Useful World of Warcraft Addons I Recommend

Sharing Saturday: World of Warcraft Addons


I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since 2007 and over the years addons have come and gone. Everyone has their own opinion of what addon is best for what, so I ask when reading this post to respect my opinions and not comment just to tell me that addon X is much better for this etc. I’ve not included ones for UIs or raiding because I wanted to focus on niche addons that are extremely useful for certain things. I’ve included links to curse as that is what I use to manage my addons, however, I’m sure if you google the name of the addon you can find it else where if you prefer.


Premade Group Finder

Premade Group Finder is my latest must have addon if you’re searching for rares, server hopping, looking for raids/groups of any kind. This bad boy kindly helped me get my darkmoon rabbit the other day and has made farming the MOP world bosses 100% easier. Basically it lets you make a list of keywords to search group finder and it will alert you when it finds one. You can set it to make noises, whisper you, pop up, and even whisper your friends. You can also set it to auto invite you when it finds a group, which for the darkmoon rabbit was an absolute necessity. Seriously, I would marry this addon if it was a person and if it ever breaks I will cry.


Pets to Buy

I featured all the Pet related addons in my Starters Guide to Pet battles but Pets to Buy gets a special shout out because it is so useful for avid collectors. It adds a module to Auctionator which automatically searches just for the pets you do not have yet. Fantastically useful if like me you have most of them and can’t be bothered to search through 100s of other pets.


Prayer of Mending Tracker

One for the priests, Prayer of Mending Tracker does exactly what it says on the tin; it puts up a little tracker that shows where your POM currently is and how long it has left on it.



MogIt is a transmog must have. It allows you to view transmog sets in game as well as make a wish list on each character. If an item on your wish list comes up there is a note on the item to tell you it is on your wish list. This is especially useful for random greens/blues or crafting items, especially now that it crosses over on each character. So if X item is on your druids wish list, it will say so on your priest and so forth.



HandyNotes is one of those addons that has multiple additional modules, such as the Timeless Isle, MOP scrolls and more recently treasures in WOD. It basically puts small icons on your map (and mini map if you choose) with notes about the item. These include what it is, as well as any bugs and notes about how to get it.  I started using it in the days of the Timeless Isle and still use it now.



Just a wee addon for toys, Gepetto is mostly useful for when you’re clearing out a characters bank or have returned from a long break from WoW before the toybox was put in game. It basically tells you what toys are not in your collection and where they are on that character.


Daily Global Check

Another little addon which is so useful if you’re farming World Bosses. Daily Global Check lets you check if you’ve killed a boss on that character – especially useful if you’re farming them on multiple characters. After killing the MOP bosses an extra time on one character once I decided I needed something to keep track of them.


Mount Farm Helper

There is just so many things to collect in game now that sometimes it gets really confusing and you can forget about things. That’s why I use Mount Farm Helper (and because I can never remember which dungeon drops what mount). It makes a list of what mounts you still need and where they come from.


Archeology Helper

There are loads of Archeology addons out there but this little gem I found last year when farming for achievements. Archeology Helper displays a little hub on your screen with a green, yellow and red button like you find on the archeology flasher. You stand on the spot of flasher and then click the corresponding colour, and it puts a little cone up to show that area. Each time you click a colour and add a cone it helps narrow down the search area until voila there’s your fragment. It’s a wee bit of a cheat, but I’ve done so much archaeology now and put in the hard work. that anything that makes it quicker is a bonus.




How to Easily Find Free Ebooks Online

Sharing Saturday: How to find free ebooks online

I am a massive bookworm and as I’ve just started a book challenge on instagram I figured it was a good time to pass on my knowledge of free ebooks. My fiancé was extremely happy when I got a kindle because it meant that he didn’t have to fit a bunch of books into our luggage every time we travelled. I read a lot when I’m on holiday. Anyway, I can’t spend as much as I’d like on books so I am always looking for free books whether they’re from my local libraries (yes I’m a library student, but I’m not paid to say that :P), traded online or from free ebook sites. A lot of ebooks are self-published and/or indie authors, however, I also use various sites that alert me of free ebooks of my favoured genres and authors.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers various versions of old texts/literature that have passed the x amount of years copyright. If you’re a Literature student this site will save you a fortune 😛 You can pretty much find almost any old text you need here, with the exception of ones that have been reproduced recently due to new films. For example, for C.S Lewis you can find all of his Alice and Wonderland and other works, but not his Narnia series because due to the films it is still under copyright.



Bookbub is one of several sites I’ll be listed here that you can sign up for email notifications and based on your selection of genres and authors they will send you out an email of free and bargain (usually under £2.00) ebooks. I’ve gotten quite a few on my wish list from this one in particular. If you don’t want to receive emails you can also view your choices on their website instead. I just find email easier as I can quickly browse it and then delete it; I never remember to check these sites.



Freebooksy is very similar to Bookbub apart from it doesn’t have tailored results on its webpage for you, so if you want them you do need to sign up for an email. Like Bookbub I’ve fulfilled a lot of my to read list with this handy site.



I’ve not been using BookHippo as long as the other two and I don’t like how they format their emails; it really isn’t easy to have a quick glance for the freebies and it isn’t tailored as well. However, it isn’t entirely useless and has gotten me some good stuff for free.


eReader IQ

I saved the best for last. I am completely in love with eReader IQ and have gotten a fabulous amount of free kindle books from authors I enjoy/want to read thanks to this nifty site. In short this site does two things; tells you when an ebook version has become available and tells you when an ebook reaches your price limit. Not only is this brilliant for getting free books, it also means you can get much cheaper copies of your favourite reads. The site currently works with amazon US, CA and UK (and thus is only for kindle I’m afraid) and checks your list of books and authors regularly against amazon. It then sends you an email to let you know. The beauty of it is you can import any amazon wish list rather than add every single book by hand. I didn’t have them on an amazon wish list as I primarily use goodreads for my book lists, but it was worth the trouble of setting one up – and when I did so I actually found a tonne of books already going for free on amazon! By setting up a wish list you can also set the list by low price and have a quick check to see if you can spot any bargains.


A few tips

I also wanted to share a few tips for ebook hunting.

If you find an ebook free on an amazon i.e. not your country, just change the extension to the correct one. Most of amazon’s cataloguing system works across countries so by changing a .com to you can check if the book is free for you too. Quite often it is!

Also be careful with sites that make you sign up and pay to access ebooks and this includes Amazon Unlimited. Quite often they only have indie or self-published authors rather than popular/well established authors. There are also some sites out there that have advertising set up for when you search a book and it claims to have your book in ebook format – a lot of the time they’re completely false. It’s just a gimmick.


Ordinary books?

I know not everyone likes ebooks or has an ebook reader, and I do have a bunch of useful places to trade books online. If anyone’s interested in a Sharing Saturday version about normal paperback books please let me know in the comments check it out here! 🙂




Geek on the High Street

Sharing Saturday: Geek on the High Street

Ok, so technically it’s Sunday (and quite late on a Sunday at that). This week has been tough, and I had to skip last weeks SS so I refused to skip a second one.

Geek on the High Street is an idea I had last year and considered creating a blog around, instead it will make a regular appearance as a Sharing Saturday. I had hoped to go out and actually browse shops, but sadly health hasn’t allowed for that so I’ve had to look online. The aim of Geek on the High Street is to find and highlight geeky products that can be found in normal high street stores. I’ll be mainly focusing on women’s fashion since mostly women read my blog, but if anyone is interested in a male version please let me know in the comments!

New Look

New look had a few things, but primarily there were lots and lots of unicorns. Either unicorns are ‘in’ at the moment or someone at New Look reaaallly likes them. Here’s a few of my faves along with some Minnie and Snoopy tops I found. All of these can be found on the New Look website.


H & M

H & M had a few band t-shirts as well as these cute batman PJs, Minion socks, Micky PJ bottoms and Micky top.


Top Shop

I’m not a massive Top Shop fan, I honestly avoid it like the plague because I’ve always found its products are the total opposite of geekyness. However, it turned out to be a virtual gold mine of geeky stuff. There’s a tonne more Micky and Minnie stuff on there (the mouses are very in right now it seems) but I absolutely love the troll top 😀



As you can see the Disney Mouses trend continues in Uniqlo, although they did have several other Disney t-shirts such as the Alice and Wonderland and Snow White tops featured here. There were also a couple of Hello Kitty ones as well, so this is definitely one to watch to see what else they come up with


And the rest…

.Then there were a few notable items from these shops. Blondie T-shirt from Miss Selfridge, Minnie socks from Next (they had a few other cute Disney and animation pairs too!) and David Bowie jumper from River Island.


I hope you enjoyed this first edition of Geek on the High Street 🙂 Let me know what you think of these products in the comments!

8 Noteworthy Notebooks You’ll Want To Buy

Sharing Saturday: Noteworthy notebooks

I love notebooks and I’m always on the look out for pretty and unique ones. So here is a selection taken from my pinterest board Noteworthy Notebooks.


From left to right starting with the first row:

1 – Filigree Journals from Gaelsong Slightly more expensive than most of the notebooks on this list but I couldn’t resist including them. They’re just so beautiful and elegant.

2 – OWL Journal  from susie ghahremani – I love this hand painted journal that continues inside the journal, making it cute inside and out.

3 – Leather rose notebook from GILDBookbinders –  The most expensive notebook on this list, it is a gorgeous leather bound book which is thick and has a beautiful rose on the front. There’s several different colours and designs, but the gold on green is my favourite. It’s so stunning.

4 – Desk Pad from Marks and Spencers –  This is very different to everything else here, and while it isn’t my usual style, I like the functionality of it. Sometimes just a normal notebook isn’t up to the job, and having multiple post-it notes or lists all over the place can get a bit messy!

5 – Star Wars Moleskin from Wordery These came out with the new film last year and I love the simple design of them. Often I find Star Wars merchandise is very flashy and even a bit OTT, especially for notebooks. That’s great for kids, but if you’re looking for something a bit more mature or arty then these Moleskins are right on the money.

6 – Floral Rose Pattern & Butterfly Canvas from Amazon – This is my typical style notebook. I’m not really a girly girl but I am always attracted to floral patterns and especially butterflies. I seriously could just do a whole one of these on notebooks with butterflies.

7 – Teal Lace Embossed Notebook from W H Smith – It’s simple, it’s cheap and yet so effective. I’m not too keen on the black strap, white would have gone better in my opinion.

8 – Wreck this journal Everywhere from Waterstones – I’ve seen a few people doing instagram challenges like this, in which every day they do something new to/on a blank page in a notebook. I don’t know whether it started as a thing online and then someone marketed it or vice versa. Maybe it’s just a marketing gimmick, but if you’re interested in doing something like this then it’s a place to start.


My favourite Fantasy books

Sharing Saturday: my favourite fantasy books

It was World Book Day on Thursday so it seems fitting for this weeks Sharing Saturday to be about books! A while ago Lianne asked for suggestions for fantasy novels and that got me thinking about my favourite ones. So here you go!


alannaSong of the Lioness Quartet – Tamora Pierce

This is the first book set in the land of Tortall and is followed by two other quartets, a duology, a prequel trilogy and a short stories anthology. I absolutely love these books even though they are written for a younger audience and I’ve lost count of the times I’ve re-read them. The first book begins with two twins; Alanna and Thom who are being sent away to learn magic and to become a knight. The problem is only boys can become knights, and Thom absolutely hates fighting while Alanna hates magic. So they swap places and Alanna pretends to be a boy. There’s the obvious problems, such as avoiding swimming to keep her secret, as well as the usual issues of puberty such as crushes and bullying. Add in a whole bunch of secrets and conspiracies and you have a very awesome series. The other series involve characters from the books prior to them, save for the prequel ones, so you get to see how the characters grow and evolve.


Kushiel's_DartKushiel Legacy by Jacqueline Carey

Like the book above, Kushiel’s Dart is book one in a set of three trilogies set in the land of Terre D’Ange. The universe of the novels is based on an alternate Europe (and later further afield) and while you can recognise similarities between the lands and races, it’s unique enough that it isn’t cliche or irritating. The first trilogy focuses on the life of Phedre, a young girl sold by her parents to become a courtesan. In this world the courtesans of The Court of Night-Blooming flowers are legendary, beautiful and trained in their arts. Love is sacred, relationships nothing to be ashamed of and rape is one of the vilest crimes that can be committed. There are 13 houses of the The Court of Night-Blooming flowers, with each one specifically catering to certain needs and desires. For example, Balm, are experts in relaxation and soothing ills, Bryony focuses on wealth and wagers, and Gentian are interpreters of dreams.

Before she can become a part of one of the houses, Phedre catches the attention of a spymaster and is trained in the arts of seduction as well as spycraft. What she doesn’t know though is that she’s involved in a game far darker and deeper than anyone could realise. These novels are filled with love, desire, heartache and treachery that will leave you weeping.

summonerChronicles of the Necromancer – Gail Z Martin

I admit it was the pretty cover that first drew this to my attention and I am so glad. It is one of my favourite fantasy series and I’m so sad that there’s no more stories to be told of Tris and his friends. Tris ends up on the run after his older brother murders his father and frames him. His friends stick with him and along the way others end up joining them. If you’ve read Tamora Pierce’s novels then consider this similar to her Tortall novels but aimed at adults. They’re much longer, more in-depth but with the same fantastic and humorous ragtag band of friends. I also love the magic in these novels, and it’s interesting to have someone take on necromancy as something positive rather than dark and evil.


blackmagiciansBlack Magician Trilogy – Trudi Canavan

I only found out recently that these novels are young adult not adult, and I’m not sure I agree with that age group. There is a sequel series and a prequel as well. The prequel explains and explores ‘history’ in this book and fills in a lot of blanks, so I would definitely not read it before the initial trilogy. I’m currently working my way through the sequel series. The novels follow a girl, Sonea, who is born in the slums of the city until she is noticed by some Mages in the Magicians Guild. Sonea has magic, abilities that only the upper class should have (or so was believed until Sonea came about). She’s taking under the wing of her mentor and like the Tortall and Harry Potter novels the series follow her adventures and troubles as she learns about her abilities.

Unlike those novels, black and white isn’t as easily distinguished. These novels deal in grey and Sonea ends up in the middle of it. There’s more secrecy in this series compared to the ones above, surrounded by historical events that no one really knows anything about. At times it got a bit slow, especially at the start of the first book, but then the author drops some tiny tidbits and before you know it you’ve devoured the entire book 😀 I was very lucky that my fiancé bought me all three for Christmas so I was able to go straight to the next one without a wait.