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I decided to put together this hub linking all my content related to beta as it is currently spread across three sites. If you enjoy this content please like, share and comment <3

Spoiler Warning – Pretty much everything here has spoilers, if they’re spoiler free I will specifically mark them.


Screenshots are regularly updated and new updates will be marked with ***. I post them on facebook and my gallery, and have linked both for you to use which you prefer 🙂

Demon Hunters

Character Creation options [No Spoilers] – Facebook

Various Demon Hunter – Facebook Gallery


Broken Isles Starting Quest

Horde – Facebook / Gallery



Priest – Facebook / Gallery



Azsuna – Facebook / Gallery

High Mountain – Facebook / Gallery

Stormheim – Facebook / Gallery

Suramar – Facebook / Gallery

Val’Sharah – Facebook / Gallery


Illidan’s Memories Questline – Facebook / Gallery

Dalaran – Facebook / Gallery

Miscellaneous – Facebook / Gallery

Wardrobe – Facebook / Gallery



Follow me as I start the Priest quests on Alliance, get my artifact weapon and discover my order hall!

Episode 1 – After the Broken Isles Excursion & Starting Quests

Episode 2 – Meeting the strange Priest & getting my artifact weapon (Discipline)




19 Stunning World of Warcraft Legion Fanarts

Sharing Saturday: World of Warcraft Fanart - Legion

It’s been a while since I did a World of Warcraft fanart SS (check out the previous ones; Night Elves, Couples and Pets), and to celebrate the background downloader starting for the Legion Pre-Patch I figured that a Legion themed one was in order! A lot of the amazing Legion fanart out there is due to the awesome contest that Wowhead organised so make sure you check out the winning entries from that too. You can view all entries for the contest in the contest gallery as well.

Disclaimer: The work here is displayed only out of admiration and credit is given for every image (I use the ’embed’ code directly from dA). If you are the artist and want your work removed please leave me a comment. If you like some of the art here please take the time to visit the artist’s DeviantArt and/or leave a comment to let them know. This is probably obvious, but: this post is very image heavy.

SPOILERS – I’ve done my best to avoid spoilers, but I’m not infallible so I apologise if there are any included.

Night Elf Demon Hunter in the Darnassus by GothmarySkold on DeviantArt

World Of Warcraft by yanfy on DeviantArt

Wellhelloder by Faebelina on DeviantArt

[World Of Warcraft] Demon Hunter by CrimsonTulips on DeviantArt

Artifact Weapons – Wowhead’s Legion Art Contest by kinari on DeviantArt

Stormrage (he’s a pony again) by 0Riane0 on DeviantArt

Giveaway: Demon Hunter Kyorli by MischiArt on DeviantArt

Female Illidan – Warcraft (Wallpaper Angle) by Adyon on DeviantArt

Illidian WOW fanart entry by BrianFajardo on DeviantArt

Wowhead Legion contest entry: Eternal conflict by frenone on DeviantArt

Nightfallen by frenone on DeviantArt

Miera by TsunamiXD on DeviantArt

Ascension by sanluis on DeviantArt

Commission: Selendis by Tvonn9 on DeviantArt

Demon Hunter by KassandraVasquez on DeviantArt

Calerius Emberwing (Commission) by IcedWingsArt on DeviantArt

The Betrayer by danehero on DeviantArt

Kiriban 50k – Anaar by LadyRosse on DeviantArt

And to finish it off; Pepe!

Demon Hunter Pepe by Kayley on DeviantArt







Youtube: Legion Beta Alliance Priest Episode 1 is now live!

World of Warcraft: Legion - Alliance Priest Youtube video

At the beginning of the year I took part in a 5 Fandom Friday about 5 chances I was going to take in 2016. Well this is one of the BIG ones on that list. Anyone that knows me knows I love talking, which is weird because I’m really not all that confident. Being class rep for my postgraduate during the last year and getting to know people through this blog has helped me realise that being talkative isn’t a bad thing. Sure, it’s going to annoy people, but I’ve also helped people. I don’t know if any of my fellow students are reading this, but you guys coming to me for help was one of the best gifts you could give me. You reaffirmed things some people have been telling me for years.

So, I took the plunge. You saw the little video I posted the other day, well, that was a very little one. This time it’s the real deal. Me talking, me opening myself up and taking you with me as I look at a class that has been dear to me for a decade now. Episode 1 is up right now with more coming very soon!

I understand that people may not want to watch it due to spoilers, and that’s ok, totally get it. So if you can’t watch it then please subscribe, or pass it on to other gaming/geeky friends 🙂

Youtube Video: New Wardrobe feature in World of Warcraft: Legion Beta

World of Warcraft: Legion Wardrobe Youtube video

I’ve been working on getting a podcast together featuring the World of Warcraft legion beta and while playing around with video and recording settings I made a little video about the new wardrobe feature. It is basically me browsing through my wardrobe on my demon hunter, but it gives you a good look at how the new system works. More coming soon! Please follow my youtube channel and twitter for more updates 🙂

Below the video you can view the final outfit I created in the clip.




World of Warcraft: Legion Beta Screenshots

World of Warcraft: Legion Beta Screenshots


I’ve been a World of Warcraft player since the beginning (check out my characters here!) and was super excited to get an invite to the Beta. My fiance, Chris, got one too so we’ve been having great fun exploring. As we’re alliance players normally we’ve chosen to go horde for the beta because normally we never get to experience the horde storylines (my biggest horde is like 50 something) and we didn’t want to entirely spoil the expansion for ourselves.

I love taking screenshots and have an entire gallery dedicated to them. So naturally new beta, tonnes of screenshots time 😀 I’m sharing them on my Facebook page Ruby Wings Network so if you’re interested or know someone who is, please take look and like the page 🙂

Warning: There are spoilers and all albums are tagged with a spoiler warning.