November Goals Recap

Monthly Goals November 2016

The end of the month is nigh and it’s time to look back over my monthly goals and see how I did!


I feel quite content with how my blogging went this month, I upped my game but there’s still room for improvement. I need to get scheduling sorted for one, and I am so behind on commenting. So those will be priorities next month.



I failed miserably. The new diet had me all over the place and proved to have some unseen difficulties (more below) so I’ve had a lot less time and energy than I expected.


World of Warcraft

Let’s see…

  • Finish my Demon Hunter campaign.
  • Finish my main’s profession levelling – Fishing is now maxed. It’s proving a lot harder to max everything else, so I think this is going to be a goal for several months
  • Complete a full set of Illusion Books (enchanting) for me and Chris.
  • Finish off Broken Isles achievements for killing rares. (Apparently I’d actually already done this :P)
  • Start levelling my druid with Chris – She should be 110 in the next few days!
  • Start levelling my mage solo – Haven’t even started her 🙁
  • Do the dungeon profession quests on my Demon Hunter and Monk – Demon hunter done (and new ones found), but my monk I slacked on big time. I think I’m just going to leave her for now and concentrate on other characters as she is my bank character.


New Desk Set Up

It’s done and mostly set up 😀 I still need to move my make up from the bathroom into the new desk because I can’t do my make up in the bathroom. This is because I’m really short sighted (like -20 -20 seriously) and our mirror is above the sink… I need a mirror right in front of my face. So sitting down at my new desk with everything nearby works so much better for me.

I do have some pictures though!

Old Desk:



New Desk:




And someone has a home at last!



New Diet

So the new diet has been tricky, and not due to the food. The food prep, especially for breakfast has been difficult for me when my body has decided it doesn’t want to behave. I’ve gotten into a routine, been trying new recipes and finding ones I really enjoy. I’ve also lost 9-10lbs already which seems unreal. I’ve been eating less, been much less hungry between meals and have noticed other good side effects too. My skin is much clearer, other health stuff seems better too.

However, I’ve been really nauseous a lot and I don’t think it’s due to the diet, like I said, I’m not feeling hungry so no feeling light headed etc. I think it’s a part of whatever weird random gland hurting illness that I’ve now had for over a year. My glands have also been getting worse, and sore more often :-/


Work on a Project

Nada, zilch. I was pretty sure that would be the case.


There may also be…

I totally failed on reviews and tutorials, but did get some Bioshock Infinite in!


So that was my month; how did yours go? Did you meet your goals? You may have noticed that I’m not beating myself up for missing stuff and that is important. Remember that when looking back at your own goals and lists 🙂

December goals coming soon!



A Journey of Self Healing

A Journey of Self-Healing

Hopefully I can get through this entry without apologising for being behind in blog posts, for being ill and so on because the fact is none of it is something I have control over. While I wish I’d been better at blogging or been able to work on other projects, the fact is my health comes first and cutting down my to do list has been difficult in that respect. It’s been over a month since my last hospital appointment, an appointment which effectively saw a horrible doctor dump everything in my lap and tell me that my all over agonisingly painful glands were all my fault. I don’t want to go into details about that, but he was very rude, very dismissive and very ignorant of anything I had to say. So I am on a journey of self healing, working on several aspects of my life to try to get better. Honestly, I’m not hugely convinced. I was planning to work on one of those aspects anyway, and had already put things in motion for that, but the second one.. yeah really not convinced, neither is anyone else in my life. Still, I have no where else to go right now in terms of finding a solution so I am taking the time to work on these things and help myself.


Being able to defer my dissertation until January has been a big help. I currently only have life things that must be done, aka necessary errands, chores, appointments. That’s not to say nothing else is getting done, current blog post for example; I’m just not stressing or feeling too guilty if I don’t manage it. Now that I look back I realise I’ve been on the go for several years now, with health problems causing me to lose my summer breaks to studying for resits (this one being no exception). I need some me time, some time in which I can have a day of doing nothing if I need to because I feel ill, or simply because I just don’t want to. Even typing this I’m feeling the social guilt that tells me I’m lazy, that I’m wasting my potential. The thing is that we all need time like this, and we very rarely are able to get it.

I was away for several weeks recently on a mini-holiday, and then I was ill with a flu like virus immediately after which curbed my motivation significantly. I’ve been slowly working my way back in to things, doing bits here and there rather than trying to tackle a big project all at once. I’m hoping to build up week by week so not to pile the pressure on, and therefore, allow myself to build whatever it is back up to allow me to tackle multiple things at once – even while ill, because that part of life isn’t ever going away.