My Goals for March

Monthly Goals: March 2017

It’s been a few months since I did one of these. January was just a crazy mess and February was all about the chest infection. Time to get back on track!



  • I have blog ideas coming out of my ears right now. Seriously, so many ideas so hopefully this month will see an increase in content!
  • Commenting; yep, still an ongoing issue for me and I’m slowly getting there. People have actually had comments left by me recently *gasp*
  • Work on Blog Promo Links List.
  • Work on SEO.
  • Pinterest images for entries.
  • Media Kit? Might be able to squeeze this in this month.


Bullet Journal

I started a bullet journal this year to coincide with my 2017 Word of the Year Treasure (read more here).  February was supposed to be my first month of trackers and as you can imagine, the chest infection threw that out the window. That means March is the first time tracking things, so I need to keep up to date with it and stick to it.



I’ve just launched The Screenshot Challenge and I’m also taking part in Magical March hosted by Kayla. I’ll be posting a selfie every day and screenshots every Sunday on my instagram.



Since December I’ve not been playing WoW. With everything that happened in December I just haven’t felt like being social and WoW is my social game. So I went back to Guild Wars 2 and Chris joined me, so we’ve been playing through that together; first time for him. I’m playing it pretty leisurely so I don’t have any specific goals, I’m enjoying just floating by!

I do want to try and start the Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC’s this month though. I was focused on GW2 and have been busy, so hoping to fit it in somewhere.



I have been in a slump since the start of the year. I’ve gotten through some comics, and that is about it. I still haven’t finished a book I started in November, not because there is anything wrong with the book, I just have no motivation to read. It could be because I’ve been so stressed and ill, or I’ve just not had enough energy to spare. I hope to change it this month and get back on track!


Convention Preparation

Last year I won 6 tickets to the Sci Fi and Fantasy Warriors weekender, a weekend of geekyness and meeting guests! There’s some great guests there including Nicholas Brendon from Buffy, Chris Barrie from Red Dwarf and Gareth David Lloyd from Torchwood. There’s also a masquerade ball, something I have been wanting to go to for so long! It’s at the end of the month so I need to get a bunch of stuff prepared:

  • Discuss and plan schedule for the weekend.
  • Test hair and make up.
  • Look up DIY masques and make ours.
  • Create blog business cards and get them shipped.
  • Prepare/collect items for signings.
  • Packing list.
  • Food/Meal planning.



My dissertation had to go on the back burner a bit due to my recent illness, so this month I really need to crack on with it. I’ve had to re-evaluate the way I’m approaching my research question so it is something more plausible. I’m currently looking at a possible diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and one important aspect of living with the condition is learning to pace myself. Hopefully by the end of the month I will have made some good head way with this!



Have you got any goals for March? Let me know!

My Goals for December

Monthly Goals December 2016


Novembers goals really helped me keep myself on a better schedule so I’m hoping this will do the same for December too!


I managed to squeeze some comments in this month and I need to keep it up now that my blog scheduling is under control again.


Dissertation Prep

January marks the official  start of my dissertation after having the last four months off to rest and heal. I want to get my feet wet again and get some background research done before January comes around.


World of Warcraft

  • Finish my Druid class campaign.
  • Start levelling my Mage.
  • Finish Suramar quests on my Demon Hunter.
  • Get my Shadow and Holy artifacts on my priest (been delaying it as I need to record them).
  • Work on the two toy achievements: Hot Swapper and The Shortest Distance


Desk: Operation Make Up Storage

The next step of my desk set up is to move my make up from the bathroom and into my new desk. I’m still trying to decide whether it’s better to do that before Christmas, or afterwards. I’ve also got to work out how/where everything is going to go!


Product Reviews

Christmas means new stuff to review, so I want to play catch up and try to squeeze two in this month.


Make Up & Nail Art Tests

We’re going out for Christmas dinner so it’s the perfect excuse to dress up and go all out with make up and nail art. I want to test some new products I got for my birthday and try out some new nail art ideas. I’ll be posting them up on instagram and hopefully get some tutorials and blog posts out of it too!


January Reading Bingo

I first saw this over at Natalie’s Blog and as I told her, I need to do this! I have so much I want to read, especially indie/self published free books I’ve picked up and I have no idea where to start. So I want to create a bingo card, a chart of themes and keywords for picking from my collection books for January.

Any suggestions for what I could have on it? Let me know in the comments?


How is your December shaping up? Do you take it easier because of the holidays or is your schedule even more hectic?










5 Facts About Me If I Lived In The Harry Potter Universe [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Fandom Friday - If I lived in the Harry Potter universe

As the new US houses were announced right before I wrote these prompts I thought it would be fun to write one based on me, if I lived in the Harry Potter universe. Enjoy!


My Hogwarts House would be….



Originally when Pottermore first came out I created an account and was sorted into Slytherin, however, after signing up again recently (I’d lost my account details) I found myself sorted into Ravenclaw. So obviously I’ve changed in the years between! So if I lived in the HP universe the sorting hat would probably umm and ahh between the two.


My IIvermorny house would be…


I found it amusing that I was sorted straight into Ilvermorny considering I was previously sorted into Slytherin!


My pet at Hogwarts would be….



A cat, or a kneazle (or part kneazle) like Crookshanks. I love cats, have had them all my life and while I think owls are gorgeous and have a fondess for many other animals, cats remain my close companions.


My favourite classes would be….




I love animals and always wanted to be a vet, or work with animals in some form. In the HP universe there isn’t a need for certain grades, i.e. maths, to stop me working with them. So Caring for Magical Creatures would be top of my list! I also think I’d really enjoy potions classes because it requires mixing specific ingredients together, which is why I enjoy baking rather than cooking. I’m terrible at just throwing random things together and have to have a recipe to follow step by step.


My job would be….


Hip_lesson library


As mentioned, working with animals was my dream so working with magical creatures would be amazing. I’m not sure if I’d be interested in finding new ones and documenting them, breeding or teaching Care for Magical Creatures. As a library student, naturally being a librarian in the Harry Potter world would be a fun job for me! All that magical information and lore needs to be managed some how 🙂



Weekend Break sponsored by Spoonies R Us

Spoonies R Us

The week started out to a tremendous start; an all day migraine. Bleurgh. I alternated between the bed and the couch, just about managing to binge watch TV (see what I’m watching here!). I finally managed to get to the doctors and talked through some things, including altering my migraine medication. Unfortunately that comes with the side effect of making me very sleepy – something that probably isn’t helped by the fact that I’m trying to sort my sleeping pattern in preparation for my exams. I have two exam dates so far and they’re both morning 🙁 At the moment my days are starting at 10:30am, and that’s a struggle. So I’ve spent the week very sleepy, and with pain from a HMS flare up.

Friday came and went, as did Saturday so I decided that this weekend I’m taking a break from 5 Fandom Friday and Sharing Saturday. When I created this blog I knew this could happen, and I’m not going to apologise. It sucks, but it’s my life, and at the moment any (very few) moments of clarity need to be spent studying for my exams. I’ll be planning better this week and should have posts scheduled in advance. I am probably going to miss a few things, like Look Book and Reviews, for this month and next due to all this and exams.

The return of the blog

Return of the blog

Everything has been quiet here at the RW Blog due to an unexpected emergency resulting in a trip down to London. Everyone is ok, and now it’s time to get back to normal. Which for me means starting studying. I’d hoped to start in May, but too much was going on and it just wasn’t possible. I still have two months, which is plenty of time, I just want to make sure I use it wisely. Despite my illness messing up my normal progression and dissertation plans, I have been very thankful for it. I needed the time to worry about important things, and help out in London, without having a dissertation to do as well.


Before we headed down to London I had my hospital appointment with the lovely named ‘Infections and Communicable diseases’ department (don’t panic if you’ve been near me, I don’t seem to be infectious). I don’t think there’s really any other department that can help me with this mystery illness, haematology already passed on me, and there’s no evidence of anything specific to one area (other than ALL my glands/lymph nodes). The doctor was really nice, asked loads of questions and did a thorough examination. She said I had two choices; 1) get a CT scan, but she didn’t want to do that due to the whole young woman + radiation + boobies = bad. 2) take some more bloods, rule out for certain some other stuff including immune system related things, have a chest x-ray and then come back in 3 months. Since we didn’t know what was happening we agreed to the 3 months. Otherwise I was all for the CT scan. It’s been over 6 months, I need answers. She also asked me to check my temperature, and despite having flushes and feeling really hot I’ve had a normal temperature. So I’ve no idea if I’ve had a fever a lot or not. I know that a few times I went to the doctor my temperature was definitely up.


Other than monitoring my temperature and studying, I’m going to be getting back into blogging. That means fandom 5 next Friday and sharing Saturday will be back too. I also have a review of the Warcraft movie to write up, an interview to post and some beauty product reviews. As I have been a terrible slacker on getting my Look Book started I’ll be doing a special fun project for that so keep an eye out for info about that soon!

One last thing to mention; I successfully passed my second term! There are no exams for that term, so I can relax. One-third of my postgrad is finished (term 1 and dissertation being the other two thirds). Despite being so ill and missing so much I didn’t drop below a 60 the whole term (70+ is a first, so 60-69 is pretty damn good still!).