Velvet Thunder [Demon Hunter] #TransmogTuesday

Velvet Thunder #TransmogTuesday

Running a little late this week! I need to get back on top of things and get scheduling. Next weeks is already prepared so I’m getting there ๐Ÿ˜‰ I realised while contemplating a leather transmog outfit for this week that I haven’t done a demon hunter one. I have so much trouble trying to find a mog for my demon hunter because I want to show off her tattoos, so I went on the hunt for one that did just that. Part of the reason for my tardiness is that it took a lot of hunting! While this is labelled as a demon hunter set and includes warglaves it isn’t actually demon hunter exclusive – take out the glaives and hey presto it’s just a normal leather set ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I missed a lot of things out that I usually use in a transmog – head, shoulders, back. The point of this set, Velvet Thunder,  is to show off the demon hunter form and all those things cover it up in one way or another. I also made a point of adding distinctive bracers, an item usually hidden beneath gloves because in this set the gloves are designed to be shorter. The warglaives chosen are The Demon’s Touch, the Prestige rank 6 appearance. I know not everyone is a pvp fan, so there’s also the hidden appearance Deathwalker which is a similar colour. For that one you just need to complete 30 Legion dungeons – much easier!

[wowhead id=71095]

Velvet Thunder


  • [wowhead id=113791]


  • [wowhead id=59411] / [wowhead id=53586] / [wowhead id=59737]




  • [wowhead id=37853] / [wowhead id=37696] / [wowhead id=40738] / [wowhead id=127521]


  • [wowhead id=118828] / [wowhead id=109862] / [wowhead id=109849] /[wowhead id=109848] / [wowhead id=109851]





  • [wowhead id=131682] / [wowhead id=65945] / [wowhead id=62173] / [wowhead id=54925] / [wowhead id=131419] / [wowhead id=134648] / [wowhead id=131630]


  • [wowhead id=127829] in Demon’s Touch Appearance, Tint 2 (Prestige level 6)



About #TransmogTuesday

Every Tuesday is #TransmogTuesday and I’ll be posting with a new creation. My main is a discipline priest called Kaelea, so I do tend to edge towards cloth transmogs more than anything else. The aim of this project is to push my own boundaries, to get creative and work on some themes and ideas I’d normally not consider. That means I’m open to suggestions! Themes, colours, a transmog set around a particular item? Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

You can see my pre-existing work over at Wowhead where I’ll also be uploaded any and all sets. ((Texture used in banner is from Bourniio.))


Over To You

Have you had any problems mogging your demon hunter? Do you like to display the tattoos or not really fussed? Got any to show off? Let me know in the comments, as always I’d love to hear from you ๐Ÿ™‚

5 Geeky Tattoos I Want [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Fandom Friday - Geeky tattoos

When I first started this prompt I thought I’d have to change to prompt slightly, and then I began to realise that there were no examples of tattoos out there that summed up what I would ever get. So I ended up doing the prompt properly ๐Ÿ˜€ As a Libra I love art, but I’m also very picky. On top of that I’m very ticklish and one of my conditions means my skin does odd things. So these are more of a theoretical list of geeky tattoos that I would get.

  marquePhedre’s Marque

Kushiel Legacy by Jacqueline Carey

[Image credited to NACrnko]

If you’ve been reading my blog you’ve seen me mention this series a bazillion times now. The marque is a beautiful back tattoo that is completed in stages and while it represents freedom and other things in the fandom, to me personally it represents something deeply personal. A lot of people have found themselves changed and moved by the series and there is a whole page of the author’s website dedicated to fan tattoos based on Phedre’s marque. I would need to have something specifically designed, something to incorporate the different elements of my personality and spirituality if I ever decided to take the plunge. I doubt I could handle a large version, but a smaller one somewhere less ticklish might happen one day.


yubyub“Yub, Yub, Commander”

Star Wars Quote

I’m a massive Star Wars geek, so for me a Star Wars tattoo would have to be suitably geeky and something other fans would recognise. For me this would be the quote ‘Yub, yub, Commander’ from the Star Wars EU (now Legends) X-Wing series. It’s an ongoing joke through the series involving the idea of an ewok pilot;

His name is Kettch, and he’s an Ewok.
Oh, yes. Determined to fight. You should hear him say, ‘Yub, yub.’ He makes it a battle cry.
Wes, assuming he could be educated up to Alliance fighter-pilot standards, an Ewok couldn’t even reach an X-wing’s controls.
He wears arm and leg extensions, prosthetics built for him by a sympathetic medical droid. And he’s anxious to go, Commander.
Please tell me you’re kidding.
Of course I’m kidding. Pilot-candidate number one is a Human female from Tatooine, Falynn Sandskimmer.
I’m going to get you, Janson.
Yub, yub, Commander.
โ€•Wes Janson and Wedge Antilles

You can read more about Kettch, his exploits and the pranks involving him here. If you’ve not had a chance to read these novels; do! They may not be canon any more but they are hilarious.

buffy“The hardest thing in this world is to live in it.”

Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’ve talked about how much Buffy means to me and how much it got me through in my teen years and early 20s. There were so many lessons from that show that have stuck with me, but this one in particular rang true. My life is hard, I’m not gloating or looking for sympathy, it’s a simple fact. This quote is a reminder to me that it will be hard, it is hard for everyone, and I am not alone. There is light in the darkness.



hippogryph.v6511moonkin_hatchling_a.v6052Hippograph Hatchling & Moonkin Hatchling

World of Warcraft

I love World of Warcraft and the lore of the universe, so naturally I’d have to have a tattoo from the game. I’m a pet battle addict and these are my two favourite pets (appearance wise, don’t ask me for my favourite battle pet!).



“When in doubt, shoot the wizard.”

Advice from Numair to Kel in Lady Knight by Tamora Pierce

This is my literary geeky submission to this list. I love this quote from Lady Knight by Tamora Pierce, and like the Star Wars one it is something that only fans of the books would recognise.