My Goals for November

Monthly Goals November 2016



After seeing several ladies over at Geek Girls + Blogger posting their November goals I decided it would be a good thing for me to implement. Hopefully it will help me keep up with things, as well as also helping me to realise that I am getting things done. That I am being productive even when I feel like I’m not. So here are my monthly goals for November!



I’m planning on upping my blogging game this month in several different ways. Firstly, just generally keeping up to date and on top of things by scheduling posts in advance. Then by adding some new content in such as Christmas gift guides.



Due to illness and RL priorities, I fell a bit behind with my videos. I have a lot of stuff recorded just need to edit and put it all together. I really want to get this done this month and get started on some new content! (Plus the Priest campaign has an epic finale I am dying to show you guys!)


World of Warcraft

I am still loving Legion but there is SOOO MUCH to do! It is so easy to get completely lost at the moment and just sit staring at my screen wondering what the hell to do next. So, I made a list especially for WoW:

  • Finish my Demon Hunter campaign.
  • Finish my main’s profession levelling (literally only archaeology is maxed…)
  • Complete a full set of Illusion Books (enchanting) for me and Chris.
  • Finish off Broken Isles achievements for killing rares.
  • Start levelling my druid with Chris.
  • Start levelling my mage solo.
  • Do the dungeon profession quests on my Demon Hunter and Monk.


New Desk Set Up

It was my birthday last month and my parents generously helped me get a brand new, much bigger desk. The plan is to get it set up this month and try to work out where everything is going.


New Diet

I’m not one for going on about diets, but it is very important for me personally to get the hang on this one. I am doing so much cooking that I feel like I’m cooking all day every day, and it requires me to get things prepared in advance. It’s a bit learning curve, not to mention sticking to the diet and going through the hard transitional phase which is going to suck.


Work on a Project

I have a bunch of online projects/websites I want to work on, and I may or may not have time to do this – it really depends on how my health goes this month. This isn’t a top priority which is why it is at the bottom of the list.


There may also be…

Some make up reviews and tutorials, and some Bioshock Infinite playing happening… Maybe. If not this month, next month for sure.


Do you have any monthly goals? Or anything you hope to achieve this month? Let me know! 🙂






4 Different Places to Promote your Blog

Sharing Saturday: Places to promote your blog


Exams are over so it’s time to get Sharing Saturday back on track! This week I’m looking at sites that can help you promote your blog.

Promoting your blog is not only important, it’s a great way to meet new people and find new content by others. Here’s my run down on different ways and places online where you can share your blog to the world!


Website Listings

I love website listings because they list a variety of different sites which means you can add your blog, and any other sites you have, and gain visitors from many different places. Some listings are open to any and all sites, like my Ruby Wings Listings, while others are more specific. These may be for blogs only, or for themed sites, such as a particular fandom, hobby, or genre.

Here are some of my favourites (and my own as I’m slightly addicted to them 😉 ):

For Blogs: Blog Nation, Bloglist Me, Listen up!

For any sites: Ruby Wings Listings, Nerd Listings, Electro Listings, Smooth Sailing Listings.

For specific themes/fandoms: Kawaii Directory (Kawaii/cute sites), Yummy Networks (site collectives), Hogwartians (Harry Potter), Seductive Directory (Supernatural/Fantasy), Queldorei Listings (Video Games).

This is just a selection, you can find loads more over at Webmaster Links!


Button Exchanges

A button exchange is a site where you sign up, pop up a rotation code on your site and other people’s buttons feature on your site – likewise, your button pops up on theirs! Again, these come in many different flavours – some are just a standard open to any site, others have more of a theme i.e. a certain fandom/theme or you join as a character (a great example is Elysian Fields where you sign up and submit a button of your favourite hero character).

My two favourites are Total Randomosity and the Akuma Exchange which are both open to any sites, including blogs.



Plugboards give mixed results, but it only takes a few seconds to use them and you never know who you’ll reach by using them. They’re something I use every so often, although I’ve known others to use them regularly. Basically you post your button and your url, and hey presto it appears on a wall of buttons. One warning – you do need to use a specific size image otherwise it won’t be viewable. The size is usually displayed on the plug board itself.

Here are some great active ones to give a try: Bliss Plugs, Ruby Plugs, Silent Plug, iPlugs.


A few others

There are topsites/voting lists you can join, webrings, and also forums for advertising websites. However, in recent years there seems to be a decline in both and I haven’t really found that many that are active. You can see a few over at Webmaster Links if you’re really curious about any of these 🙂


Do you know of any of these already? Do you have any others to add? Let me know in the comments!






The return of the blog

Return of the blog

Everything has been quiet here at the RW Blog due to an unexpected emergency resulting in a trip down to London. Everyone is ok, and now it’s time to get back to normal. Which for me means starting studying. I’d hoped to start in May, but too much was going on and it just wasn’t possible. I still have two months, which is plenty of time, I just want to make sure I use it wisely. Despite my illness messing up my normal progression and dissertation plans, I have been very thankful for it. I needed the time to worry about important things, and help out in London, without having a dissertation to do as well.


Before we headed down to London I had my hospital appointment with the lovely named ‘Infections and Communicable diseases’ department (don’t panic if you’ve been near me, I don’t seem to be infectious). I don’t think there’s really any other department that can help me with this mystery illness, haematology already passed on me, and there’s no evidence of anything specific to one area (other than ALL my glands/lymph nodes). The doctor was really nice, asked loads of questions and did a thorough examination. She said I had two choices; 1) get a CT scan, but she didn’t want to do that due to the whole young woman + radiation + boobies = bad. 2) take some more bloods, rule out for certain some other stuff including immune system related things, have a chest x-ray and then come back in 3 months. Since we didn’t know what was happening we agreed to the 3 months. Otherwise I was all for the CT scan. It’s been over 6 months, I need answers. She also asked me to check my temperature, and despite having flushes and feeling really hot I’ve had a normal temperature. So I’ve no idea if I’ve had a fever a lot or not. I know that a few times I went to the doctor my temperature was definitely up.


Other than monitoring my temperature and studying, I’m going to be getting back into blogging. That means fandom 5 next Friday and sharing Saturday will be back too. I also have a review of the Warcraft movie to write up, an interview to post and some beauty product reviews. As I have been a terrible slacker on getting my Look Book started I’ll be doing a special fun project for that so keep an eye out for info about that soon!

One last thing to mention; I successfully passed my second term! There are no exams for that term, so I can relax. One-third of my postgrad is finished (term 1 and dissertation being the other two thirds). Despite being so ill and missing so much I didn’t drop below a 60 the whole term (70+ is a first, so 60-69 is pretty damn good still!).

5 Favorite Ways to Netflix and Chill [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Fandom Friday - Netflix & chill


I am notorious for not being able to sit still. I have to be doing something, especially if I’m watching something. I very rarely can just sit still or lay in bed watching stuff, and hate doing it when I’m ill. So here’s what I get up to while I’m watching netflix etc.

1. Blogging!

I’m currently catching up on the last CSI episode, Immortality, (very overdue!) as I write this. I find it easy to write blog posts or other online material while watching things, however, when it comes to creative writing or uni work I have to switch it off.

2. Gaming

If I’m playing an MMO or an easy game, like a puzzle game or facebook game, I like to have something on in the background. Most of the stuff I do in MMO’s like WoW is easy repetition that me and my fiancé joking refer to as ‘mind-numbing’ (it isn’t actually that bad, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to keep doing it). You need to pay attention to stuff but you don’t need to be give it your full attention. It makes grinding activities such as farming, leveling and, omg, fishing in WoW, so so much easier to do.

3. Website Design

I run a variety of websites and quite often will redesign a site while watching stuff. Yesterday while working my way through series 2 of Chicago P.D. I designed and updated Project Clique, my website clique promotion site which includes a directory for cliques.

4. Scanning and editing scans.

I love to scan things to use for graphics and I like to share them with others. I’m currently working my way through a large amount of craft materials from my mum. There’s also random papers, calendars and cards. You can find some already uploaded at my scan and screenshot gallery.

5. Various other online activities

I’m always online, browsing, looking at things, posting on social media and so forth. I spend a lot of time on deviant art browsing art and collecting resources, for example. Basically I am always doing something 😛