [wowhead id=44372] / [wowhead id=51997] / [wowhead id=43457] / [wowhead id=36265] / [wowhead id=36249] / [wowhead id=36273] / [wowhead id=36257]


  • [wowhead id=113657] / [wowhead id=119344]


  • [wowhead id=56556] / [wowhead id=70047] / [wowhead id=58126] / [wowhead id=75084]

Iron (Sha)Man Set - Back View



  •  [wowhead id=68760]


  • [wowhead id=55887] / [wowhead id=56410] / [wowhead id=67114] / [wowhead id=65832] / [wowhead id=65658] / [wowhead id=133360] / [wowhead id=67242]



  • [wowhead id=62990] / [wowhead id=63654]


  •     [wowhead id=56853] /  [wowhead id=65322]

Main Hand

  • [wowhead id=72867]


  • [wowhead id=113372] / [wowhead id=90087]


So, I have to ask – would you like me to try it in red and gold for a proper Iron (Sha)Man? Or would you like to see more comic book style transmogs? I have no idea if these have even been done before, so if they have please drop me a link!

((Texture used in banner is from Regularjane.))


Geek on the High Street [Geek on the High Street]

Sharing Saturday: Geek on the High Street

It’s that time again! The aim of Geek on the High Street is to find and highlight geeky products that can be found in normal high street stores. Unfortunately a lot of women’s clothes stores and department stores like Debenhams & M&S consider geeky stuff to be for men or children. So Geek on the High Street was born to shine a light on some of the hidden geeky treasures for geek girls. I’ll be mainly focusing on women’s fashion since mostly women read my blog, but if anyone is interested in a male version please let me know in the comments!You can check out round 1 here and round 2 here 🙂

Like last time you can find a few of my favourites featured in this post while the pinterest board has everything! 🙂



Dorothy Perkins

Not much over at Dorothy Perkins as usual, however, there were a few cute and quirky items such as these racoon slippers, retro top and unicorn socks.


George at Asda

This time around George at Asda was quite a let down. A few socks, a Minnie and Mickey top and a few unicorn themed items were the highlights.






First timers on Geek on the High Street, Evans don’t have much in the way of geeky but I did manage to spot these quirky tops and some fab items in their nightwear section. Namely some awesome animal pyjama and night mask sets and animal themed dressing gowns.


H & M

H & M have an eclectic selection right now, including some DC underwear, this fabulous dragon onesie and some Disney and Star wars goodies.


New Look

Sorry unicorn fans, it seems that New Look has ditched their fascination with unicorns. Instead there’s some grungy gothic items and some cutie pie socks to satisfy your geeky needs!



Next had a surprising amount of bits that caught my eye, including items from Disney, some rock band tees, these snazzy Star Wars PJs and just look at those awesome swan slippers!



Another newcomer, Matalan seems to keep their geeky and quirky items for places that can’t be seen in public. Namely, sleeping, shoes and socks. If you’re partial to quirky socks then this is a place for you to check out.


River Island


River Island is mainly focused on dark, rock and grunge items, although there’s a few quirky items such as this science planet t-shirt that I spotted.



First time here for Select, and and as you can see they don’t really cater much to the alternative and geeky crowd. I did find these two items though, and loving the #witchplease top.


Sports Direct

Sports Direct are once again the winner in all round awesomeness for alternative, quirky and geeky items with a tonne of well known fandoms and names covered. Like always you can view all the items I found on the Geek on the High Street pinterest board, but here are a few I had to share with you!


Sports Direct – Dresses

Wait.. Sports Direct have a new shop? ‘Fraid not folks. There were just that many absolutely awesome geeky dresses and skirts that I had to give them their own section, and even then this was me ‘narrowing it down to a select few’. Yep, you need to check them out on the pinterest board pronto!


TK Maxx

Ok, I may just be a little bit obsessed with the TK Maxx cat hoodie and t-shirt featured above. There’s not really any fandoms over there and the only geeky brands are band related. There’s some fun quirky and fantasy stuff though, like the dinosaur top and the wolf eyes t-shirt.



Topshop’s geeky game is a bit all over the place this time around to be honest. There’s not really any fandoms, other than the Disney PJs seen here. However, if you’re looking for weird, whimsical, whacky and quirky then Topshop has you covered. As you can see from the selection here there’s some science stuff, zodiac, a few unicorns, some nifty slogans and those damn awesome snake jeans.



Sadly Uniqlo’s collaboration with Disney is over, as is their Star Wars one that featured in December (although, to be fair you didn’t miss much as most of it catered to men or unisex). There’s still some Minnie and Mickey items about, as well as a bunch of Peanuts stuff and some awesome Marvel comic t-shirts too.


Have you spotted some geeky items around your local high street? Anything I’ve missed? Let me know, and don’t forget to follow the Pinterest board for future updates!

























5 TV Shows I Can’t Wait To Watch in 2017 [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Fandom Friday - 2017 Tv shows

Wow, this was more difficult than I anticipated because there really aren’t that many awesome new shows out in 2017 or finding a definitive list of them isn’t easy. In the end I had to go with one of the list being already released, yet not out yet in the UK, just to make the list up for 5. I did find a very interesting list of shows on imdb, however, it wasn’t apparent whether they had been filmed or were just someone’s wishful thinking! I really hope some of them do get made because they sounded awesome.



I have been a fan of X-Men since I was a kid watching the animated series on tv. I’m not familar with some of the comics (mostly due to time) , this character including, however, anything X-Men always perks my interest. I’m super excited about the recent X-Men tv news, but right now Legion has an established première so it makes the list.

The Emerald City

Generally anything fantasy or fairy tale related tends to hit my radar. I’m not sure why, but The Wizard of Oz adaptations/remakes is always something I tend to check out. It’s weird, I’m not a massive fan of the original movie and have not had a chance to read the books. However, any TV or Movie related Oz thing I can probably say I’ve seen and enjoyed!


The Defenders

So, confession time. I’ve not actually watched much of Netflix’s marvel shows.A few episodes of Daredevil, some Jessica Jones and that’s it. It’s not that I’m not interested in them, they just haven’t come around on my ‘to watch’ list yet (and Jessica Jones I started with Chris, so we need to work around our schedules to find a time for it… and we kinda got addicted to iZombie in between… 😉 ). Yet, I am soo excited for this! I just love team ups and can’t wait to see these guys bouncing off each other and working together.


Lethal Weapon

If you didn’t guess it, this is the ‘not out in the UK yet’ show on the list. I absolutely LOVE the movies, so when I heard about this I was both super excited and worried. I haven’t looked into it, watched or read anything. I want a fresh slate for it, and I’m hoping it isn’t horrible.


American Gods

I read the novel a few years ago to see what all the fuss was about, and admittedly, wasn’t that impressed. It’s well written and clever, it just isn’t my kind of thing. That being said, I am curious to see how it adapts from page to screen so I’ll be tuning in.


Did any of these make your list? What are you looking forward to?