WoW Bucket List

World of Warcraft Pre-Cataclysm Bucket List

Sam did a Cataclysm Bucket list not long ago which I thought was a brilliant idea. So here’s my list of things I want to accomplish before Mists of Pandaria is released.

All Alts level 85

I have nine alts, my tenth character spot taken up by my bank character. Despite having so many alts I absolutely suck at leveling them all to max level and I’m especially bad at actually gearing them. So among other alt related goals the first one is to get them all to 85. At the moment I have my Death Knight Frostya and Shaman Thistalee at level 82, my Warclock Roisin at 69, then my hunter Arasse at 40 and finally my little warrior Tempstia at level 9. I’ve recently been actively leveling Thistalee with Chris’ mage and leveling Arasse on my own as I need to get her to level 50 before I can level her engineering some more.

Alts Geared

I really need to get my finer out and get them geared in tier from valor points before MoP.

All Professions maxed

I’m not bad with professions and most of them are maxed. There’s an achievement in MoP to have all of them maxed so this has made the bucket list. Been working one some of these recently and I feel confident that I’ll be on track before MoP comes out.

Dungeon Achievements

I still haven’t completed the Glory of the Cataclysm Hero achievement so I need to try and get a group of friends together to do them. I don’t think it’s a wise idea to try in a pug.


I have archeology on two characters my main Kaelea and my druid Aleassa because she’s an alchemist and I’m trying to get the Vial of the Sands recipe. I have done most of the achievements and have most of the items on Kaelea, however, there are some that refuse to appear and I have been slacking on Northrend and Outland ones. I want to have everything on Kaelea before MoP because there will be even more to get when that comes out. Aleassa I’ll be satisfied just getting Vial of the Sands 🙂

Finish Fishing Achievements

Again, something I have been working on and have just had really bad luck on; the Dalaran rat and the turtle fishing mount. I also need to go to Ogrimar to fish up the fish there for the achievement; this one I’ve just been slacking on 😛

Tol Barad & Darkmoon Fair Rewards

I’ve been doing Darkmoon Fair dailies religiously every month to get tickets for the mounts and pets, so far I’ve got one mount. I have the 150 pet achievement thanks to my awesome Secret Santa guildie Sara who got them for my gift! So I’m aiming for the other mount and then I’ll go for the pets. Tol Barad I go through phases of doing, I was doing it every day for a while and then decided to farm the fox pet. That took ages and I’ve not been back since 😛 I’ll have to get back to doing them soon as I still need a mount and a pet.

Old Runs for Transmog Gear and mounts!

I love the ability to transmog into old Tiers so Chris and I have been running old raids for gear. We’ve b0th completed Tier 5 and are on our way to having other sets too. Kaelea is my priority with my druid next. I will probably end up with at least one Tier set per character to transmog into but only those two will have multiple sets. I also really want the mounts from Magisters Terrace (yes, I still haven’t got it, Kael is reusing to drop it!), the one from Karazhan and the one from Sethek Halls. I’ve had terrible luck with the bags for signing up as a healer; when I actually get one it’s always got crappy gems in it. Chris and I would also both like Baron Rivendare’s mount but considering everything else we’ve been doing that is on the back burner.

No Rest for the Wicked


One of the dreaded things about writing a blog post after so long is that guilty explanation about where you’ve been, why you’ve not posted. I’m terribly for falling into this trap and this time the only explanation I’m giving is that I didn’t want to write. I’ve been enjoying my summer after returning from a lovely holiday in Benalmadena, Spain. The university term ended at the end of May and a week later I’d had all my final grades for Term 2. Normally this would be a cause for celebration and hello summer. Not for me because I have my exam resits in August for Term 1, so while I managed to pass Term 2 with flying colours (2 B’s and an A) despite being so ill with migraines, I can’t relax just yet. So I’ve been having my own mini summer of doing absolutely nothing. Now’s the time to start doing stuff again, revising, blogging and other bits and bobs.


Now that I have completed one set of exams I know that my revising tactics worked and exactly what is required in the exams. After my first exam I said it went ‘ok’, the second I’d done badly and only the third I felt I’d done well. So from that I know that even doing badly was a good grade, so I’m worried but not planning on getting too stressed about my resits – easier said than done of course! My exams aren’t the only busy part of my summer; my best friend Haley is getting married at the end of July and I’m one of her bridesmaids! I’ve been working on losing weight since March by using a combination of the Slim Fast diet, walking and wii fit exercise. I’ve done well and there is a noticeable difference, just need to work harder for the next month to lose some more before the wedding.


All that’s left now is to review the past year, my first year at University. Did I achieve everything I wanted to? Life is never straight forward as I found out more than ever this year so of course things went well and things went badly. I was more social than my previous university experience, however, I didn’t join any societies this year. I’m planning to join two at the start of next year. I also had to let a lot of friends down for social occasions, especially birthdays, so hoping to remedy this next year. I’m fortunate that they are all very understanding. Health wise I learned some things, good and bad. My hypermobility syndrome has gotten worse in my hands and back; I can no longer write with a pen for long periods of time and have had to considerably lighten my bag. So I now have a net book for classes and rely on e-books instead of actual books. The sinus issues turned out to be migraines so after switching to a preventative migraine medication my life has been less painful.


Class wise? I enjoyed them and didn’t enjoy them. I took Celtic Civ and Scottish Lit to gain a better understanding of those subjects and I did get that. I also found that was as far as I really wanted to go with those subjects. I also found myself unhappy with some of the teaching staff, especially Scottish Lit where I was ‘reported’ to the head of the course for poor attendance when my health issues are on file and I had spoke to the tutor numerous times about them. When I told the head as much I didn’t even get an email back with a confirmation or an apology. Since I wasn’t that enamored with the subject this was the deciding factor in me dropping it.


Second year continues with English Literature and I’m really happy with the reading list for Term 1. It includes some interesting books that I want to read (Paradise Lost, Redgauntlet) and Shakespeare’s The Tempest which I love. As I didn’t so English Language in year 1 I have to take it in year 2 as it’s a requirement for honors, so I’ll be taking that. The final subject is Comparative Lit which I was interested with from the beginning. I didn’t sign up for it originally because it said there was a requirement, but it turns out this was a bit buggy! Comparative Lit is more my kind of lit; there’s a vampire course in year 4 which I am dying to do. So as long as I start taking Comparative Lit in year 2 I am ok to take it in 4th year 😀 I had a meeting with my advisor to discuss this and to discuss the creative writing possibilities. You can only take one course in undergraduate for creative writing and I don’t need to worry about a portfolio for another year or so, so that was a relief. So just need to concentrate on these resits and then I have a September of awesomeness with loads of stuff happening 😉


Invisible people don’t just exist in Africa


This is probably one of the most controversial topics I’ll ever write about, so before I continue let us get one thing straight. I am not a racist or a bigot, nor do I believe that we shouldn’t help third world countries. I am just realistic and feel that quite often this topic is ignored. Not many people will probably read this but if even a few people take something away from this then I’ll be satisfied.


As of me writing this there is a video going around, a viral campaign called ‘Stop Kony’. Within 24 hours of this thing going viral I have been invited to things on facebook and seen a bazillion tweets on the topic. I’ve also seen some criticism regarding the truth of the video, comments about the methods of the charity behind it and other skepticism. I am keeping out of the way of it, not because I don’t care but because I always feel such an internet sensation is hypocritical and ignorant. In the Western world there seems to be a plague of ignorance spreading, it’s main symptom pushing the problems of it’s own people under the carpet. Don’t worry, this isn’t a political rant about the economy or the government. It’s about every day people, like me and many other people I know.


The invisible people of the western world.


I’ll be more specific; I’m talking about your neighbour, your teacher, your best friend and most likely even some of your own family who suffer from an invisible illness. An invisible illness is exactly that, it’s invisible. There are thousands of people living in first world countries who suffer daily from pain, discomfort and a variety of symptoms, and no one has a clue they even exist. The children of third world countries get more attention and aid than these people do – even from their own governments. At present in the UK the Disability Living Allowance is aimed at people who need a full time carer or who cannot walk – it doesn’t matter if walking is painful, or you have other problems that seriously hinder your life or stop you working. The government in the UK doesn’t care. If you can walk you’re fine.


I said that this wasn’t about the government, and so I’m moving on. The government isn’t the only issue in the everyday battle for Invisible Illness sufferers. Every day people like you the person reading this right now, only view disability as something you can physically see. If someone has all their limbs, has no walking aid or wheelchair, or any obvious physical disfigurement then you assume they are healthy. So, what can you do? Educate yourself! Here are some useful links to get you started:

If you like this entry then please share it and spread the word. Or if you want to help someone consider helping one of the smaller charities out there. That’s not to say that the bigger charities don’t need support but think how many thousands of people know about that charity in comparison to the smaller ones? Every charity helps someone. There are small things you can do such as helping people if they fall, helping someone with an injury carry something or open a door. If you know someone who has an invisible illness be supportive and don’t be one of those people who say ‘but you don’t look sick’ – pain doesn’t always have a big neon light to guide you!

Essays, Visits & Noses


A strange subject line I know, although very accurate. That pretty much sums up the major parts of life recently and all three happened at the same time. My reading week was the 13th – 17th February and during that week my best friend Haley came up from London for a visit. The week of her visit I had my Celtic Civ essay due, then the following monday my Scottish Lit essay and then later that week my English Lit essay. How do I think they came out? I’m not sure. I was proud of myself in being able to manage my time properly for one of them. I know, I know, at 26 I should be able to manage my time much better but still this is a small improvement. And one I hope to repeat with my final two essays for the semester; my second Celtic civ one and the second one for Scottish Lit. I think my first Scottish Lit one went better than last term’s first essay. Both were context essays which means that we’re given a section of a novel and asked to perform a close reading. I feel more confident this time than I did last time, I think in part that was due to it being an easier text. Just need to wait and see how I did.


Haley’s visit was awesome, it was so nice to just spend a week where I put aside all my deadlines and just had fun. She also helped teach me how to use my new camera better. I’d not really had a chance to use it until that week so I got a lot of practice done at our local nature reserve and then at Loch Lomond which is such a beautiful place. We went in the late afternoon so we saw sunset and twilight, it was just magical. Haley was also kind enough to come with me to my hospital appointment with the ear, nose and throat surgeon as my fiance Chris has injured his back. We’d barely sat down before I was called in and we were early. The appointment was swift, the examination less painful than it was when I was a teenager. I found out an interesting random fact about the cartilage in my nose and was told the entrances to my sinuses seemed healthy. The doctor immediately noticed that I have Rhinitis though and next Tuesday I have a follow up skin test to check for allergies – something I’m a little nervous about. If it helps treat my sinus problems then brilliant, but what if it tells me I’m allergic to x, y and z? Not looking forward to that part. Especially if it turns out to be animals. An animal lover allergic to animals? That would just suck monkey balls.


Onto more happier topics. Chris and I don’t do much for Valentines day, especially this year as we were both pretty ill. I was spoilt – again – although not as much as he had hoped to spoil me. I’m the sort of girl who likes to be spoiled a little, but gets shy when I get really spoilt. I’m a libra after all, I love pretty things especially given in love. He got me a gorgeous amethyst necklace that I had been eyeing up, and had intended to get a matching bangle and a ring. The reason I’m mentioning this is just how much the poor guy went through trying to find a ring in my size. Apparently I have a very awkward ring size and he couldn’t find a suitable ring in that size. He went through about 10 rings before admitting defeat which is adorable. He’s not one for giving in and I know it bugged him to do so. The bangle was out of stock so he couldn’t get that either. I’m just glad for having him and that he loved the bracelet I got him.

Responsibility as a friend & a blogger

30 thoughts on 30

One of the things I wanted to do with this blog this year was venture out from under my scared little stone and talk about issues that might be considered controversial. I’ve been struggling to put together something that worked rather than sounding like a rant. I wanted something that made myself and others think. And I finally found a topic that did that and helped me piece my thoughts together; Responsibility.


The word conjures up a lot of different thoughts and feelings, ranging from our responsibility as children, parents, lovers, as well as to the environment. Despite the title none of these are what I wish to discuss. I want to focus on the growing responsibility I have found connected to the growth of social networking; the responsibility we have to those we meet online. There are and always will be those who will never care if what they say offends others. I’ve removed old school friends from facebook for exactly this reason on more than one occasion. It is in my nature to try to get people to understand, to see where I’m coming from, and of course I have been met with adversity. Other times I have witnessed times when others have reacted to something said in a blog or on facebook/twitter in a way which could be considered the same, yet it irritates me and I find it oppressive. So just how much responsibility do we have when we speak online? How aware should we be of what offends others?


I like to think that what offends me, such as prejudice, animal cruelty and ignorance, are key issues that are universally known as being a bad thing. So if I call someone up on them they should feel guilty for their actions. I’m sure some of you are probably nodding your head to at least one of those causes as you read this. The problem is that we each individually have a unique view of how far someone ‘should go’. We also react to humor in different ways. An appropriate example would be the show Top Gear. I know that most of the comments I find funny could be considered racist and sexist, but in that context I see them as harmless and therefore do not feel guilty for laughing at them. It is entertainment, it isn’t there to cause harm. Yet at the same time when someone says ‘that’s so gay’ I find myself filling with anger at the connotation of gay being a bad thing.


I have to admit that as I have grown older I’ve stopped trying to change people out of bad habits like that. Have I just grown cynical? Or perhaps I am simply maturing and recognising that the slang people use doesn’t necessarily reflect on their moral character. I think that as friends/followers of people on social networks and readers of blogs that we also have a responsibility; not to push our own “issues” onto others. On more than one occasion I have seen someone’s happiness marred by someone commenting in such a way that the original poster is made to feel guilty or depressed. Sometimes it seems that as a friend we are required to censor our own thoughts and opinions because it might offend someone else, or cause them to remember something negative. Of course, it is your responsibility as a friend to recognise that some subjects will cause your friends further harm i.e. talking about domestic abuse when you have a friend who was abused in such a way. There is also the ‘nettiquette’ of putting major spoilers of films, tv or books behind a cut in blogs as to not ‘spoil’ it for others.


Remember as a friend reading someone else’s facebook, twitter or blog that they deserve the right to be able to express themselves. Don’t rain on their parade simply because something they say causes a negative reaction in yourself. If they are your friend then you should know them well enough to understand that they meant no harm. Likewise even the most brilliant of friends can not remember everything that may trigger an unhappy thought or feeling in someone. Of course there may be some things said and done that are unforgivable, that show someones true colours so neither am I saying that we must never speak up. It’s a difficult balance to find and one I think many people online tend to forget.