Three weeks in

Uni Updates

I have failed miserably at posting weekly, although in my defense it was not entirely my thought! I managed to contract the dreaded Freshers’ Flu, which being an asthmatic is not a good thing. I finally began to feel better this week and my body decided to throw some terribly migraines my way. I seem to be feeling better now, right in time for my birthday which is tomorrow. Wow, that has snuck up on me fast! I should, as seems to be the ‘trend’ for my age feel old. I don’t. I feel comfortable in my own skin at long last. That has been helped by the fact that University has been going quite well. All first year students of the College of Arts had to complete an ‘Academic Writing Assessment’, and if we didn’t do well we would need to take an extra class on how to write properly. No one was looking forward to that, and me especially as I consider myself quite experienced in writing at a University level as I already have completed one degree – and did quite well if I do say so myself!


I’m not just tooting my own horn, I did pass it quite well. I probably did luck out as one of the exercises was to correct a paragraph and mine happened to be on Impressionist art; something I have previously studied and also one of my favorite schools of art. I had to stop myself from writing too much for it! I was a bit confused, and worried, when I then got an email saying I was required to take the extra class. Fortunately it was just a cock up by the member of staff who accidentally sent it to me.


There were also two small assignments due in this week, one 1000 word poetry analysis for English Lit and one 500 word short story analysis for Scottish Lit. It was strange writing academically after so long (four years!) and I’ll need to wait to see how I do. Those assignments aren’t marked so they don’t go towards our final grades, my first essay which is marked is due in 20th October. I’ve been good and already have a list of texts to look at and books to get from the library this week. I was planning to have got them this week, however, the migraines won out and I missed University for two days. I have a few presentations due this week and next week as well, something that isn’t nearly as scary as it used to be. I still don’t like them, but I know they have to be done.


So in general classes are going well. Lots of reading to be done but I managed to get the first book read before we discussed it, so hoping I can keep that going throughout the term. Only thing that hasn’t been so great was something I asked of one of my lecturers. Every lecturer puts their power point presentations or any literature they use up on the web for students to use. This one class has been putting the power points up as pdf files, which means you have to print off each individual A4 page instead of printing them off as a handout or outline (1-2 pages at the most). I asked her if we could change it, she argued that a) there were copyright issues due to the mass amount of images used in them and b) that they weren’t meant to be printed out. She conceded eventually, but two days later we all got an email saying that she (conveniently) couldn’t get them to work as a power point file and that she wanted to remind us all they weren’t meant to be printed out. If that’s the case why even bother putting them up?! What about people who don’t have regular access to the Internet and need the notes for their essays? It’s ridiculous.


I’ve struggled to write this today so apologies if it’s not up to my usual standard, still recovering from this weeks migraines. On the upside; comments now work! Thanks to Haley for letting me know they weren’t working.

Officially a student

Goodbye February

Thank you to everyone who tuned in for my last entry, I was surprised to hear so many people read it, so that was great to hear 🙂

Hopefully the majority of this entry will make sense as right now I’m quite tired, although in a good way. Today was my first day on campus as I chose to miss out on the inductions yesterday. I surmised that they would be rather boring and full of stuff I had heard before, and it seems I was accurate in that assumption. I had a moment of panic today when I heard that one useful thing told in the inductions was the times we had to pick up our student cards, however, the pick up point was really quiet when I went to see if I could get it. So panic was averted.

I unfortunately missed a meet up of freshers on Sunday, so today was my first time meeting people I had befriended on facebook. They were all lovely, and I made some new friends. I just hope that I wasn’t too annoying as my nervous chattering kicked in several times. Other than picking up my student card and having a wander around the campus  learning where everything was, today was the freshers’ fair. Which is basically a bunch of stalls handing out leaflets, information and free stuff! It was supposed to be outside, which would have been much more spacious. Instead because of the downgraded hurricane Katia hitting Scotland the fair was crammed into two tiny halls. Despite the cramped space I did thoroughly enjoy the fair and everything that was on offer. I was even a good girl and signed up for some job searchy type places.

The one thing I like about Freshers’ fairs is the chance to chat to all the societies, and some were really great. I had a nice chat with the guys at Io, the Sci-Fi and Fantasy society which I am most definitely planning to join. It was the society that I feel I’d be the most at home at and fits with my personality and interests. I was curious about the two gaming societies as well, one for Video Games and one for RPGs/card/dice games. I was disappointed to find that the first of these two seemed to look down at me, whether it was because I said I was a World of Warcraft addict or because I was female, I don’t know. I just got the feeling that they didn’t think I had a clue about games, and was just a silly little girl dabbling in WoW because her boyfriend made her play it. End of that rant for now anyway 😛

I had an awesome chat with the other gaming society though, the guy I spoke to was very friendly and so welcoming that I am seriously considering giving it ago. I keep getting told by friends that as I already love online RPGs, especially creating them, that this would be a good and enjoyable activity for me. They have a few ‘newbies’ nights so might go check them out. The other society that really stuck out as being super nice was the photography society, one that interests me but something I’m going to leave for this year. I don’t want to take on too much as I already have responsibilities online, need to find a part time job, and have studying.  Plus socially I don’t want to overwelm myself entirely.

Tomorrow I am staying at home again simply because there is nothing I want to go to at Freshers week. I feel a little bad that I won’t be on campus socialising as much, however, I know my own personal limits. I have a very busy day Thursday with inductions for my 3 classes, and Freshers’ events I’m interested in, so tomorrow I will rest and relax.

Here we go!


After many days the blog is now complete, one day before I am due to see my advisor at the University. I’ve enrolled in classes, and hopefully, she won’t disapprove of them. I think that English Lit, Scottish Lit and Celtic Civilisations is a nice mixture that compliments one another – and fitting for someone who wishes to teach English Literature in Scotland. I am also hoping to finally find out where my classes will be located, at present my timetable simply says ‘TBA’, which is not particularly helpful. My fiance, Chris, has been to Glasgow University prior to now studying Computer Game Design at Glasgow Caledonian, so he is my tour guide. Unfortunatly he can’t ‘guide’ me to my classes when I have no idea where they will be held.

Chris isn’t my only advantage to this second visit to University, the first visit concluding in a 2.1 degree in History of Art from the University of Leeds. That was a terrifying experience, my first time away from home and my first time doing many things. This time, however, things are very much different. My circumstances for one are entirely different; I am already established in Glasgow and have been for almost 3 years now. I know the city itself fairly well, and at least this time I don’t need to worry about what bus or train I need to get to campus; I already know and have previously used the travel system on my own.  I have friends and family here for support. I am therefore able to avoid the ‘big move’ to a new home, or the scary possibility of living in halls. It does mean that I am going to miss out on some of the fun and quick friendships made by those in halls, something I’ve already tried to counteract by making friends via facebook with new students studying the same courses as myself.

There are smaller things that are different as well; for example, I have a smartphone, an Iphone 3gs to be specific for those who wish to know. I have already found so many uses for it for University and I haven’t even started yet! Namely I have my google calendar synced with my phone, so I can easily find the times, dates and locations for Freshers’ week events and my classes. UCAS were also offering an app for free called ‘iStudiez Pro’, which I decided to give a go and it seems quite helpful. To top it all off, even my University has it’s own iPhone app. It isn’t the best app ever and the maps aren’t easy to use, however, it’s still pretty damn handy having a portable map of the campus which points out useful things such as places to eat, compared with the usual flappy bit of paper that usually gets lost after a few days. Plus of course, the majority, if not all, Universities offer free wifi so I have easy internet access instead of needing to queue in a computer lab to just check something quickly in my email.

I probably sound extremely confident, and being a second time student I guess I am in some ways. I know I can complete another degree, I had more issues personally and health wise the first time around, so I am ready to work my ass off and get this one completed. However, I won’t lie; I am also terrified. I want to be more involved with people this year and much less of a recluse, although the old worry of ‘will they like me’ is still lingering. I have a lot more classes and work than my previous degree, so naturally I worry about being able to handle the work load. I’m not stressing too much about these worries, they are perfectly natural and my advice to first time students; everyone is in the same boat and feels the same way. Don’t worry and don’t be afraid to ask for help.