My Favourite Disney Heroines (Happiest Place on Earth)

Geek Blogs Unite: Disney Theme - Favourite Disney Songs

I’m taking part in Geek Blogs Unite themed topic about the Happiest Place on Earth, Disney! I decided to write about my favourite Disney Heroines, and you’re probably thinking, well yeah, of course, she’s a girl. Duh… right? That’s a little bit of it. I’m a girl, and a feminist, so celebrating women is something I like to do. However, the reasoning behind this post goes a bit deeper. Last year when Carrie Fisher sadly passed away there were a lot of quotes, memories and comments going around social media. One that stuck in my head was about how she taught a whole generation of young girls that they could fight, could lead a rebellion. I realised that was completely spot on for my generation, the 80s kids, and also that Disney heroines played a bit part in it too. This seemed a fitting way to start off this post considering Leia is now officially a Disney heroine too.

Growing up I wasn’t really a girlie girl, I was a tom boy and most definitely a rebel in the making in some ways. I’m sure many people who grew up with me will be laughing at that statement; her? That goody-two-shoes a rebel? That fact is that rebellion comes in many forms, and one is the lesson Leia and other Disney heroines taught me – it’s about fighting for what you believe in, forging your own path and doing things your way. Hopefully this post will give you a glimpse into what I mean by those sentiments. ((All images courtesy of Disney Screencaps and Star Wars Screencaps, edited by me. Font used is Mademoiselle Camille.))


The Heroines


Favourite Disney Heroines - Beauty & The Beast - Belle

Belle is probably the Disney heroine I feel most connected to; she has a warm heart, she sees things in others that they don’t see, she accepts outsiders, she is an outsider and of course, her love for books. For me, Belle is to be admired in the way she handles the situation with Beast. People have many issues with their relationship, suggesting Stockholm Syndrome for example, but I’ve never really considered there to be a toxic element to their relationship. The song ‘Tale as Old as Time’ sums it up for me;

Barely even friends
Then somebody bends
Just a little change
Small to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared

Not every relationship starts with star crossed lovers meeting and knowing they’ve found their soulmate. Sometimes it takes a little work, someone has to bend, something changes. That is what I love about Belle; she’s stubborn, determined and sticks by her beliefs but isn’t afraid to make those changes, those compromises and give people a chance.


Favourite Disney Heroines - Hercules - Megara


Megara is the other Disney heroine I feel a close connection to, and her song ‘I won’t say I’m in love’ was the theme song for my angsty teenage romances, and is still a firm favourite of mine. I completely understand how she feels when she sings “If there’s a prize for rotten judgement, I guess, I’ve already won that, No man is worth the aggravation” and “I thought my heart had learned its lesson, it feels so good when you start out”. Unlike most Disney heroine’s Meg is sassy and sarcastic, she’s not your typical princess waiting for a man to sweep her off her feet or to complete her life. However, underneath that attitude is someone who’s been hurt before and is longing for someone to love her for who she is.


Favourite Disney Heroines - The Rescuers - Miss Bianca


I have always loved The Rescuers, and Miss Bianca is one of those Disney heroine’s I admired from afar and always felt that I couldn’t ever quite reach. So, why did she make this list? Because she’s a bad ass and she does it as a lady. She’s tough, she’s determined and she has the kindest soul. All she wants to do is help kids who need help, and she does it with sophistication and a heart filled with love. She sees the darkest parts of life and still keeps on fighting to bring light to the lives of children. That to me is someone to admire.


Favourite Disney Heroines - Mulan

Mulan has so many life lessons that I’m not sure where to begin. There’s the whole lesson about following your destiny, being able to do a man’s job in a man’s world, honouring your family and so forth. However, for me it was Mulan as an outcast that struck a chord with me. The song Reflection is a musical soul search that still feels me with emotions. I’ve never fit in anywhere, and it was only in my late 20s/early 30s that I’ve begun to feel confident and content with where I am and who I am. I think also that the lyrics appeal to me as someone who suffers from depression;

Look at me
You may think you see
Who I really am
But you’ll never know me
Every day
It’s as if I play a part
Now I see
If I wear a mask
I can fool the world
But I cannot fool my heart


With these lyrics in mind, when you think about everything Mulan accomplishes, her whole story can be seen as a metaphor for depression. There is light at the end of the tunnel. You can be who you see yourself as, who you really are. Is it going to be easy? No and as we see in Mulan’s case, there’s miles and many obstacles to overcome. That’s life, and Mulan is one young girl who doesn’t run from it; she faces it head on and kicks it’s ass.



Favourite Disney Heroines - Pocahontas

It could be argued that Pocahontas falling in love with John Smith and leaving for the new world is a sign of weakness, of a woman letting a man lead her life. I have always seen it differently; to me Pocahontas is a strong independent woman who explores everything she can. She is attuned to the world around her, she’s curious, she’s open minded and has an open heart, and wants to learn. For her the next step is to leave her home and travel, to learn more and see what she can learn and teach others.



Favourite Disney Heroines - The Lion King - Nala

I love Nala, she is one of my favourite parts of The Lion King and my only complaint about the film is that she doesn’t get enough screen time. Nala is not fearless, she fears, she hurts, she worries but she doesn’t hide from it. When she leaves her pride to find help, she has absolutely no idea that her childhood friend is still alive. When she finds him she’s determined to convince him to do the right thing – for himself and for their pride. She’s the strength behind the leader, the one who isn’t afraid to smack him or push him into a river if he’s being an idiot.



Favourite Disney Heroines - Star Wars - Leia


Oh Leia, where do I begin? Growing up I never realised how young Leia was in the movies. It was only as I grew older and read the Expanded Universe books that I realised she was only 18 in A New Hope. I chose this iconic image of her from that movie because to me it represents everything about the character. Leia doesn’t necessarily need a weapon to fight, she uses her wits, her curiosity and more importantly her voice. She sticks by what she believes in and she uses that voice to call others to arms, to inspire them to be a better person and to follow their heart and their destiny. And she is the one who taught millions of young women that they could do all this no matter what age they were, no matter where they came from.


Favourite Disney Heroines - Star Wars - Padme


I don’t hate the prequels. I agree there are some issues, however, for me as a Star Wars fan they told a story that needed to be told, and introduced us to one of my favourite Disney Heroines; Padme. Padme is incredible, and I will always wonder just how much good Padme and Leia would have accomplished if life had ever worked out differently for them. Even younger than her daughter when she was elected ruler of Naboo, Padme was placed into a position of great responsibility by a cultural tradition that believed children “possessed a form of pure, childlike wisdom that the adults lacked” ((Star Wars Wiki – Monarch of Naboo)). Unlike her daughter, she had no influential family to provide her with opportunities and it was on her own merit that she gained attention. With the weight of her planet of her shoulders, she then had the added burden of the Trade Federation’s invasion and occupation of her planet. I’ve always wondered how many of her predecessors would have cracked under that pressure, or developed mental health issues after their time in office ended.


Through her relationship with Anakin we get to see Padme’s concerns, her worries and anxieties about fulfilling her role and helping her people. In The Phantom Menace a young Anakin asks her questions, not knowing that he is speaking directly to the Queen of Naboo rather than one of her handmaidens. Her answers show a strength of character that continues through the prequel films and The Clone Wars series. I also admire the many weapons that she has in her arsenal and she doesn’t wait for people to help her, or do things for her. In the arena on Geonosis in Attack of the Clones she is already moving, already rescuing herself while Anakin and Obi-Wan discuss their situation. She can fight, as we often see, but she is also one of the characters in the Star Wars movies that gives the most powerful speeches and remarks. Her remark on the death of liberty still gives me chills; “So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause”.



Favourite Disney Heroines - Star Wars - Rey

We know hardly nothing about Rey yet. We don’t know who she is, who her parents were, where she is from. None of that matters, because what we do know is that she is a survivor, a fighter. For me Rey represents the older me, the victim of bullying, the young woman who has struggled with physical and mental illnesses and survived. There’s nothing happy about Rey’s life prior to the events of The Force Awakens. She gets up, she scavenges, makes just enough to survive and then repeats it all again the next day. It’s a dark, hopeless situation that is even more depressing than Luke’s life before he met the droids. At least Luke had family, friends and hobbies even if he was stuck on a planet on the outer rim. Rey represents that part of us that is waiting for a moment, whether it be meeting a goal we’ve been working towards, that big break or a change in our situation. Her life has completely changed, she is on a new path and we are taking those steps with her – quite literally as we wait for the new film and subsequent information to be revealed about her. Rey isn’t perfect; she is terrified, she runs from the visions, she makes excuses to avoid change. When Han talks to her about leaving Jakku, she claims she can’t leave  because she’s waiting for her family (even though deep down she knows they’re not coming back). Rey is a heroine who is real, and for me, someone who is approachable and human. I can’t wait to see where her story goes.



I hope you enjoyed reading this and got an insight into my love for Disney, and how it has been an important part of my journey from childhood, to adolescence and now into adulthood.


















Disney Songs that Rock My Socks

Geek Blogs Unite: Disney Theme - Favourite Disney Songs

I’m taking part in Geek Blogs Unite themed topic about the Happiest Place on Earth, Disney! The plan was to spread two posts out across the theme period, and now with two days to go I’m just getting the first one done. Stomach bugs are evil 🙁 I’m still not feeling great so instead of going as in depth as I wanted to, I’m just going to share my favourite disney songs rather than try to explain why I love them so much. I decided to choose one per movie, otherwise we’d be here all night. So these aren’t even a full list. You can check out what I listen to regularly over at my Disney spotify list!

The music of Disney is one of the biggest parts of why I love Disney movies so much, and if you love Disney too then you probably don’t need me to tell you why these songs rock my socks.Enjoy!



The Little Mermaid

The Lion King

The Lion King 2

Beauty and the Beast







Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Robin Hood




The Princess and the Frog




Disney TV Show Theme Songs

I grew up in the 80s/90s and there are several catchy Disney theme songs from shows that I still get stuck in my head years later. These themes are unique and still rock many years later. And yes, I still know all the words to them 😉





And something special for you to save for Christmas:

 I will say a word about this one 😉 I still have this on VHS at my parents house. I loved this and still do, and last Christmas I looked it up and youtube and low and behold, it’s there! This brings back so many memories for me as I used to watch it every Christmas as a kid.

Wow that was hard! Could you narrow it down to one song per movie? I had to change a few around, and had to force myself to stick to my own rule. It’s not easy!

February Movie Roundup

February Movies Roundup

This month I watched a hell of a lot more movies than I normally do which was a combination of several factors; DVDs from Christmas, DVDs from my fiancé’s birthday, feeling awful due to a lovely chest infection and finally, drowning out the noise from our neighbours. The later not only gives me migraines, but also makes me really irritable. I think I now know why I’m so sensitive to it, so that’s a plus and a future blog post in itself, however, the movie thing is working. So here’s a run down on what I’ve watched this month and my thoughts on them. (Please note – This post contains affiliate links.)


Total Recall

I’m a big Arnie fan so I’ve seen the original a few times, and like with any reboot I wasn’t sure how this would turn out. I actually really enjoyed it. I’m a bit Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel fan so having those two as the leading ladies was great. Plus watching Kate Beckinsale switch accents and go pretty damn psycho was fantastic to watch.


Star Trek Beyond

I had mixed feelings about this one, and I think Chris summed it up when we got to the end of the film; “It felt like a TV episode”. It was good, don’t get me wrong, it just felt like an extended episode rather than a movie. Enjoyable, and interesting to see other characters have a bigger role, but ultimately felt a bit off. It was also very bittersweet watching Anton Yelchin 🙁


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

A random movie to keep my mind off the noise, this turned out to be very clever and well written. It had a great amount of British actors in it, which is a plus to me. However, it was a little bit predictable. Normally with spy/thriller movies I’m in the dark until the reveal happens, and this time I knew who it was. It was still very enjoyable to watch and I recommend it.



I’m pretty sure this movie got trashed by the critics, however, since it came out I’ve wanted to see it. I’ve liked Taylor Kitsch as an actor since seeing him in The Covenant so I was curious to see him in this. I can’t explain what attracted me to it, just various elements that seemed intriguing and I did enjoy it. Is it the best film ever? No, but I tend to like films on whether I enjoy them. I was honestly surprised to see that Rihanna can actually act, and wasn’t just there as a token character. The film includes other actors such as Alexander Skarsgård, Liam Neeson and Brooklyn Decker and has some touching moments regarding Pearl Harbour and Veterans. Over all it’s a fun sci fi romp.


Edge of Tomorrow

I’ll start by saying that I am not a huge Tom Cruise fan, never have been, and after the whole Scientology thing my interest him declined further. I tend to avoid his movies unless something else interests me about them, in this case it was his co-star Emily Blunt who I always enjoy in films. This is a very complex and emotional sci fi film, and it does hit right to the heart at several points. I like the ideas behind the aliens and the concepts, it’s very clever and for that alone worth a watch. Plus, there is something highly amusing with watching Tom Cruise get killed over and over again. Emily Blunt is on top form as a tough takes-no-prisoners female soldier.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

I LOVE these remakes. The first film was amazing and the second was great too. I grew up with TMNT and I can’t put into words how spot on these films have got it. I like Megan Fox as April, and as an Arrow fan it was fantastic to see Stephen Amell as Casey Jones. These films are a great homage to part of my childhood and can’t wait for more.



As part of my 2017 geeky goals I’m trying to watch films by certain actors and Harrison Ford is one of those. I’m a big fan of him but there’s some gaps in my watch list. Liam Hemsworth plays the lead character alongside Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman as big corporate enemies, with Amber Heard as a sassy love interest. All give fantastic performances, but the older cast outshines the younger one massively. Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford are on top form and are damn right scary at times.



Don’t watch this film if you’re wanting something as background noise. It’s a mind bender and a half! The premise of the film is to ask the question of what would happen if a human could use 100% of their brain. Insert a lot of philosophy, science and special effects. It was an enjoyable watch which left me with many questions.


Deja Vu

An older film that I’ve had my eye on since it’s release, we picked it up in a charity shop last summer. Like Lucy there are some head hurting moments, and a whole lot of heart wrenching ones too. It’s an action thriller with Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer and the delightful Paula Patton.


Suicide Squad

I’ll start off by saying that I’ve not read any of the comics, and so my knowledge of many of these characters were limited. I know Deadshot from Arrow, and Harley from well… who doesn’t know Harley Quinn?! The Joker was probably the only character I’d say I know relatively well. I really enjoyed it. Yes, it got totally trashed by fans and critics alike but I liked it. I wasn’t sure about Will Smith as Deadshot, but as the story unfolded I found that he was a good fit for the role. I totally did NOT recognise Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, was pleasantly surprised by Cara Delevingne and may be just a little bit in love with Margot Robbie 😛 I liked the introduction to the bad guys using the DC heroes, and the tiny snapshot of The Flash made me wonder if Ezra Miller might not be so bad.


Ghostbusters (2016)

I was ready to love this, ready to have the feminist in me applaud it… and it failed miserably. It tried too hard to be wacky, and there were just so many stupid moments. I don’t do stupid funny. I do witty funny. It was hilarious at points, don’t get me wrong, but when you’re watching an all female led movie and you think the male co-star was the best? Yeah something went very wrong there. Chris Hemsworth stole the show, not because he was a guy, just because he was the better actor. I loved the cameos from the original actors more than anything. Sorry, originals 1, reboot 0.


Jungle Book

I’m not a Jungle Book fan, never have been. I love Disney and I can’t even remember the Jungle Book movie apart from 1-2 songs (the second I remembered during this film). After watching this I’m still not a big fan, however, this film isn’t about the Jungle Book story. It’s about the acting of the super talented 13 year old kid, Neel Sethi, who plays Mowgli. I had to check out how it was made after watching it, and the whole thing is CGI. Award winning actors voiced the animal characters, but they didn’t crawl around on all fours for the kid to act alongside. He had props and people in the CGI get up to bounce off, but still, that is amazing for a guy his age. I can’t wait to see him grow into an even more amazing actor. And oh my, the CGI. It is incredible. Really beautiful and so detailed.


Central Intelligence

If you love buddy cop movies like Beverly Hills Cop, Lethal Weapon and Rush Hour you will LOVE this. I have not laughed so hard at a movie in so long. It was brilliant, and Dwayne Johnson wearing a unicorn t-shirt and a fanny pack? Oh my. It is not to be missed. The movie is based on a former bully victim (Dwayne Johnson) who grows up to be a kickass CIA agent, and ropes in someone from his old high school in a thrilling espionage mess. Yes, mess. Kevin Hart plays the other part of this duo and the chemistry is hilarious. Seriously, go watch it.


The Legends of Tarzan

After watching Suicide Squad and Battleship this moved up my list as I wanted to see more Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgård. Unlike most Tarzan films, this picks up AFTER meeting Jane and leaving the Jungle – which I was very glad about because the whole Tarzan meets Jane thing has been so overdone. Tarzan, now Lord John, heads back to the Jungle with Jane and gets into a load of trouble. The plot is predictable, however, it has some great acting and the animal scenes are amazing and poignant. Samuel L Jackson is in there as a gun-totting American who provides some comic relief, and overall it is a very beautiful and fun film. As an animal lover though it is the scenes watching Tarzan meeting his animal friends again and rekindling those relationships that stole my heart.


Have you seen any of these? What did you think? I’m taking movie recommendations, especially any available on UK Netflix and Amazon Prime so let me know you’re suggestions <3


10 + Lovely Small Business & Blogger Etsy Stores

Small business and blogger etsy stores

I took a break last weekend as I was still polishing off the new blog theme and features, so this week I wanted to make a special Sharing Saturday. So I decided to get personal. As a part of Holiday Wishes I had offered to fulfil some wishes by promoting their etsy stores. I absolutely love etsy, there is always something for everyone and being an oddball geek I don’t tend to find ‘my style’ in main shops, so etsy is wonderful for finding things that are really me. I also admire people who are able to create, and put their work out there for others to buy. That takes tremendous courage, and I wanted to share the love so I put the call out on twitter. The result is this blog post which includes a variety of etsy stores by small business owners, many of which are also bloggers. There’s a great variety in here, some very cute and gorgeous products and I hope you take the time to go check out their stores fully! ((All images are credited to the etsy stores and their owners. If you would like any removed please contact me. Image featured in the header is from PhoenixFireDesigns. ))


I want to say a big thank you to everyone who tweeted me, shared my tweets and pointed me in the direction of these great stores. I’ll be doing another one of these in the future so if you missed out, follow me on twitter @JustGeekingBy and tweet me your etsy store for future reference 🙂








I’ve always been a fan of tattoos and the tattoo style of art, and in ATinyMew’s store you can find some gorgeous prints up for grabs in that style. Bold designs and vibrant colours, I love the details on the smaller elements of her designs such as the pearls. There’s also a print (featured center) that is dedicated to spreading awareness of stomach cancer. While I’ve not lost anyone to that particular cancer, I’ve lost people to the horrible disease and admire anyone who takes the time to create something to spread awareness.










This store is run by the lovely Jemma of Dorkface, and the creator of The Girl Gang. Not only is she a wonderful girl and super supportive to others, she’s a talented illustrator to boot! This is just a small glimpse at what she’s got hiding in her  DorkfaceShop. I’m completely in love with her stickers, such as these pretty banner stickers which are perfect for bullet journals and planners!









An etsy store that aims to provide “Vintage and handmade awesomeness”, imperfectly’s store has a wide array of goodies for visitors. There are vintage items such as clothing, rings and manuals and some great accessories like these hemp bracelets and necklace. I also love her upcycled/recycled envelopes seen in the third image.









If you love disney then itslizi is one for you! She has a range of disney products, however, it is these three that caught my eye. They’re all outside the box and a bit quirky, and being a Londoner by birth I love the London Transport/Disney places prints. The Mickey Mouse confetti is cute and unique, and so it this Minnie Mouse sunglasses print.









Kokoba’s store is filled to the brim with maths, science and number based jewellery perfect for the geeks in your life. As a Pagan and an arts grad, I’m admittedly drawn to the range of gemstones and designs rather than the mathematics. Science geeks will appreciate the time and effort put into each design Kokoba helpfully offers a full explanation over on her blog about how she uses numbers in her jewellery. Among the number work there’s also some beautiful DNA sequence designs as you can see in the first image.








These beautiful handmade cowls can be found in kriknitslakeside’s store in a range of wonderful colours and patterns. She makes scarves as well, and everything looks super snuggly and warm! I really love the range of colour combinations and there’s one for everyone’s tastes.









Next up is blogger Hello Lizzie Bee who has an etsy store dedicated to fabulous handlettered and illustrated prints. It was difficult to pick just three to showcase here for you, but I was blown away by these ones. The lovely illustrated quote “Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn”, simple and beautiful calligraphy congratulations card and this cleverly detailed inspirational quote.









How adorable is this crocheted elephant?! Bridget the elephant is just one of the handmade wonders in Lizzievintage’s shop (there’s also a panda called Fiona for any panda fans!). There’s a bunch more crocheted items like the cute headwraps, as well as bags and cushions including a range of comic book ones like the Avengers once featured above.










These incredible necklaces and pendants are the work of PhoenixFireDesigns and her store features a range of different colour and style combinations. Her Tree of Life pendants (2nd and 3rd images) appear to be the most sought over of her designs, however, I wanted to include her other work here too to show you guys what else she makes. The first image is one of these and is her mermaid cluster necklace. There’s chakra items, steampunk designs and so much more in her store. I could seriously do a whole blog post just dedicated to her beautiful work. Best of all those aren’t coloured beads; they’re real gemstones and there are so many different ones to choose from! I also follow her instagram where she gives you regular updates on what she’s making, including commission pieces.









These embroidered beauties are the work of beauty blogger BubblyBeauty. Her etsy store is a gold mine of embroidery and framed cross stitch, including this super cute halloween kitty. Her pouches and make up bags are idea for anything, and there’s so many different designs that there’s one for everyone!










Using sea glass and pottery, SeaKissedTreasures combines them with wire and satin knot cord to create these pretty and unique pendants. Her shop offers treasures made by the sea and that is certainly the vibe I’m getting from these pieces. Each one is a unique and idea as a special gift for someone or to yourself!









Home to the creations of the talented Tarnya of Sweet Allure, this store is home to cute watercolour prints. There’s inspiration quotes as featured above and some lovely fandom related ones like this Bambi print and Ravenclaw Crest from Harry Potter. They’re colourful with a unique and personal touch, and would look fab on anyone’s wall.










Probably the smallest shop on the list, but don’t let that deceive you. Small doesn’t mean bad when there’s some great products to check out! WyldeDesign’s store is all about digital and printable content, offering a range of items that you pay once and can then use over and over. There’s some great planner printables like this daily planner one, as well as some detailed prints and this super cute Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them phone wallpaper. It’s a small eclectic store which can only grow into something more amazing than it already is.




And that brings us to the end of this weeks Sharing Saturday! I hope you have had as much fun browsing these stores as I did, and I make no apologies for any holes that might be burning in your wallets now 😛 These are all talented individuals that you can support by buying their work, sharing their stores and using the ‘favourite’ option on etsy.








Geek on the High Street [Geek on the High Street]

Sharing Saturday: Geek on the High Street

It’s that time again! The aim of Geek on the High Street is to find and highlight geeky products that can be found in normal high street stores. Unfortunately a lot of women’s clothes stores and department stores like Debenhams & M&S consider geeky stuff to be for men or children. So Geek on the High Street was born to shine a light on some of the hidden geeky treasures for geek girls. I’ll be mainly focusing on women’s fashion since mostly women read my blog, but if anyone is interested in a male version please let me know in the comments!You can check out round 1 here and round 2 here 🙂

Like last time you can find a few of my favourites featured in this post while the pinterest board has everything! 🙂



Dorothy Perkins

Not much over at Dorothy Perkins as usual, however, there were a few cute and quirky items such as these racoon slippers, retro top and unicorn socks.


George at Asda

This time around George at Asda was quite a let down. A few socks, a Minnie and Mickey top and a few unicorn themed items were the highlights.






First timers on Geek on the High Street, Evans don’t have much in the way of geeky but I did manage to spot these quirky tops and some fab items in their nightwear section. Namely some awesome animal pyjama and night mask sets and animal themed dressing gowns.


H & M

H & M have an eclectic selection right now, including some DC underwear, this fabulous dragon onesie and some Disney and Star wars goodies.


New Look

Sorry unicorn fans, it seems that New Look has ditched their fascination with unicorns. Instead there’s some grungy gothic items and some cutie pie socks to satisfy your geeky needs!



Next had a surprising amount of bits that caught my eye, including items from Disney, some rock band tees, these snazzy Star Wars PJs and just look at those awesome swan slippers!



Another newcomer, Matalan seems to keep their geeky and quirky items for places that can’t be seen in public. Namely, sleeping, shoes and socks. If you’re partial to quirky socks then this is a place for you to check out.


River Island


River Island is mainly focused on dark, rock and grunge items, although there’s a few quirky items such as this science planet t-shirt that I spotted.



First time here for Select, and and as you can see they don’t really cater much to the alternative and geeky crowd. I did find these two items though, and loving the #witchplease top.


Sports Direct

Sports Direct are once again the winner in all round awesomeness for alternative, quirky and geeky items with a tonne of well known fandoms and names covered. Like always you can view all the items I found on the Geek on the High Street pinterest board, but here are a few I had to share with you!


Sports Direct – Dresses

Wait.. Sports Direct have a new shop? ‘Fraid not folks. There were just that many absolutely awesome geeky dresses and skirts that I had to give them their own section, and even then this was me ‘narrowing it down to a select few’. Yep, you need to check them out on the pinterest board pronto!


TK Maxx

Ok, I may just be a little bit obsessed with the TK Maxx cat hoodie and t-shirt featured above. There’s not really any fandoms over there and the only geeky brands are band related. There’s some fun quirky and fantasy stuff though, like the dinosaur top and the wolf eyes t-shirt.



Topshop’s geeky game is a bit all over the place this time around to be honest. There’s not really any fandoms, other than the Disney PJs seen here. However, if you’re looking for weird, whimsical, whacky and quirky then Topshop has you covered. As you can see from the selection here there’s some science stuff, zodiac, a few unicorns, some nifty slogans and those damn awesome snake jeans.



Sadly Uniqlo’s collaboration with Disney is over, as is their Star Wars one that featured in December (although, to be fair you didn’t miss much as most of it catered to men or unisex). There’s still some Minnie and Mickey items about, as well as a bunch of Peanuts stuff and some awesome Marvel comic t-shirts too.


Have you spotted some geeky items around your local high street? Anything I’ve missed? Let me know, and don’t forget to follow the Pinterest board for future updates!