Get Creative with Christmas Design Resources!

Sharing Saturday: Christmas resources

December has firmly started and Christmas is on the way, which means it sounds like a good time to share some christmas graphic design resources. You can use these to spruce up your blog or website for a festive feel, or to create graphics for social media or as gifts. As usual I’m nabbing them from Deviant Art, enjoy!


Disclaimer: The work here is displayed only out of admiration and credit is given for every image (I use the ’embed’ code directly from dA). If you are the artist and want your work removed please leave me a comment. If you like some of the art here please take the time to visit the artist’s DeviantArt and/or leave a comment to let them know. This is probably obvious, but: this post is very image heavy.





Christmas Tree brushes set2 by Lileya on DeviantArt


Christmas Brushes by Coby17 on DeviantArt


Christmas Wreath {Brushes} by Julieta7599 on DeviantArt


Christmas Song Text Brushes by jessiesquash on DeviantArt


Christmassy Brushes by TwilightBite on DeviantArt


Xmas Brushes by pinkshadoww on DeviantArt




Christmas tree pack by Isfe on DeviantArt


Christmas Lights pack by Isfe on DeviantArt

STOCK PNG white snow flakes by MaureenOlder on DeviantArt


PNG Christmas .01 by MyShinyBoy on DeviantArt


Christmas png’s by iCrayolaa on DeviantArt


Christmas Atmosphere – Png by pinkshadoww on DeviantArt


Christmas Cartoon png’s by Payasiita on DeviantArt


Poinsettia PNG Christmas Pack by Marysse93 on DeviantArt


Poinsettia PNG Christmas Pack by Marysse93 on DeviantArt




‘WinterDreams’ – Texture pack #11 by stonerscole on DeviantArt

‘WinterDreams’ – Texture pack #11 by stonerscole on DeviantArt

Bokeh I by Cocooue on DeviantArt

269 Christmas Textures plldailly by thesuki13 on DeviantArt

Texture Set 12: Xmas Paper 2 by Ruthenia-Alba on DeviantArt

Texture Set 11: Xmas Paper 1 by Ruthenia-Alba on DeviantArt





100×100 Christmas Textures by kissncontrol on DeviantArt

Christmas day – Ps Patterns by photoshop-stock on DeviantArt

Transparent Christmas Patterns by slavetofashion69 on DeviantArt

20 seaml. christmas background by Divenadesign on DeviantArt

Mr Jack Frost by flashtuchka on DeviantArt

Christmas 2009 by Camxso on DeviantArt

Snowflake Patterns by MysticEmma on DeviantArt

30 Christmas Patterns for Photoshop by AbouthRandyOrton on DeviantArt

Christmas Patterns by Ransie3 on DeviantArt

Christmas Patterns (sistaroundpsds) by arryastark on DeviantArt

Christmas Pattern Pack by itskaname on DeviantArt





5 DeviantArt users for fantastic resources

Sharing Saturday: Design resources


I’ve been designing graphics and websites for years now, and one of the most valuable things in my arsenal is fantastic resources created by others that can be used for free. So here are 5 of my go to users for free resources.


Crazykira Resources

If you ever checked the credits for any of my websites you’re likely to see Crazykira Resources listed 😛 I absolutely love her patterns and textures! Here are some of my favourites of her work:

Icon Textures .39 by crazykira-resources on DeviantArt

Large Textures 21 by crazykira-resources on DeviantArt

Patterns .24 by crazykira-resources on DeviantArt




Another firm favourite for several years now is spiritcoda and her gorgeous textures for icons and wallpapers/bigger graphics.

Pinky Icon Textures by spiritcoda on DeviantArt

Icon Textures – Universe Set of Textures (20 ) by spiritcoda on DeviantArt

Black_White Large Textures by spiritcoda on DeviantArt




Lookslikerain is my go to for icon textures; she has made so many and covers pretty much every colour and texture – and she’s still going strong! Here’s some examples of her lovely icon textures, but she also has packs of larger and mixed sizes too.

Unsettled by lookslikerain on DeviantArt

Running Backwards by lookslikerain on DeviantArt

When It All Comes Tumbling Down by lookslikerain on DeviantArt




This user has an abundance of resources including stock pictures, brushes, textures, and even wordpress themes! So-ghislaine has so much beautiful work that it was difficult to pick three previews for you, so definitely go check out her full gallery!

WP Theme – Lotus by So-ghislaine on DeviantArt

Textures – Paint by So-ghislaine on DeviantArt

Brushes – Manipulate by So-ghislaine on DeviantArt




Missesglass is a girl after my own heart; she scans loads of scrapbook materials and creates various resources from them. There are pngs, textures, scrapbook scans, brushes and more. Here are some of my favourites!

Random pngs 18 by Missesglass on DeviantArt

6 800×600 scans – S13 by Missesglass on DeviantArt

Texture set – 2707 by Missesglass on DeviantArt


I hope you enjoyed this weeks Sharing Saturday! Did you enjoy this post? What was your favourite? Let me knows in the comments 🙂