My Current Transmog Sets #TransmogTuesday

#TransmogTuesday Week 7 - My Current Transmog Sets!


Every Tuesday is #TransmogTuesday and I’ll be posting with a new creation. My main is a discipline priest called Kaelea, so I do tend to edge towards cloth transmogs more than anything else. The aim of this project is to push my own boundaries, to get creative and work on some themes and ideas I’d normally not consider. That means I’m open to suggestions! Themes, colours, a transmog set around a particular item? Let me know 🙂

You can see my pre-existing work over at Wowhead where I’ll also be uploaded any and all sets.


This Weeks Sets

My Current Transmog Sets

It’s a super special bumper edition this week to fit in with my WoW Themed posts. You’re not getting just one, but uh.. 12? sets! One per each of my active characters. Sorry hordies, I only have active Alliance characters, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them! Each set is on wowhead, and due to the amount of sets in one post I will just be posting links directly to those sets rather than linking each item as usual. Most are sets I have made up myself, a few are using a full raid or pvp tier because that is my current favourite. As these were made specifically for these characters they also contain a lot of class specific items; if you’d like a non-class specific version let me know in the comments and I’ll see if it’s doable!

Thanks to the WoWhead dressing room for stepping in to help when technical issues couldn’t be avoided!




Look who’s not so squishy now?

Full Set:




Fire of the Sin’Dorei

Full Set:



Vindictive Gladiator’s Dragonhide Set

Full Set:

(This is a full pvp set not a custom set.)





Emerald Hunter

Full Set:




Fiery Rage of the Cataclysm

Full Set:




Cute & Ready to Cleave

Full Set:




Demon Hunter

Felskin Sigils

Full Set:




Guarding the Moon

Full Set:





Glory of the Faithful

Full Set:




Rituals of Retribution

Full Set:



Death Knight

Purple Death

Full Set:




My (Demon’s) Heart Thumps for You

Full Set:



Shadow of Twilight

Full Set:

As these were all created for my personal use I’m sure there will be some that aren’t to everyone’s tastes – my fiancé certainly isn’t a big fan of some of them and isn’t afraid to tell me so! 😛 You can, of course, use these or take inspiration from them just like any other #TransmogTuesday set.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments, and as always any requests for future sets! Please also take the time to rate a set on wowhead if you like it 🙂

My Favourite World of Warcraft Battle Pets

My Favourite World of Warcraft Battle Pets

Anyone who knows me knows I love animals and my fondness for living creatures has transferred to battle pets! I’ve already talked about my favourite pets for battles, so this time I’ll be talking about my favourites in terms of themes and aesthetics! I have 798 unique battle pets, and that’s just the ones I actually own personally. Whittling it down to just 10 was a challenge, and there are plenty more that deserve a spot on this list. I started to put them in a ranking, and yeah, it was just impossible. So here are my top favourite battle pets in no specific order.

You can view my full pet collection over at!


Baby Elderhorn


With it’s big blue eyes this pet is certainly likeable, however, it’s the animation that made me fall in love with it. It’s so adorable and cute when it frolicks that I had to make a gif for you to see!Baby Elderhorn Pet Animation



Battle Pets: Xu-Fu

Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen


Essentially this pet is just a mini version of the Celestial Xuen from the Mists of Pandaria expansion – and I’m ok with that! All of the Celestials are absolutely stunning, but it’s Xu-Fu that captured my heart. His colours are just so beautiful and he’s a pretty handy battle pet too, so I have a great excuse to look upon his beauty whenever I want!




Battle Pets: Thundering Pandaren Serpent

Thundering Serpent Hatchling


I was fortunate enough to get a nice guild let me join for a few moments to nab this from their guild vendor at the end of Mists of Pandaria. I’m really glad I did because he’s such a sweet and gorgeous looking guy. I couldn’t get his lightning to show up, but you can see it here.




Battle Pets: Sunfur Panda

Sunfur Panda


All the red panda pets are adorable, but it’s the colouring of the Sunfur one that really stands out to me. I just love her cute little markings and the colours of her fur.






Battle Pets: Little Black Ram

Little Black Ram


There is nothing special about this pet at all, apart from I find it so damn adorable! The first time I saw them wondering around outdoors I fell in love.






Battle Pets: Nightsaber Cub

Nightsaber Cub


This little guy is the exception to my pet naming rule (see bottom of this post). Chris bought him for me (he’s a Trading Card pet) at the same time we found out that our first cat together had passed away. We were both absolutely devastated and I can’t remember which of us suggested naming this cub Az, but it was fitting. So this pet is forever dedicated to our crazy wild tabby tom cat, Azreil aka Az.




Battle Pets: Lurking Owl Kitten

Lurking Owl Kitten

Currently Unnamed!

The first thing I said when I saw the Owl Cats was ‘I NEED ONE!’, so imagine how happy I was when I finished the quest chain and got this little dude! I’m really sad that I don’t play Feral on my druid because I love the owl cat form. I just wish we had more colour varieties of this pet.





Battle Pets: Cenarion Hippogrph Hatchling

Cenarion Hatchling



Pretty sure I wrote about this little guy when I was talking about geeky tattoos for a 5FF prompt. I remember the first time I saw a hyppogryph hatchling in Wrath of the Lich King, and I fell head over heels for the cute little babies! I’m so glad there’s a shop version, as I’ve not managed to get hold of the TCG one yet.




Battle Pets: Moonkin HatchlingMoonkin Hatchling


I love moonkins, so how could I not love this ultra cute baby version?! Especially when they dance and fly just like a real moonkin! I’m just totally in love with this pet and wish there were more colours to reflect the other druids now.



Battle Pets: Mini TyraelMini Tyrael


Probably one of (if not the) rarest battle pets you can get, this little guy was in the goody bag for the one-off EU blizzcon (it was called the World Wide Invitational, but it was pretty much blizzcon not just tournaments). He is beautiful, he has an awesome animation when /dance with him and he reminds me of an awesome event I will always feel privileged to have been to. It’s a treasured memory with my fiancé about a year into our relationship 🙂



Bonus fun: I try to name my pets, and all of these (with the exception of the poor unnamed lurking owl kitten) have been given names relating to fandom and mythology. Can you match each of them to a fandom or pantheon?


This post is a part of a video game theme week hosted by Geek Blogs Unite!








A few of my favourite World of Warcraft Things

Geek Blog Unite Theme - Ready Player one!

From 11th – 17th June I’m taking part in The Geek Blogs Unite June Theme, Ready Player One – Video Games. I’d already decided to do a World of Warcraft post, however, I was convinced by Kayla to do a whole week of posts (ok, it didn’t take much convincing at all…). So instead of one big post I’ll be posting mini posts each day. I decided on World of Warcraft because it is my main game, and I’ve been playing since it’s EU launch. I have a character of every class, and it’s also responsible for me meeting my fiancé, Chris, and many good friends.


Sunday 11th

Introducing my World of Warcraft Characters

I’m going to tell you all about each of my characters, their history, personality and maybe even a few dirty little secrets 😉

Monday 12th

My Favourite World of Warcraft Pets

Anyone who knows me knows I love animals and my fondness for living creatures has transferred to battle pets! I’ve already talked about my favourite pets for battles, so this time I’ll be talking about my favourites in terms of themes and aesthetics!

Tuesday 13th

Transmog Tuesday & My Favourite Raid Tiers

As normal there will be #TransmogTuesday and as a bonus I’ll be telling you what my favourite raid tier is for each class. Boy, that’s gonna be a hard one!

Wednesday 14th

My Favourite World of Warcraft Mounts

There are so many mounts to collect, and I’m over the 250th mark personally. I’ll be whittling down the list to tell you my personal favourites.

Thursday 15th

My Favourite Locations in World of Warcraft

So many different zones, from multiple expansions and I’ll be telling you which ones I love to visit.

Friday 16th

My Favourite Questlines in World of Warcraft

From the epic, to the heartbreaking and with some hilarity in between, here’s my favourite storylines and quests from the game.

Saturday 17th

My Favourite World of Warcraft Art

A change of plans, and to coincide with Sharing Saturday, I’m talking about my favourite art from the game, TCG, fanart and Hearthstone!

Screenshot Challenge Wrap up & May’s Prompts

Screenshot Challenge

Holy moly, it really does feel like it was just the end of March. Like usual April was a pest of a month and I’m glad that it’s gone quickly! Here’s the wrap up for April with May’s prompts at the end as usual 🙂



Screenshot Challenge - Favourite Lore

Favourite Lore

Week 1 of April for the challenge was all about celebrating national library week by asking you what your favourite lore is! This is technically my second favourite, because my favourite is the dragons of WoW but since ‘Dragon’ is a prompt later on this month I decided to challenge myself and work out my second favourite… and boy was it a challenge! ⠀

I have read all the novels and comics of the World of Warcraft universe, and one of my biggest questions for years was what happened to Turalyon and Alleria after they went into a Portal in Outland after the second war. It was asked at pretty much every Blizzcon Q&A panel until finally it was announced that Legion would answer that question! This weeks screenshot is from a cinematic which showed a message from Turalyon…. I don’t know what else has happened as I’ve not been playing so please do NOT comment with spoilers. I have done the hunter artifact quest so I know that bit about Alleria, and that is it. I don’t know if anything else has happened and I’m looking forward to finding out!⠀



Screenshot Challenge - Pink


This weeks screenshot is pink! Pink is not my favourite colour, however, I absolutely adore the interiors designed in World of Warcraft’s The Burning Crusade expansion. This one is from one of the interiors of Tempest Keep and I’ll always admire the beauty and elegance in their designs.⠀



Screenshot Challenge - Rabbit


I was running a day late and had to grab one from the archive for this weeks challenge – Rabbit! Here’s my World of Warcraft main Kaelea dressed up in her Noble Garden bunny garb with her spring rabbit. Noble Garden has been one of my favourite WoW holidays for a long time, and I’m glad to find that there’s something new for me to collect this year so I can take part again. It’s extremely frustrating having nothing new to get from an event that you love. ⠀⠀
What does rabbit represent for you in your gaming? Is there an Easter/spring event? Let me know or post your own screenshot! ⠀⠀



Screenshot Challenge - Dragons


In honour of St Georges Day (Patron Saint of England) the prompt was… DRAGONS!! Fun fact related to this prompt; my World of Warcraft guild has an official guild rule that states we have to kill any dragon we find 😛

I love dragons and the different ways in which they are presented in different games. Here you have the super cute adorable Aurene from guild wars 2 , a dragon from Dragon Age Inquisition and finally my favourites; the red dragon queen, Alexstraza, and her consort, Krasus, from World of Warcraft. They are both two characters with fascinating and tragic histories.
I am so excited that there’s going to be a new Chromie quest line in WoW! Anyone else looking forward to that?



Screenshot Challenge - Friends


The final prompt for April is friends, and I only play one game with a group of friends – World of Warcraft. I don’t have any group/guild screenshots, so I’ve gone for one of NPCs and their friends – Jaina and Valeera ready to kick some horde ass when Garrosh was warchief. ⠀


Did you take part? Let me know in the comments! I did really badly with variety this month, and it did end up being a WoW month! Hopefully next month I’ll do better 🙂



May’s Prompts!

Screenshot Challenge - May Prompts!


Once again I’ve taken some inspiration for May’s calendar of events to plan the prompts. The 7th May is Free Comic Book Day so I want to see your favourite hero! I’m specifically saying hero, not anti-hero because that will probably be a future prompt 😉 The 14th is Mothers Day around the world (for some reason here in the UK we have ours a totally different time) so I’ve gone a bit abstract and given you Cherish as that day’s prompt. I’m curious to see how this will be interpreted!

The 21st is totally random, and since we’re now in May I figured we’d go with pastel as it’s a colour/shade associated with spring. The 28th is Water, representing the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival.


I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading through my wrap up, and would love to see some others joining in! It’s a fun thing for me to do on my own so while I can keep flying solo, I’d love to see what everyone else is doing too! 🙂 As always follow me on instagram to see my posts every Sunday!





5 Fictional Creatures I’d Like To Adopt [5 Fandom Friday]

5 Creatures I want to adopt - 5 Fandom Friday

As there aren’t any new 5 Fandom Friday prompts up for April just yet I decided to revisit a topic I’ve been wanting to cover for sooo long! I am notorious for watching movies and tv shows, and asking my fiancé ‘Can I have one?!’ whenever a cute or majestic  creature comes along. I do it with books too, of course, but unless Chris has read them I can’t really squee too much out loud. There are so many more that could be added to this list, however, my brain went blank. Doh! So here are the ones that left such a mark on me that even brain fog couldn’t erase them from my memory!




Guild Wars 2 - Aurene


Guild Wars 2

I’m going to be kinda vague on this one because I don’t want to spoil this for anyone else who plays/wants to play Guild Wars 2. Aurene is adorable, playful and so much fun and I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t want adopt this gorgeous baby dragon!



Percy Jackson - Blackjack


Percy Jackson series

It’s not a surprise that Pegasi feature in Rick Riordan’s greek mythology series, however, Blackjack is not what you’d expect for a Pegasus. He’s got an attitude and personality that is totally his own, and regularly uses slang rather than formal titles. He’s a fantastic friend to the gang, and who wouldn’t want a winged horse to ride?!



Disney, Pocahontas - Meeko




There are so many companions in Disney that I love, but it was Meeko that stole my heart. I had a Meeko plushie and he was my pride and joy for ages. If I had to pick just one Disney companion/side kick to adopt then Meeko would be it!



Star Wars - Varactyl


Star Wars

I remember the first moment I saw Obi-Wan’s Varactyl in Attack of the Clones. Then he started leaping off of cliffs with it! Every leap and bound made my heart soar. The Varactyl is such a majestic creature, and I was so happy when it got included in the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. While I can’t adopt it for real I can at least adopt it virtually!



World of Warcraft - Hippogryphs



World of Warcraft

I’d always admired the beautiful creatures, however, it wasn’t until Wrath of the Lich King that I fell totally in love with them. It started with the cute baby hippogryphs and grew even more when I spotted this mount, the Silver Covenant hippogryph. Since then I’ve collected every mount, every pet I can get my hands on.


How about you? Would you quite happily have a zoo of creatures from fandoms like me? Or are there just a few that fell in love with?  Let me know! <3  ((Video Game screenshots from my own collection, Varactyl image from Star Wars Wiki, Meeko from Disney Screencaps, Percy Jackson cover from Amazon.))