Stormlord, Bringer of Destruction #TransmogTuesday

As you seen from the last few entries I’ve had a poll going to see what sort of themed transmog people would like to see. The two choices were cosplay (i.e. superheroes, characters from fiction) or themes (gods/goddesses. natures. seasonal) and themes won! I didn’t intend to start create a themed transmog this week, however, it ended up turning into one. I give to you the Stormlord, Bringer of Destruction! A storm deity who’s also a figure of death.

It would have been terribly easy to do a mail set for a storm deity, naturally that was not enough of a challenge and it was also time for a plate set. It was a challenge to find some pieces that were storm-like, namely the helm, as there are no lighting based plate helms.  You can’t see it so well in the images but the shoulders and belt both crackle with lightning to give it a real stormy feel. If you view the set on wowhead you can see the details of the animation better. I’m really happy with the way it came out and I hope you do too! It’s a non-tier set so any plate user can feel like a storm god 🙂

The wowhead outfit has a cloak listed but I’m not 100 happy with it so I chose to forgo it for the images. The one listed is [wowhead id=142412] .  A few other options I was eying up were; [wowhead id=152113] and [wowhead id=127973] (A great resource I found for this was the WoW Mog Companion!)

Stormlord, Bringer of Destruction




  • [wowhead id=138355] / [wowhead id=139229]


  • [wowhead id=97035] / [wowhead id=96616] / [wowhead id=96883]


  • [wowhead id=138349] / [wowhead id=138216]





  • [wowhead id=96862] /  [wowhead id=96441]


  • [wowhead id=96718] / [wowhead id=95001] / [wowhead id=96812]





  • [wowhead id=138358] / [wowhead id=139230]


  • [wowhead id=140884] / [wowhead id=140891]

Main Hand & Off Hand

  • [wowhead id=124385]


About #TransmogTuesday

Every Tuesday is #TransmogTuesday and I’ll be posting with a new creation. My main is a discipline priest called Kaelea, so I do tend to edge towards cloth transmogs more than anything else. The aim of this project is to push my own boundaries, to get creative and work on some themes and ideas I’d normally not consider. That means I’m open to suggestions! Themes, colours, a transmog set around a particular item? Let me know 🙂

You can see my pre-existing work over at Wowhead where I’ll also be uploaded any and all sets. ((Texture used in banner is from AStoKo.))


Over To You

What do you think of the first themed transmog set?

Should I keep with the deities idea or swap to something else?

Have you ever based a transmog on a mythological theme before?

Any ideas or requests for the next theme?

Let me know in the comments, as always I’d love to hear from you 🙂

X-Men Casual Cosplay for Storm & Mystique

Each week I’m going to be grabbing a random prompt from linkups and challenges and taking part. To make it a bit more fun I’m asking you guys to help me decide and you can vote on facebook or twitter for your favourite choice of four options. This week we had a tie between Angsty Romances and Casual Cosplay, and I decided to give Casual Cosplay a go! I’ve never done this before so I may mess it up or do it a bit differently! You can read all about Casual Cosplay over at Nerdily! Here are this years prompts!


Casual Cosplay themes 2017



I decided to do two characters for this because it was a fun exercise and I couldn’t actually decide between the two 😛 So I picked two characters from X-Men; Storm and Mystique. While I’ve not read many of the comics, I became a fan from watching the animated series in the 90s. I chose Storm because she’s awesome and one of my favourite characters, and Mystique was chosen more for aesthetics. I liked the challenge of trying to match her outfit and throw in some colour to represent her vibrant skin tone.



Casual Cosplay: X-Men Storm

You can view the full set with links to every item over on Polyvore.

For Storm I went with black jeans rather than leather for a more casual, comfortable feel although opted to throw in a leather jacket and boots to add some in. I included two different tops, one with a metallic neckline that copies Storm’s outfit and the other with a touch of metal in the form of loops on each strap.  I couldn’t find one with a gold neckline because unless sequins are your thing there aren’t many options.

To jazz it up and go with Storm’s weather powers I’ve added in a gold belt to break up the black, as well as a pair of lightning bolt earrings to mimic the ones Storm’s often seen wearing. Eye makeup is a smokey sliver eye and nails feature more lightning bolts.

Here’s the run down of items included:

  1. Black Jeans – George at Asda.
  2. Eyelet Vest – George at Asda.
  3. Embroidered Scoop Neck Vest – George at Asda.
  4. Only File Faux Leather Jacket – Freemans
  5. Lilley Womens Riding Boots – Shoezone
  6. Zig Zag Lightning Bolt Earrings – Etsy
  7. Gold Chain Jeans Belt – New Look
  8. Lightning Bolt Nails – All for nails
  9. Eye make up – Girls Beauty Look





Casual Cosplay: X-Men Mystique

You can view the full set with links to every item over on Polyvore.

For Mystique I started with a casual of her dress and went from there. Finding a skull belt isn’t easy unless you make your own, so I offered two options; a metallic link belt or a grungy skull belt. As this is a casual cosplay I went with low heel boots rather than high heels to accompany the maxi dress. The outfit itself is quite plain, so to throw in a bit of colour and to reflect Mystique’s gorgeous skin colour I found some gloves with pale blue lace, and a decorative skull head bow.

Nail art and Makeup features some more skulls and the blue-hue of Mystique’s natural skin tone to spice the white outfit up.

Here’s the run down of items included:

  1. Poppy Basic Halterneck Maxi Dress – Boohoo.
  2. Black Belt With Large Rhinestone Skull and Cross Bones – Luxury Divas
  3. Chain Belt – Freemans
  4. City Walk Faux Leather Boots – Freemans
  5. Black and White Striped Skull Hair Bow – Etsy
  6. Rockin Claws from House of Wonderland Nails – The Nailasaurus
  7. Blue and silver eye makeup – Carolinebeautyinc


So, how did I do? Let me know in the comments!