Geek Girl Bloggers you need to check out!

Sharing Saturday - Geeky Girl Bloggers

In honour of International Women’s day this week I wanted to bring attention to a group of women who deserve recognition; geek girl bloggers! The celebration of women comes with messages of inequality, a reminder of why feminism is needed and the gender gap between men and women. One I am keenly aware of is that in the geek world. As seen by my regular feature Geek on the High Street, geek fashion is often limited to just the mens and kids sections. Women aren’t geeky, they don’t like Star Wars, comics or superheroes…. yeah, right! In the last year I have had the fortune to get to know the ladies of Geek Girls x Bloggers on Facebook and Female Geek Bloggers on Google +. Even though the names of these groups and the information states clearly that they’re for girls, guys still try to join. They want access for whatever reason – we’re not quite sure what they think they’ll get – and that just highlights the issue of why we need a women’s day, why we need feminism. This isn’t all male geeks, some are great and appreciate geek girls. But the fact is some believe they have the right to have access to our safe space, and brands believe that geekyness is only for boys and children.

With this in mind I want to introduce you to 6 Geek Girl Bloggers (I had to limit myself so if you’re not included please don’t feel left out!).


The Geek Girl Bloggers

The Nerdy Girly

Hi my name is Megan and I am The Nerdy Girlie! I LOVE all things NERDY and GIRLIE! Here at The Nerdy Girlie blog I want to build a community with ALL nerds and to encourage and support other nerdy women!



A Geek Girl's Guide

I’m Michelle Anneliese.  I am a Ravenclaw from District 13 who enjoys playing games and geek culture. My favorites are Harry Potter, Tabletop Games, and watching Twitch and YouTube.
I am a creator. I take the tools around me and make things. These things include stories and articles, graphics and designs, photography, and anything that captures my imagination.

I am multi-passionate. I work on many different projects that inspire me. I don’t fit into one box of creation; I want to do all of it. I don’t want my work to only be in one field or medium. I want to be able to express myself, tell stories, and educate through multiple medias.




Her GeekeryI’m Ashlee, the gal behind Her Geekery. I live with my husband and our fur-baby in sunny Southern California, freelancing by day and fighting for the Horde by night. Join me for blogging advice, geek culture news, book and game reviews, & whatever else catches my fancy.


My name is Pepi and I’m a Social Media Consultant. I write books and create mixed media art paintings. I love technology, Superheroes, fantasy & sci-fi books too.

I studied Law in the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and International Studies (specialization Asia) in the same University. In 2003 I obtained a scholarship of the Japanese Government to study Compared Constitutional Law in the University of Tokyo. In 2008 I graduated from my Masters degree in the same University (x2). One of my passions is learning and speaking languages. I speak Spanish, Catalan, English, Japanese, Italian and French. Nowadays I live in the shinny UK.

I love reading, specially cultural anthropology books (Edward T. Hall, Conrad Phillip Kottak, etc), fantasy, sci fi and classic books. My favorite authors are Tolkien, Arthur Conan Doyle, Edward T. Hall, Marvin Minsky, George Orwell, Adous Huxley, Herman Hesse, Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Amélie Nothomb, Lewis Carrol, etc. I also love reading comics. My favorites are Loki Agent of Asgard, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), Captain Marvel, Spider Gwen, Star Lord… and many others!




I’m Kayla. Epicfied is my gamer tag and main identity throughout the internet. It all started with silly thirteen year old me saying “I need to go Epicfy my hair”… Epic to Epicfy to Epicfied! So I figured, what better URL for my personal/life blog?
I think I’ll be writing mainly about my life experiences (good and bad), my love for the geek life, and later along the road, I’ll be branching out to different blogs and possibly YouTube.
I hope you enjoy and please let me know if there’s any content that you’d like to see more of!



My Open Sketchbook

I’m Kay, a freelance artist living in New Hampshire. I specialize in portrait art, varying from semi-realism to more stylized portrayals. I’ve long been fascinated by human expression and body language (life long people-watcher here). Evoking that sense of life and emotion through my art is my biggest creative goal.



I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into the world of geek girls that blog and that you enjoy their blogs as much as I do!

5 Tried & Tested Pinterest Recipes

Sharing Saturday - tried and tested recipes

One of the things I love about Pinterest is the wide array of yummy recipes people pin. I have had a recipe board for yonks, and recently have started adding Atkins/Keto diet recipes to a diet recipe board too. The problem with pinterest is that you never quite know what you’re going to get from a recipe or a DIY idea. So this week I’m sharing with you some of the recipes found on pinterest that I’ve personally tried and tested. There’s some personal pictures mixed in, however, I don’t have photos of all my attempts sadly.


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars

Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars


Usually my go to comfort food is something chocolate, but since making these for the first time they are always top of my list if I have the ingredients in. You can make them with or without the chocolate chips, and they are sooo gooey and yummy! ((Image credit – Julie’s Eats and Treats))



Honey Sesame Chicken

Honey Sesame Chicken

I try to make something for Chris’ birthday each year, and one year I decided on a meal instead of a dessert. Chris loves Chinese so I decided to give OMG Chocolate Desserts Honey Sesame Chicken a go and it was really yummy and easy to make! ((Image Credit – OMG Chocolate Desserts))



Healthy Oatmeal and Carrot Muffins

healthy oatmeal and carrot muffins


So before I approached the Atkins/Keto diet, I was trying healthy snacks that I could eat. I can’t eat fruit and salad, so I went on the hunt for baked goods with low fat ingredients that incorporated fruit and veg. I found these Oatmeal and Carrot Muffins by Vikalina and they were fantastic. Easy to make, lasted for several days and kept fresh.




Easy treacle sponge

easy treacle sponge


Being a Spoonie I don’t always have the spoons (energy) to make complex desserts. The only way I’m surviving on the Atkins diet is making things in advance that last several days. So one time we wanted to yummy but easy dessert and we found this Easy Treacle Sponge from BBC Good Food. ((Image Credit – BBC Good Food))



Salted Caramel Chocolate Fudge Cake

Salted caramel chocolate fudge cake


I saved the best for last. I made this Salted Caramel Chocolate Fudge Cake by Domestic Gothess for Christmas and Boxing Day last year. It is by far the most intense, insane and oh my goodness the best cake I have ever tasted. It was a difficult recipe, but the recipe itself is written with loads of details which explains each step and includes helpful notes. For example, if your batter isn’t looking like it should, Domestic Goddess, explains why and how to fix it. It takes a long time to make, and it is totally worth it. Just check out the close up of a slice below!

Salted caramel chocolate fudge slice


While I might not make the whole cake again, I’m definitely looking to use the basic cake recipe and change the toppings/cream filling. The cake itself was so moist and delicious,.


Have you had any pinterest recipe successes or have some epic fails to tell? Let me know in the comments!


Pin Tried & Tested Pinterest Recipes

4 Beauty Products I loved in 2016 [Sharing Saturday]

Sharing Saturday: 2016 beauty products


I’m still playing catch up and working on end of the year/beginning of new year things, so this week I’m taking a look back at the beauty products I tried last year. Here are my top 4 recommendations!



Hide it! Concealer Palette

by Technic


Thanks to my dermatillomania spot out breaks for me are an even bigger nightmare. It has taken me years to finally find products that work for my skin and work to help hide the signs and scars. This product is not a BIG part of that routine (as you can see from the very used palette!). I find that I have two problems using just normal concealer; it doesn’t hide anything and makes it look even more big and obvious. By using the colour correcting concealers together I can merge and blend the perfect cover. And at £1.54 on Amazon, it’s an amazing price too! They also do a bigger 8 shade version as well which I might try in the future.



Lots of Bubbles Tantalising Gift Set

by I Love…Cosmetics


I tend to use a shower more than a bath and I prefer to have a variety of shower gels to use, not the same one every time. So I’m always on the look out for sets of small bottles of shower gels. This gift set by I Love… Cosmetics comes with 6 different flavours; coconut & cream, strawberries & cream, vanilla & ice cream (all pictured above), mango & papaya, lemons & limes, and raspberry & blackberry. I loved them! As you can see, there are only 3 left so they last quite a while and I also had the coconut & cream exfoliating shower smoothie (hence why the shower gel version is untouched so far) and that is also fantastic. These also double as bubble bath, so if you’re like me and use both or prefer one over the other you can still enjoy the gorgeous scents.

Their gift sets tend to come out more during the holiday season, but you can grab this one on Amazon for £9.99 and some of their others as well. Sadly it seems that some are only in holiday sets or have been retired, as their website only has certain flavours listed, as does Superdrug.



Hydro Boost

by Neutrogena

I was fortunate enough to get this to test from Bzz Agent and I was really happy with the product. As I’ve mentioned in previous product reviews, my skin does much better with light weight creams that hydrate. So this is perfect and it does exactly what it says it did. It hydrated and helped clean up my skin. There is one down side though; at £12.99 for 50ml it just isn’t worth it for the price. It’s good, and it does last a while, yet that is just a bit too pricey for my current budget. Especially if you use it every day, morning and night.



Flipbalm: Creamy Coconut

by Palmer’s

I am completely in love with this and have been addictively using it since I got it. It has done my lips a world of good and has a lovely sweet, but not sickening taste. The flip lid is easy to use, although it doesn’t travel very well and can open up in your bag if you’re not careful (yep, it happened). There’s plenty in it, so it’s a lip balm that will last a while no matter how often you use it! You can grab it for £4.99 from Amazon and other stockists. There are two other flavours; Juicy Watermelon and Ripe Mango.

Have you tried any of these? What did you think? What beauty products did you fall in love with in 2016?






Get Creative with Christmas Design Resources!

Sharing Saturday: Christmas resources

December has firmly started and Christmas is on the way, which means it sounds like a good time to share some christmas graphic design resources. You can use these to spruce up your blog or website for a festive feel, or to create graphics for social media or as gifts. As usual I’m nabbing them from Deviant Art, enjoy!


Disclaimer: The work here is displayed only out of admiration and credit is given for every image (I use the ’embed’ code directly from dA). If you are the artist and want your work removed please leave me a comment. If you like some of the art here please take the time to visit the artist’s DeviantArt and/or leave a comment to let them know. This is probably obvious, but: this post is very image heavy.





Christmas Tree brushes set2 by Lileya on DeviantArt


Christmas Brushes by Coby17 on DeviantArt


Christmas Wreath {Brushes} by Julieta7599 on DeviantArt


Christmas Song Text Brushes by jessiesquash on DeviantArt


Christmassy Brushes by TwilightBite on DeviantArt


Xmas Brushes by pinkshadoww on DeviantArt




Christmas tree pack by Isfe on DeviantArt


Christmas Lights pack by Isfe on DeviantArt

STOCK PNG white snow flakes by MaureenOlder on DeviantArt


PNG Christmas .01 by MyShinyBoy on DeviantArt


Christmas png’s by iCrayolaa on DeviantArt


Christmas Atmosphere – Png by pinkshadoww on DeviantArt


Christmas Cartoon png’s by Payasiita on DeviantArt


Poinsettia PNG Christmas Pack by Marysse93 on DeviantArt


Poinsettia PNG Christmas Pack by Marysse93 on DeviantArt




‘WinterDreams’ – Texture pack #11 by stonerscole on DeviantArt

‘WinterDreams’ – Texture pack #11 by stonerscole on DeviantArt

Bokeh I by Cocooue on DeviantArt

269 Christmas Textures plldailly by thesuki13 on DeviantArt

Texture Set 12: Xmas Paper 2 by Ruthenia-Alba on DeviantArt

Texture Set 11: Xmas Paper 1 by Ruthenia-Alba on DeviantArt





100×100 Christmas Textures by kissncontrol on DeviantArt

Christmas day – Ps Patterns by photoshop-stock on DeviantArt

Transparent Christmas Patterns by slavetofashion69 on DeviantArt

20 seaml. christmas background by Divenadesign on DeviantArt

Mr Jack Frost by flashtuchka on DeviantArt

Christmas 2009 by Camxso on DeviantArt

Snowflake Patterns by MysticEmma on DeviantArt

30 Christmas Patterns for Photoshop by AbouthRandyOrton on DeviantArt

Christmas Patterns by Ransie3 on DeviantArt

Christmas Patterns (sistaroundpsds) by arryastark on DeviantArt

Christmas Pattern Pack by itskaname on DeviantArt





A Guide to Online Advent Calendar Competitions

Sharing Saturday: Online advent calendars


Yep, another advent calendar sharing saturday. The last one I promise and probably the most exciting one because I’m introducing you into the world of online advent calendar competitions – which are free to enter! I enter them every year and for the past couple of years have won several prizes. They’re great fun, a tad bit addictive and easy to take part in. There’s so many that I’m not going to list them, I’m just going to explain the types of competitions and then give you some sites where fabulous people have listed all the advent competitions they find.


Type of Advent Competitions


Instant Wins

Instant wins are basically competitions which involve clicking an advent window, bauble or bingo ticket and instantly winning a prize. Expect a lot of ‘sorry you have not won this time….’ messages, but wins do happen! Last year I won my Star Wars BB-8 Sphero droid from one of these 😀 I highly recommend Tombola’s advent calendar as you always win something on it.


Fill out a Form

Like instant wins, you have to click on the advent number for the day and instead of getting an instant notification you have to fill in your details. Sometimes you’ll need to answer a question, or count how many santa hats are on a page. A winner is the selected and notified at a later date. If you don’t want your email spammed I suggest making a new one just for competitions.


Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunts require you to hunt around for an item, usually something christmassy like a santa hat, gift or candy cane. Sometimes these will be static, i.e. on a certain page/product, while others will be random. One that has a random chance is Top Cash Back which has a daily clue for a guaranteed humming bird (the treasure you need to find) and can randomly pop up on other pages as you browse the site.


Social Media

Social media has made it so much easier to join in competitions, especially at advent time. These take place on facebook, twitter and instagram, and I’ve seen a few using snapchat as well this year. You have to like/follow the account/page and then follow the instructions. These usually involve sharing/retweeting, answering a question or tagging friends. It’s good because you can see how many people are entering, but don’t be put off by this! I’ve had some success with social media competitions and last year also had a company send me a wee little gift in response to something I said. There are real people running these competitions so every so often surprises can happen.



Several bloggers are posting advent calendar competitions as well, and they tend to use rafflecopter or gleam which is a little widget that asks you to do things. These include commenting, following social media accounts, sharing/retweeting etc. Some of my favourite ones to watch are Tanned Beauty Addict and Thou Shall Not Covet who have amazing prizes up for grabs!


Pass the Parcel

One of the most popular competitions is Marks and Spencers Pass the Parcel competition, in which you use the application on Facebook and pass parcels to friends and family – they then pass them back to you. The last few years the M&S one has become insanely popular and closes within days. It is worth it if you can play it though! Another one we’ve won on in the past few years 🙂 Other companies, such as Joules, have started doing their own pass the parcel and I’m sure some others will pop up too.


Lists of Competitions

So, now you’ve read about them… are you ready to see what’s out there?!  Here are my favourite sites for finding advent competitions. You’re also welcome to follow me on twitter as I will be retweeting any I enter too!

Keep in mind – Some competitions have started already, while others that last for 12 days before christmas will open at a later date. So it’s worth while checking back at these sites for new competitions!



The Prize Finder

Advent Competitions

Money Saving Expert

Save the Student


Tips & Tricks

If you’re new to comping check out Super’s Tips and Tricks to handle advent competitions!

Let me know if you take part in any and especially if you win something! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask 🙂