Youtube: Legion Beta Alliance Priest Episode 1 is now live!

At the beginning of the year I took part in a 5 Fandom Friday about 5 chances I was going to take in 2016. Well this is one of the BIG ones on that list. Anyone that knows me knows I love talking, which is weird because I’m really not all that confident. Being class rep for my postgraduate during the last year and getting to know people through this blog has helped me realise that being talkative isn’t a bad thing. Sure, it’s going to annoy people, but I’ve also helped people. I don’t know if any of my fellow students are reading this, but you guys coming to me for help was one of the best gifts you could give me. You reaffirmed things some people have been telling me for years.

So, I took the plunge. You saw the little video I posted the other day, well, that was a very little one. This time it’s the real deal. Me talking, me opening myself up and taking you with me as I look at a class that has been dear to me for a decade now. Episode 1 is up right now with more coming very soon!

I understand that people may not want to watch it due to spoilers, and that’s ok, totally get it. So if you can’t watch it then please subscribe, or pass it on to other gaming/geeky friends 🙂

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  1. How fun!! Thanks for sharing this! I’m not into WOW anymore but it’s fun to see the game continue to evovle.

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