My Inktober 2018 Plans

My Plans for Inktober 2018

After showing you so many Inktober 2018 prompts it’s now time to show you which prompt I’ve decided to choose for myself. Initially I was going to go with the original, the official prompts list as it was my first time doing Inktober. And then in my hunt for prompts I came across this one and it worked perfectly with why I was doing Inktober in the first place. I used to be good at art. I used to love art. That was way back in high school, before I headed to Sixth Form College and met a bunch of art teachers who systematically shredded my self confidence and ruined art for me. I’ve tried to get back into it numerous times since without any luck. I’ve realised the problem is that I’ve been setting the bar way to high for myself. Knowing that I can be good at art means that I am really frustrated when I struggle to draw the simplest of things. But years of not drawing or painting means I’m terribly out of practice and that means I need to back to the basics.

So I devised a plan; a doodle book. The problem is said doodle book has been sitting on my desk empty and to be honest; pretty damn daunting. I’ve always wanted to take part in Inktober and seeing so many wonderful prompts and everyone getting prepared for it, I decided this could be it! This could kick start my doodle book and I can also do something I’ve always wanted to do!

The Prompt

I am taking part in #Simplycuteinktober by ramwart and @elizabethjoymcdonald because it really did fit into the aesthetic of what I wanted to achieve for my doodle book; cute little fun doodles that make me smile.  I also thought that these prompts gave me a lot of room to manoeuvrer, experiment and something to play around with. Unlike the official prompts I can see myself spinning ideas off of ideas with these prompts.


Join Me!

You can either join in the prompt with me by following the details in the prompt above or you can follow me on instagram as I post my doodles! I’m hoping to keep up with one each day but as we know my health isn’t great so I may fall a day or so behind. It would be great to have some cheerleaders to help me keep going especially if I start to struggle with self confidence. I don’t know yet if I’ll end up posting them every day, every few days, or even do a weekly catch up – who knows it may even be a combination of all of those! But I’d really love you to join me on this journey 🙂

Magical March Photo-a-day #SelfieConfidence

Magical March selfie a day challenge

I was invited to take part in a selfie a day challenge by Kayla of Epicfied for March and decided to give it a go. Selfies, or any photos of myself really, have become a very sore subject for me in recent years. Weight gain and suffering from Dermatillomania (compulsive sick picking) has made me very self conscious. The problem is that both become a vicious circle which combined with chronicle illness and depression just keeps on going and going. I also had some reservations about filling my instagram with my face every day, and how people wouldn’t want to see my ugly mug all the time. Then I realised that these were the voices of my high school bullies, whispers of the past and people long gone from my life. ((Texture credits for the featured image are from Missesglass and Dioma. Photo of myself has been edited using Painnt.))



As Kayla explains in her blog post about Magical March, this is about self confidence and I’m planning to use this challenge as a way to help me keep my Dermatillomania in check. If I know I have to take a photo and share it with the world, then hopefully it will curb the urge a bit. If it doesn’t, then I am still learning and gaining self confidence even with my problems.


I am going into this solo, but would love to have someone join me. So if you’re reading this and up for it then please let me know!


Challenge: Take a selfie every day in March.


  • No filters than change how you look. E.g., no beautify on Samsung, no Snapchat filters than change your eye size, face shape, skin, etc. and so on.
  • Post on a social media platform with hashtags #MagicalMarch AND #SelfieConfidence
  • Tag the host @Epicfied on social media
  • Be creative!

When? March 1–March 31