Channelling Mera #TransmogTuesday


Every Tuesday is #TransmogTuesday and I’ll be posting with a new creation. My main is a discipline priest called Kaelea, so I do tend to edge towards cloth transmogs more than anything else. The aim of this project is to push my own boundaries, to get creative and work on some themes and ideas I’d normally not consider. That means I’m open to suggestions! Themes, colours, a transmog set around a particular item? Let me know 🙂

You can see my pre-existing work over at Wowhead where I’ll also be uploaded any and all sets. ((Texture used in banner is from Sirius-sdz.))


This Weeks Set

Channelling Mera

This week the set ended up being a bit of a cosplay/tribute to Mera from the DC universe without even trying. There’s just something about the colours and the head piece, and voilà, it’s mera-esque. Well at least it is to me. Either way, it’s number two in my Tomb of Sargeras mini-theme. Last week we had plate, this week it is cloth. All items are non-class specific and the main focus is the LFR version of [wowhead id=146994] . You can view the full set on Wowhead: Channelling Mera.




  • [wowhead id=122308] / [wowhead id=116957] / [wowhead id=115396] /  [wowhead id=115404] / [wowhead id=109974] / [wowhead id=109971] / [wowhead id=109970] / [wowhead id=114387] / [wowhead id=109972] / [wowhead id=109973]  / [wowhead id=116953]


  • [wowhead id=39310] / [wowhead id=37757]


  • [wowhead id=104577] / [wowhead id=86748]


  • [wowhead id=146994] / [wowhead id=147149]





  • [wowhead id=65277] / [wowhead id=63604]  / [wowhead id=63151]


  • [wowhead id=128063] / [wowhead id=128089] / [wowhead id=128295]





  • [wowhead id=136774] / [wowhead id=137454] / [wowhead id=133608] / [wowhead id=134416] / [wowhead id=137319] / [wowhead id=137508] / [wowhead id=134419] / [wowhead id=134417]  / [wowhead id=139280]


  • [wowhead id=72808]